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the astrazeneca vaccine, covid

The AstraZeneca vaccine is atleast 60% effective for people aged 70 and over

A study examining older people in the UK found that only one dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine is atleast 60% effective for people aged 70 and over.
vaccinate palestinians, vaccine

Israel will now vaccinate Palestinians who have permits to work 

Israel faced international criticism on their refusal to vaccine Palestinians - now, the country will begin rolling out Pfizer shots to some Palestinians who have work permits.
johnson & johnson vaccine, johnson vaccine

FDA approves the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for use

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, with an efficacy of 86%, as the next to be rolled out across the US.
severe covid cases in israel, covid

The Pfizer vaccine is stopping 92% of severe COVID cases in Israel

Israel is currently leading the world in COVID vaccination, with real-world data to suggest that the Pfizer vaccine is working to stop 92% of severe COVID cases.
UK vaccine hesitancy, REACT study

REACT study: UK vaccine hesitancy is the highest in London

New data from the REACT study finds that 14% of the UK population have antibodies against COVID-19 now, but that vaccine hesitancy is currently highest in London.
californian covid mutation, covid

The Californian COVID mutation is more infectious

The Californian COVID mutation appears to be as infectious as the UK or South African mutations - but does it have the potential to be more deadly?
johnson & Johnson, mutation

FDA reveals that Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 86% effective

New documents from the FDA show that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine appears to be 86% effective against COVID-19 - signalling that it will soon be approved in the US.
COVID hospitalisation and death, pfizer vaccine

Pfizer vaccine can reduce COVID hospitalisation and death by 75%

Early stage data from the vaccine rollout in the UK appears to show that COVID hospitalisation and death are reduced by over 75% in people with the Pfizer vaccine.
sinovac covid vaccine, coronavac

Hong Kong approves the Sinovac COVID vaccine for use

The Sinovac COVID vaccine was revealed to be working at 50.4% efficacy by the Butantan Institute last month, but new data suggests that this could actually be 62%.
mRNA vaccine, cancer treatment

Can an mRNA vaccine be used to cure some types of cancer?

COVID brought the idea of mRNA vaccines to the attention of the world - now, cancer researchers are investigating how a similar vaccine could stop tumours in a single treatment.
the south african mutation, pfizer

Pfizer vaccine can still prevent death from the South African mutation

The Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine appears to be significantly less efficient against the South African mutation, but can still stop hosts from experiencing severe COVID and dying from the virus.
COVID cases in hospitals, lockdown

REACT study: COVID cases in hospitals “higher than at the peak of the first...

New data from the REACT study finds that the number of COVID cases in hospitals is higher than it was in April 2020, but that infection rates are substantially decreasing across the country.
Johnson & Johnson, european

The Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine works with just one dose

The New Jersey-based drugmaker created a COVID-19 vaccine that works at 66% efficiency in one dose, which they have sent to the EU for approval.
COVID in elderly patients, lung

Existing drugs could be used to fight COVID-19 in elderly patients

A research team at MIT have created a machine-learning strategy to identify existing drugs that could be repurposed to fight COVID-19 in elderly patients.
side effects of the astrazeneca vaccine, covid

What are the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine?

Here, we use science to dissect some of the rumours about the side effects of the AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccine.
use of astrazeneca, doses

WHO recommends use of AstraZeneca vaccine for all age groups

The World Health Organisation have suggested that the Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine can be safely used for all age groups, including those aged 65 and over.
south african mutation, vaccine

AstraZeneca vaccine cannot stop the South African mutation

The new results led to the South African Government suspending use of AstraZeneca in their vaccination programme, as it is no longer able to stop the mutation - but could still prevent hospitalisation and fatality.
sputnik V vaccine, clinical

Sputnik V vaccine is 91.6% effective against COVID

Interim data from Phase 3 clinical trials show that Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is capable of a 91.6% efficacy against COVID-19.
astrazeneca covid vaccine, eu

The EU authorises AstraZeneca COVID vaccine for use

European regulators have approved their third vaccine, AstraZeneca - which comes after a week of tense communications between the two parties.
novavax vaccine, mutation

Novavax vaccine is 85.6% efficient against UK COVID mutation

Phase Three data from the UK trial shows that Novavax still works powerfully against the UK mutation, with a less intense impact on the South African mutation at 60%.

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