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Listening to Infrastructure: Early warning systems for infrastructure deterioration

Dr Alister Smith, a UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Fellow based at Loughborough University, is developing novel infrastructure health monitoring technologies
regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine to trump cancer

A group of academic experts from the U.S. and the UK share their views on effective regenerative medicine-based strategies against cancer

Biology research: The state of health of the gut microbiome

Hannah M. Wexler, Professor at the Greater Los Angeles VA Health Care System and UCLA School of Medicine gives a fascinating glimpse into biology research that focuses on the state of health of the gut microbiome
diabetes researchers

Danish Diabetes Academy aims to train and educate the world’s best (young) diabetes researchers

In this analysis, the Danish Diabetes Academy explains how they intend to train and educate the world’s best (young) diabetes researchers
Marine biology

Marine biology and ecology research at EMBRC: A “Blue Enlightenment” era is dawning

Marine bioresources are growing in importance with the establishment of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC-ERIC) – a unique research infrastructure for excellence in marine biology and ecology research
health technology

Speeding up health technology innovation in Wales

Swansea University Medical School is contributing valuable work to help speed up health technology innovation in Wales

Chemistry: The growing body of work on signaling within bacterial communities

Emily Weinert, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Emory University discusses an aspect of chemistry that concerns the growing body of work on the human microbiome
nhs financial burden

New Medical Pharmacology degree “could help reduce the NHS financial burden”

Dr Lisa Wallace, Course Director from Swansea University Medical School explains their exciting new Medical Pharmacology degree which “could help reduce the NHS financial burden”
grid connected power

The Flexible Heat and Power (FHP) project: Distribution grid connected power to heat resources

Chris Caerts, Product Manager at VITO, detail the FHP (Flexible Heat and Power) dynamic coalitions of distribution grid connected power to heat resources project and how this could provide local and system level services throughout Europe
intelligence for cryptocurrencies

Blockchain: How a treasury system will foster better collaborative intelligence for cryptocurrencies

Bingsheng Zhang from Lancaster University reveals how a treasury system will enable a better collaborative intelligence for cryptocurrencies
sustainable energy worldwide

New food production systems need sustainable energy worldwide

Swedish Surplus Energy Collaboration explain the reasons as to why sustainable energy worldwide is a requirement if we are to continue producing food in the future for an ever-growing population
digital transformation

How independent software vendors can help drive the dream of digital transformation

Andrew Cowling, Channel Marketing Services at Fujitsu Scanners explains how independent software vendors can help drive digital transformation
ischemic heart disease

Cardiovascular science: Novel advances in ischemic heart disease (IHD)

Novel advances in ischemic heart disease (IHD) are placed under the spotlight here by Luigi Marzio Biasucci MD from Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A Gemelli who specialises in cardiovascular science
global market

eHarvestHub gives small farmers centre stage on the global market

Our global economy is leaving our small farmers behind, yet they produce more than 60% of the fresh food we consume. eHarvestHub gives farmers direct access to the global market making our food more affordable and accessible, as this analysis from Alvaro Ramirez at eHarvestHub reveals 
vacant property

Is your vacant property being secured the best way?

Stuart Woolgar, CEO, Global Guardians Management explains the rudiments of property guardianship and asks us to consider if a vacant property is being secured the best way possible

From diabetes prevention 1.0 to Prevention 3.0

Digitally enabled pathway personalisation is leveraging actionable data insights and dynamic intelligence to drive better outcomes as part of the Prevention 3.0 agenda
micro air vehicle

Image-based sensing enables adaptive micro air vehicle missions

Wolfram Hardt, Professor at Chemnitz University of Technology gives insight into high-performance image processing for adaptive unmanned micro air vehicles (MAVs)

e-learning systems helps healthcare industry manage diabetes changes

An intriguing e-learning programme that helps busy healthcare practitioners stay abreast with changes in diabetes management.

Turning radiation damage into an opportunity for nanotechnology

As part of the imaging of nanoscale phenomena, exploring the fundamentals of electron matter interactions to turn radiation damage into an exciting opportunity for nanotechnology is discussed here by Postdoctoral Researcher, Anna Elsukova from the Technical University of Denmark.
baltic sea region

Advanced power electronics promotes the green transition in the Baltic Sea Region

The Interreg 5B project Power Electronics for Green Energy Efficiency (“Green PE”) helps companies in the BSR to transition towards more efficient products using next-generation power electronics.

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