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Cyber Crime meaning computer-orientated crime is on the rise. Over the last six years there have been over 3 billion record breaches. Cyber Crimes can be described as actions committed against a group or an individual with criminal motive to intentionally damage the people involved. Regardless of whether you run a business or have a mobile phone, everyone is at risk of a cyber attack. Cyber Crimes that cross the borders of countries and threaten foreign organisations are sometimes referred to as Cyberwarfare.

Forms of Cyber Crimes

These Crimes can come in many different forms most common of which being, Phishing, File Hijacker, Screenshot manager, Hacking etc.
Therefore considering the rapid increase of Cyber Crime, it is essential that cyber security professionals keep updated with development and learning how to prevent and recover from attacks.


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Bias and misinformation are just some of the dangers of AI, experts say

The dangers of AI are becoming increasingly more overt to governments and institutions globally. Experts at Oxford demonstrate the ‘profound risk’ of AI to humanity.
To properly handle files, knowledge, and documentation in an ERP-enabled firm, use a Document Management System (DMS), an online documentation database. The use of technology by corporations

Automation platform mitigates employee cybersecurity risk

Employees are the biggest cybersecurity risk, but an automation platform can alleviate the threat, says Richard Higginbotham, Product Manager at Netcall.

Creating a safer online world: is further government regulation the answer?

With users experiencing significant levels of harassment across digital platforms, the Online Safety Bill (OSB) is currently the only government regulation answer for online spaces.
Sharing the experience of working with an NHS Foundation Trust, Firstserv’s Sebastian Tyc emphasises how managed services and cloud hosting are critical in the fight against public sector cybercrime

Top 5 security improvements to protect against public sector cybercrime

Sharing the experience of working with an NHS Foundation Trust, Firstserv’s Sebastian Tyc emphasises how managed services and cloud hosting are critical in the fight against public sector cybercrime.
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Why World Backup Day is relevant everyday

"Be prepared against data loss and data theft" is the slogan behind the World Backup Day 2023 campaign on the importance of data security.
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Why cyber-physical systems security is crucial for state and local governments

Simon Chassar, CRO at Claroty, discusses why cyber-physical systems security is so integral to government in the modern era.
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API security risks in the automotive industry

The threat cybercrime poses to finances is known, but few recognise the risks inherent with connected cars – here's how to find vulnerabilities in API security.
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3 reasons to adopt a critical event management plan in 2023

What are the top 3 trends that will trigger organizations to adopt a critical event management plan in 2023? Gartner reveals all.
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Nuix becomes a supplier of the CCS G-Cloud 13 framework

Nuix forensic software will now be available on the UK Government’s innovative G-Cloud 13 framework procurement platform.
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Cybercrime is on the rise, is your business prepared?

Richard Andreae, CEO of SupPortal UK Ltd discusses cybercrime threats and how to efficiently protect your business with cyber security.
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How to avoid and recover from cyber and ransomware attacks

Best practices for public sector organisations to avoid and quickly recover from cyber and ransomware attacks.
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Public sector data under real threat from cybercriminals

Public sector data is becoming increasingly threatened by cybercriminals and needs better protection. New approaches are needed to keep data safe, AJ Thompson, CCO of Northdoor Plc argues.
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The joint UK and US military partnership to combat cyberthreats

In response to malicious cyber activity, the UK and US have begun a partnership exchanging knowledge in cyberspace operations.
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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Are you prepared?

Martin Roots, Managing Director at the Expede Group, discusses cybersecurity awareness, walking us through different cyber attacks and how to prevent them efficiently.
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Montenegro and cyberattacks: all NATO states should be prepared

Keiron Holyome, VP UKI, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa at BlackBerry discusses cyberattacks and the public sector.
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“Fickle, False and Full of Fraud”: The UK is on the brink of recession...

The risk of a UK recession is nearing, and economic fraud could be on the rise too. To combat this, new government bills could change laws for the better.
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Migrating datacentres can be simpler with the right plan and partner

Sam Newman, director of OGEL IT, explains how migrating datacentres to the cloud can boost business efficiency.
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How to prevent cyber attackers’ manipulation of the democratic process

With GCHQ's recent warning that voting was subject to a cyber attack, what can we do to avoid manipulation of the democratic process?
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Hermit Spyware: Who discovered it and why is it dangerous?

Open Access Government interviews Justin Albrecht, the man behind the discovery of Hermit Spyware in Italy and Kazakhstan.
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Cyber security threats on the rise: how should organisations react

Organisations face the growing risk of becoming victims of cyber security threats - what can they do to avoid them?

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