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chronic stress

$2 million grant to explore link between chronic stress and Alzheimer’s

Researchers at WVA are investigating the connection between chronic stress and Alzheimer’s Disease using new $2 million grant from NIH
healthy cognition

Protecting ageing synapses through exercise

Keeping the ageing population as active as possible, enhances the connections between neurons to maintain healthy cognition.
Epilepsy and alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s: A disease not just about memory loss

Head of Research Dr Sara Imarisio brings to light emerging research on the link between epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease
project alzheimer's

Preparing for the next pandemic: Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease, a growing silent pandemic, is discussed here by Project Alzheimer’s Value Europe (PAVE), who introduce their stakeholder forum that focuses on developing new research in the field, such as emerging therapeutic & diagnostic innovations.
latino community, latinx with dementia

Latinx with dementia and caregiving: A balancing act

Dr Lynn Woods, Professor in the Department of Doctoral Programs, School of Nursing, Azusa Pacific University, discusses the challenges of dementia and caregiving within the Latino community.
younger onset dementia

Supporting people with younger onset dementia

Ms Bel Wong, Dr Kenny Chui and Prof Timothy Kwok from the Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing, walk us through a programme that supports people with younger onset dementia (YOD).
dementia cases

What do rising dementia cases after the pandemic mean for local government?

John Ramsay, Founder and Managing Director of Social-Ability, discusses what rising dementia cases mean for local authorities and social care spending.

Mirtazapine not effective in treating dementia patients

Mirtazapine, an antidepressant drug given to dementia patients, has been found to be no more effective than a placebo and increases mortality.
Latinx with dementia

Latinx with dementia: Culture matters

Dr Lynn Woods, Professor in the Department of Doctoral Programs, School of Nursing, Azusa Pacific University, describes Latinx with dementia and in this respect, why culture matters.
Dementia Friendliness

World Alzheimer’s Month – Promoting dementia friendliness

The Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing (JCCPA) promotes dementia friendliness in Hong Kong during World Alzheimer’s Month
performance analysis

Using performance analysis to help older people stay healthier for longer

Paul Berney, CMO at connected care platform Anthropos, explores how performance analysis, used to keep athletes healthy, can also be used to help older people stay healthier for longer.
older adults with severe dementia, ageing population

Evaluation of older adults with severe dementia

Professor Timothy Kwok of Jockey Club Centre for positive ageing, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, explores how to reliably evaluate older adults with severe dementia.
public health response

Public health response to dementia

Chris Lynch, Deputy CEO at Alzheimer’s Disease International, sheds light on the WHO Global action plan on the public health response to dementia 2017-2025.
future of neuroscience

Investing in the future of neuroscience

Nina Schor, Deputy Director and Acting Scientific Director of NINDS, underlines the importance of investing in the future of neuroscience.
Post Diagnostic Support Program for People with Dementia in Hong Kong

Post Diagnostic Support Program for People with Dementia in Hong Kong

Professor Kwok discusses supporting people with dementia and the importance of implementing adequate care after diagnosis The prevalence of dementia among community dwelling people aged 70 and above is 9.3%, and is 3.1% among people aged 60 and above who reside in institutions.1 As the population ages, the number of...
risk of dementia, dementia

High air pollution linked to 16% increased risk of dementia

A Seattle-based study found that people living in an area with air pollution levels of PM2.5 have a 16% increase in risk of dementia.
difficulty thinking after covid, impaired

Argentinian study says 60% of people have difficulty thinking after COVID

A new study in Argentina is investigating the cognitive impacts on virus survivors - scientists found that 60% of participants have difficulty thinking after COVID.
combat loneliness

The isolation epidemic: How tech can combat loneliness in care homes

John Ramsay, founder and MD, Social-Ability, discusses how technology can improve wellbeing and combat loneliness in care homes.
July 2021 North America

July 2021 North America Analysis

A very warm welcome to the Summer edition of North America Analysis. We hear from Lirio Liu, Executive Director of International Affairs at the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, who reveals the exciting work taking place to redefine geographic and atmospheric boundaries within the field of aviation.
dementia care, family caregiving

Family caregiver training in dementia care

Here, the Department of Medicine & Therapeutics discuss family caregiver training in dementia care.

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