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Delivering a resilient and sustainable electricity supply for the UK's data centres

Delivering a resilient and sustainable electricity supply for the UK’s data centres

Antony White, Sector Lead for UK Power Networks Services, discusses the challenges that data centres face meeting capacity requirements, ensuring a resilient energy supply and balancing sustainability pressures.
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A digital healthcare system is not beyond the realms of possibility

In order to establish an effective digital healthcare system, we need to build trust with privacy first, argues Nigel Jones, co-founder of the Privacy Compliance Hub.
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The importance of address validation for government agencies

Address validation plays a crucial role in data quality for many functions in municipal, state, and federal agencies.
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Plugging the cybersecurity skills gap to retain security professionals

The global pool of security professionals needs to grow 65% to defend organisations’ critical assets - so how can we plug the cybersecurity skills gap?
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Are your processes right and do your people follow them?

With a former public sector background, Patrick Parker (Director at CGR Ltd) reflects on the benefits of bringing your process flow out of diagrams & policies into living collaborative systems.
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Further education institutions funding hit requires ‘bullet-proof’ financial response

Further education institutions have experienced much turbulence since the COVID-19 pandemic, but now more recently, are being hit with funding constraints.
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Data sharing can help the public sector deliver improved outcomes for citizens

To transform the public sector under increasing pressure, governments need data sharing, which most importantly needs to be high-quality and accessible.
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The cavalry isn’t coming: health and social care reform will come from within

In order to deliver true health and social care reform, we need to remove silos and develop an at-home care strategy.
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First steps towards patient safety and reduced costs in operating theatres and hospitals

Chris Norman, the VP of Healthcare at Elcom highlights some of the issues hospitals and operating theatres are having with increasing patient safety and cutting costs.
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How will the UK Cyber Essentials Scheme change in April 2023?

Cybersecurity has been subject to a wave of change over the last decade and is reflected in the UK Cyber Essentials Scheme.
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Effective information governance: building a framework

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray, the Managing Director at WuDo Solutions, explains the framework needed to generate effective Information Governance for organisations.
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Government’s roadmap to achieving trusted data

Marc Hoogstad, Head of Product Management at Finworks discusses removing data silos, implementing automation and gaining access to real-time data to encourage trusted data in government.
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Advancing connector technologies for multicore optical fibres

Ryo Nagase, Professor from Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan, highlights research concerning advancing connector technologies for multicore optical fibres, starting with an informative introduction.
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Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement update

Crown Commercial Service explain enabling the best pricing on core services for the public sector by looking at the Mobile Voice and Data Services agreement update.
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Digital public services need to maximise their citizen user experience

The user experience is key to sufficient and operational digital public services, with the potential to reimagine communications and marketing opportunities.
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How to leverage social value to win public sector contracts

How can businesses leverage social value to attract and retain customers and win public sector contracts in 2023.
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How UPS Systems in data centres are balancing energy use and maximising stability

Arturo Di Filippi, Offering Director, Smart Power & EMEA Business Product Development at Vertiv discusses sustainability and the role of UPS Systems in data centres.
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Enhancing the use of data – do you know your strategic priorities?

Solutionpath’s Rachel Maxwell considers the importance of knowing your strategic priorities when deploying student engagement analytics within a university.
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Free public sector data with no-code platforms in 2023

Productive organisations in the public sector need to prevent the formation of data silos by employing innovative technologies and software, such as no-code platforms.
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Moving the energy system towards climate action

In 2020, the World Resources Institute reported that 73% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulted from the consumption of energy – it's time to improve the energy system.

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