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cold water swimming, cold water therapy

What are the physical health benefits of cold water therapy?

Coldwater therapy means exposing the body to cold temperatures by immersing the body in cold water. This might be by cold water swimming or taking cold water showers or baths.
Michael G DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care

Michael G DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care

The Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care seeks to improve the quality of life for those living with Chronic Pain.
Bottle of CBD and pipette against a green and white background

Will CBD replace opioids?

America is gripped by opioid addiction and a dangerous opioid epidemic - could CBD be a viable replacement?
Vitamin D supplements and glass of water sitting on table in sunlight

Vitamin D deficiency linked to chronic inflammation

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to chronic inflammation, which can contribute to a wide range of complex diseases including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and autoimmune diseases.
mindulness meditation, reduce pain

How does mindfulness meditation reduce pain in the body?

Mindfulness meditation reduces pain by separating it from the self, where neural circuitry supports mindfulness-induced pain relief

Cannabinoids as an alternative to opioids for chronic pain

Cannabinoids with high THC-to-CBD ratios can help to improve moderate, short-term chronic pain band may be an alternative to opioids.
endometriosis treatment

Could nanotechnology be the future of endometriosis treatment?

Magnetic nanotechnology is showing promise in locating and removing painful lesions, becoming a potential endometriosis treatment.

Over 50% of global population suffer from headache disorders

Study says 52% of the global population are affected by a headache disorder every year, with around 14% reporting migraines.
microbiome engineering

A future vision for microbiome engineering

Prof Chris Barnes & Dr Jack Rutter share a future vision for microbiome engineering - harnessing the microbiome’s role in health & disease

Chronic pain is the norm for 50% of people with long-term conditions

According to a UK study, those with multimorbidity are statistically between two and four times as likely to experience chronic pain.
small fiber neuropathy

Burning and tingling in feet could indicate small fiber neuropathy

The number of people experiencing foot pain, numbness and tingling has increased and could indicate small fiber neuropathy.
long Covid in the workplace

How businesses can cope with the effects of Long Covid in the workplace

Gill Nye, Executive Head of HR at Cantium Business Solutions, explores the effect long covid will have on the workplace, with a particular focus on occupational health provision.
chronic pain, acute pain

Scientists find molecular reason for creation of chronic pain

A new study finds the exact molecular mechanism that turns acute pain into chronic pain - a condition that leads to the use of opioids and often, lifelong addiction.
cbd for arthritis

CBD for arthritis: What the research shows

CBD has shown benefits for many health conditions, including arthritis. Here’s what the research shows.
endometriosis symptoms, endometriosis diagnosis

Why is endometriosis still hard to diagnose?

Endometriosis, a condition impacting at least 190 million people globally, remains relatively ignored - why is it still hard to access treatment? 
July 2021 North America

July 2021 North America Analysis

A very warm welcome to the Summer edition of North America Analysis. We hear from Lirio Liu, Executive Director of International Affairs at the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, who reveals the exciting work taking place to redefine geographic and atmospheric boundaries within the field of aviation.
cbd oil for pain

CBD oil for pain: What the research shows

Oils by Simpson of 2012 supplies organic full-spectrum CBD cannabis oil products. CBD oil is popular and commonly used for its potent therapeutic benefits, but what about its effect on pain? Here’s what the research shows.
cervicogenic headaches

Unravelling the mystery of cervicogenic headaches

Rob Sillevis, Program Director for the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at the Marieb College of Health & Human Services Organisation dissects the potential causes and effective management of cervicogenic headaches.
outcomes for patients, sharing knowledge

How global evidence can improve outcomes for spinal patients

Everard Munting, President of EUROSPINE, explains why sharing knowledge about spinal treatments on a global scale is the most effective way to develop best practice and enable early interventions.
musculoskeletal pain

How to prevent musculoskeletal pain when working from home

Rachel Brammer, Physiotherapist and Clinical Lead at Vitrue Health, explains how you can ensure your work from home set-up isn't harming your mental and physical health with problems such as musculoskeletal pain.

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