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talking about data

Why is everyone talking about data ?

Everyone is talking about data and  Adrian Cooper, field CTO for NetApp Public Sector, is here to tell us why it has become so important.
marine magnetic survey, global aqua survey

Application of the marine magnetic survey

Gwo-Shyh Song from Global Aqua Survey, with Hsiu-Wen Huang from National Taiwan University, walk us through the application of the marine magnetic survey.
instagram mental health impact, teen girls

Investigation finds Instagram aware of mental health impact

According to the Wall Street Journal, Instagram has been aware of severe mental health impacts on teenage girls for the past three years.
pegasus spyware, nso group

Apple reveal ‘Pegasus’ spyware infiltrated their devices

The 'Pegasus' spyware, used to hack deceased journalist Jamal Kashoggi, has been confirmed to exist in Apple devices - a new software update was released to counter the issue.
general practice

Data on patient access is key to helping the crisis in general practice

Paul Bensley, managing director, X-on, discusses why data on patient access is key to improving general practice as we move forward following the last year.
national coding week

National Coding Week 2021 – Tech experts tackle the main issues  

Eight experts working across technology companies in software development, AI, public sector IT, data analytics and cybersecurity give their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities around National Coding Week.
voice of the customer

CX: Voice Of The Customer: Are You Listening?

Chris Merricks, Director at CX Consultants, considers the needs and wants of customers and asks, are we listening to them?
COVID death North England, NHSA report

Report documents 17% higher rate of COVID death in North England

The Northern Health Science Alliance report says the North of England experienced a 17% higher rate of COVID death than the South - because of "higher deprivation and worse pre-pandemic health".
third COVID dose, booster dose

UK approves Pfizer and AstraZeneca for third COVID dose

The UK medicine regulator approved both Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines as a third COVID dose - for use in a new UK booster scheme.
open science for global challenges

Open Science for global challenges & restoring the ethos of science

The EUA illustrates how the COVID-19 pandemic revealed the power of sharing research outputs in addressing global crises.
HIV heart attacks, heart association

People with HIV more likely to experience heart attacks

Research by the American Heart Association found that people with HIV are more likely to experience heart attacks - with "higher rates of sudden cardiac death".
patients do not resuscitate, CPR

Study reveals one in five older patients marked “do not resuscitate”

A study, published in BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, found that one in five older, sick patients are recorded as "do not resuscitate" on admission.
COVID vaccines heat, covid

Scientists begin work on COVID vaccines which can survive heat

Scientists at the University of California San Diego are developing COVID vaccines that can survive heat - using ideas from plants and bacteria.
performance analysis

Using performance analysis to help older people stay healthier for longer

Paul Berney, CMO at connected care platform Anthropos, explores how performance analysis, used to keep athletes healthy, can also be used to help older people stay healthier for longer.
tax arrears

Smart tech help councils address tax arrears in a sustainable way

Paul Rudd, Director of Service Design at Civica, discusses the three-step approach local authorities should consider when dealing with COVID’s impact on council tax arrears.
vaccine climate crisis, covid pandemic

WHO leader says “there is no vaccine for the climate crisis”

A new editorial, published across 220 journals, expresses the climate concerns of healthcare professionals and researchers - with Dr Ghebreyesus saying "there is no vaccine for the climate crisis".
deadline for vaccine deliveries, astrazeneca vaccines

EU and AstraZeneca agree new deadline for vaccine deliveries

The EU have dropped their court case against AstraZeneca, as a new deadline for vaccine deliveries is agreed between the two parties.
young people vaccine hesitant, uk vaccine hesitant

Why are young people in the UK vaccine hesitant?

ONS data finds that young people are distrustful of the vaccine, the UK Government, and anyone encouraging vaccine take-up - alongside the perception that COVID will not threaten their lives.
third dose of COVID, covid vaccines

EU medical authority denies “urgent need” for third dose of COVID vaccine

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reports that there is no "urgent need" for a third dose of COVID vaccine, based on real-world data According to the report published Wednesday (1 September), there is enough real-world evidence to suggest that a booster dose is not yet necessary. The...
diagnosing genetic symptoms, machine learning

AI shows 88% accuracy in diagnosing genetic syndromes

The study, published in The Lancet Digital Health, found that deep learning tech had an average accuracy of 88% when it came to diagnosing genetic syndromes.

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