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Government’s UKHSA uses mobile networks to track population movement

The public health agency UKHSA has signed deals with mobile networks BT and O2 to track population movement beyond the pandemic.
tired healthcare worker with bad mental health

Protecting people’s mental health at work

With mental health issues on the rise, Ryan Exley from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health explains why organisations must understand risk factors for poor mental health at work and implement measures to protect the wellbeing of their staff.
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Bridging the gap between evidence and action – the case for collective leadership in...

Here, Patricia Beattie-Huggan, President and Principal Consultant from The Quaich Inc, provokes a discussion on how collective leadership can bridge the gap between evidence and action, with examples from the Canadian context.
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Investing in risk communication and community engagement

Safaa Moussa, Rokayya Konswa, and Dalia Samhouri, from WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, explain the importance of investing in risk communication and community engagement.
The Pinpoint Test, cancer diagnostics

The Pinpoint Test: Harnessing the power of AI in cancer diagnostics

Suspected cancer patients in England are currently referred to the NHS urgent cancer referral pathway, known as the ‘2-week wait’ (2WW). It guarantees that suspected cancer patients can see a specialist in Secondary Care within 14 days of referral.
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Feelings of loneliness in older adults is in decline, says poll

It is three years since the COVID-19 lockdown was announced, and only now have feelings of loneliness in older adults started to decline.
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Tackling tuberculosis: Continuing problems but grounds for optimism

Paul Sommerfeld, Executive Trustee, TB Alert and Chair, TB Europe Coalition, walks us through tackling tuberculosis. We hear that while there are continuing problems, there are finally grounds for optimism.
Stolen Lives: The Reality of Living with Long Covid

Stolen Lives: The Reality of Living with Long Covid

Long Covid is affecting an estimated two million people in the UK; however, both the general population and the UK government have continued to overlook its impacts. This eBook sheds light on the life-changing condition.
Doctor putting adhesive bandage to a child after Covid-19 vaccine injection.

Parent decision-making in vaccinating children against COVID-19

Study examines the scientific evidence, political and social pressures parents face when vaccinating children.
Doctor had just vaccinated a young unrecognizable female patient in the hospital. She is pleased with how it all went. Focus on adhesive bandage.

COVID-19 vaccination linked with fewer heart attacks and strokes

Researchers at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai prove that the COVID-19 vaccination is associated with fewer heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular issues.
Thousands March in Support of the NHS

What government priorities does the UK need to save the public sector

The UK is currently facing some of the worst peacetime conditions, so what government priorities do we need to reinstate the public sector?
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Taking control of your healthcare journey after COVID-19

Here Charlie Rapple, co-founder of the science communication platform Kudos, explores the healthcare journey away from COVID-19.
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Delivering better health with the EU Global Health Strategy

Sandra Gallina, Director General at Directorate-General Sante (DG SANTE), European Commission, explains how the new EU Global Health Strategy steps up the EU’s role to deliver better health.

Digital transformation at the point of care

Nicola Hall, the Director NAO Consultancy Ltd discusses the point of care under the advancement of technology and digital transformation.
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Can Digital Transformation in healthcare really transform?

Digital transformation offers many organisations the opportunity to reduce costs, offer superior service and certainly, in Healthcare, improve outcomes. Paul Grosvenor, MD at Optima Systems, an information technology company based in West Sussex, recounts his experiences to date.

UVGI Solutions for effective infection control

Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) refers to the use of UV radiation for the effective control of infections.
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Have researchers found a new biomarker for COVID-19?

A new biomarker for COVID-19? Researchers discover increased levels of the cytokine IL-26 in blood of acute patients.
Scientist in lab with COVID-19 equipment

COVID-19, communicable disease and immunology

Academic Research Scholar, Prof Wendy M. Purcell, provides an update on COVID-19, communicable disease and immunology.
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The impact of COVID-19 on future workplaces

Alison White, Founder & Director of White Workplace Consultancy Limited, examines how COVID-19 has changed the way we work & what we want from future workplaces.
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What is the cost of living payment?

The cost of living payments are designed to help households in the UK cope with increased food and fuel prices and rising energy bills.

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