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HIV prevention methods, oral PrEP

Study finds 97% of women in Africa will work with HIV prevention methods

The REACH study found that 97% of women and girls in Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe are happy to work with HIV prevention methods - globally, half of all people living with HIV are women.
sinovac vaccine. coronavac

Sinovac vaccine performs at 83.5% in Phase Three trial

New data from Phase Three of the Sinovac vaccine trial shows that the drug is now performing at 83.5%.
vaccine delta variant, booster shot

Pfizer to create COVID vaccine against Delta variant

Pfizer say they will develop a new COVID vaccine to function as a booster against the Delta variant.
HIV vaccine, clinical trial HIV

Oxford University launch clinical trial for HIV vaccine

The team will have results to discuss in April, 2022 - they nurse the hope that this HIV vaccine could stop different geographical strains, after 40 years of no cure.
pfizer and astrazeneca doses, com-COV

UK study says safe to mix Pfizer and AstraZeneca doses

A study released yesterday (28 June) found that it would be safe to mix Pfizer and AstraZeneca doses, which could speed up UK vaccine roll-out if adopted.
WHO delta variant, delta variant

WHO says Delta variant will be globally dominant

The World Health Organisation on Friday (18 June) said that the Delta variant, originating in India, would be globally dominant due to "significantly increased transmissibility".
MDR clinical trials, clinical investigation

What does the European Medical Devices Regulation 2017/745 (MDR) say about clinical trials?

Professor Dr Freimut Schliess, Director of Science & Innovation at the Profil Institut für Stoffwechselforschung GmbH, explores how the MDR will impact clinical trials.
personality and healthy ageing, personality traits

Considering the role of personality for healthy ageing

Dr Mathias Allemand and Dr Patrick L. Hill discuss the complex factors contributing to healthy ageing, and explore the ways in which personality traits can be considered as a component.
curevac vaccine, COVID-19

CureVac vaccine performs at 47% efficacy in latest trial

The German-made CureVac vaccine has given a result of 47% efficacy, much lower than expected - now, the proposed delivery of 225 million doses to the EU is at risk.
novavax alpha variant, delta variant

Study finds Novavax 93.2% effective against Alpha variant

A new study found that the Novavax vaccine was 93.2% effective against the Alpha variant - with no clarification about vaccine performance against the Delta variant.
single-dose Johnson johnson, vaccine

UK approves use of single-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine

The UK today (28 May) approves use of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine that provides enough protection against the virus in one injection.
arterial blood clots, blood clot

Scientists link AstraZeneca vaccine to arterial blood clots

Over the last three months, scientists have been tracing rare instances of blood clots in veins in connection to the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine - now, they have the first evidence of arterial blood clots, which can cause stroke.
12-17 year olds, moderna

Moderna say COVID vaccine 100% effective in 12-17 year olds

The Moderna vaccine has been found to be 100% effective against COVID-19 in 12-17 year olds, according to new data from the TeenCOVE study.
indian variant, covid vaccine

PHE say one dose of vaccine 33.5% effective against Indian variant

Public Health England have found that both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines against the Indian variant would have an efficacy of 33.5% in one dose.
12-15 year olds, pfizer vaccine

Pfizer vaccine can be given to 12-15 year olds in US

On Wednesday (12 May), the CDC announced that the Pfizer vaccine could now be given to 12-15 year olds - effective immediately for 17 million adolescents.
curevac mrna vaccine, clinical trial

CureVac mRNA vaccine can be stored at normal fridge temperature

The CureVac mRNA vaccine is currently in final stages of clinical trials - but it is expected to perform like Pfizer and Moderna, with the bonus of surviving at ordinary refrigeration temperatures.
COVID vaccine 12 year olds, pfizer

Pfizer applies for COVID vaccine to be given to 12-year-olds

Pfizer could make their COVID vaccine available to 12-year-olds in Europe from June, after clinical trials in March showed 100% efficiency for those aged 12 to 15.
missing second COVID dose, pfizer

Researchers say missing second COVID dose could “prolong pandemic”

The study found that missing a second COVID dose could "prolong" the pandemic, with more than 5 million people in the US not taking their scheduled dose.
brazilian covid mutation, p.1

Brazilian COVID mutation more likely to evade immunity

The city of Manaus was hit so overwhelmingly by the Brazilian COVID mutation, it was believed that 75% of the population had COVID - what new truths are scientists learning about this powerful variant? 
astrazeneca vaccine side effects, pfizer side effects

One in four people get Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine side effects

New data from the UK's vaccination programme suggests that one in four people get Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine side effects - with most peaking in the first 24 hours, then gone in two days.

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