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ISACA’s bold promise: Closing Europe’s cybersecurity skills gap forever

The ISACA, which supports people and businesses in pursuing digital trust, has recently made a commitment to bridging the cybersecurity skills gap in Europe, claiming Europe is facing big challenges.
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Embedding Zero Trust in the DNA of public sector security

Matt Poulton, General Manager & Vice President EMEA & APJ at Forescout Technologies, discusses how public sector organisations can build a Zero Trust framework to mitigate internal and external cyberattacks.
To properly handle files, knowledge, and documentation in an ERP-enabled firm, use a Document Management System (DMS), an online documentation database. The use of technology by corporations

Automation platform mitigates employee cybersecurity risk

Employees are the biggest cybersecurity risk, but an automation platform can alleviate the threat, says Richard Higginbotham, Product Manager at Netcall.
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Why World Backup Day is relevant everyday

"Be prepared against data loss and data theft" is the slogan behind the World Backup Day 2023 campaign on the importance of data security.
An abstract design of a terminal display, warning about a cyber attack. Multiple rows of hexadecimal code are interrupted by red glowing warnings and single character exclamation marks. The image can represent a variety of threats in the digital world: data theft, data leak, security breach, intrusion, anti-virus failure, etc...

Missing in action: Why do government bodies lose so many devices?

Government bodies are targetted by cyber criminals intending to steal sensitive data or launch a disruptive ransomware attack, says Jon Fielding.
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How to improve security with an employee emphasis

We must improve security because the impacts of human error on cybersecurity can be immense, and one small slip-up can have disastrous impacts.
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Plugging the cybersecurity skills gap to retain security professionals

The global pool of security professionals needs to grow 65% to defend organisations’ critical assets - so how can we plug the cybersecurity skills gap?
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Stronger cybersecurity policies ban TikTok on government devices

A UK Parliament TikTok account has brought up the discussion of heavier cybersecurity policies, given the possibility of data being passed to the Chinese state.
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Mobile Device Management: How to implement an effective MDM strategy

Developing a sound Mobile Device Management system is essential to minimise security risk and enhance digital mobility.
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How will the UK Cyber Essentials Scheme change in April 2023?

Cybersecurity has been subject to a wave of change over the last decade and is reflected in the UK Cyber Essentials Scheme.
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Effective information governance: building a framework

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray, the Managing Director at WuDo Solutions, explains the framework needed to generate effective Information Governance for organisations.
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Healthcare’s road to recovery: why identity security is critical

Months after a ransomware attack hit parts of the NHS, the effects are still being felt – how can better identity security improve safety?
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Public and private sector collaboration can deliver the UK innovation agenda

Cyber attacks and system security breaches in big corporations are increasingly common in the UK – and this is why a UK innovation agenda overhaul has never been more needed.
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Private-public collaboration and data visibility necessary to fight cloud attacks

As the number of cyber attacks on cloud platforms and applications increases, organisations need more collaboration and data visibility.
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What are 7 of the latest business trends you should follow?

With business owners constantly looking for unique advantages, here are the 7 latest business trends going into the new year.
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Privileged access: Understanding security inside out

Mark Warren, Product Specialist at Osirium, explains why privileged access poses security issues in the public sector.
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Why cyber-physical systems security is crucial for state and local governments

Simon Chassar, CRO at Claroty, discusses why cyber-physical systems security is so integral to government in the modern era.
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User-centred cyber security for local government

Arnie Armstrong, Cyber Security Principal at Made Tech, explains why a user-centred cyber security approach is vital to local government.
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TSA regulations: why Telcos should act now

Telcos need to allocate specific roles within their organisation to deal with the TSA regulations laid out by the UK government.
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API security risks in the automotive industry

The threat cybercrime poses to finances is known, but few recognise the risks inherent with connected cars – here's how to find vulnerabilities in API security.

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