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prevent dementia

Consuming cranberries could improve memory and prevent dementia

Including cranberries in your diet has a whole host of benefits - it can improve memory and brain function, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and prevent dementia.

Unlocking life-changing dementia treatments

Is better diagnosis the key to unlocking life-changing dementia treatments? Dr Susan Mitchell, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Research UK provides the answer.
The epidemiology of Alzheimer’s - MRI brian of Dementia patient

PAVE: Global research study on epidemiology of Alzheimer’s disease

To improve understanding of the impact and epidemiology of Alzheimer’s disease, Project Alzheimer’s Value Europe (PAVE) demonstrates the prevalence of Alzheimer’s across the stages of the disease, including prodromal and preclinical – which aren’t recognised by previous studies.
Older women leaning over table and writing a letter as a leisure activity

Reduce risk of dementia through leisure activities

Dementia poses a risk to us all, but research shows that there are leisure activities that are scientifically proven to reduce risk of dementia.
Young black man looks at smartphone

Could using smartphones improve memory skills?

Using smartphones could improve memory skills by allowing individuals to free up memory for less important information.
risk of dementia, social isolation

Social isolation can increase risk of dementia by 26%

Social isolation can cause a higher risk of dementia, as it may develop lower brain volume in areas related to cognition.
latinx with dementia

Latinx with dementia: Getting the help you need

The Tension Between Cultural Values and Getting the Help You Need.
older people with dementia, bluetooth tracking device

A Bluetooth tracking device to aid the search for older people with dementia who...

Getting lost can affect caregivers and families of older people with dementia – now, a Bluetooth tracking device can assist the search for their loved ones.
breakthroughs in dementia research

What we need to make breakthroughs in dementia research

David Thomas, Head of Policy (Access and Innovation) at Alzheimer’s Research UK, looks at what we need to make breakthroughs in dementia research.
late-onset alcohol abuse

Late-onset alcohol abuse can be symptom of dementia

According to new results in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, patients who start abusing alcohol in later life – after age 40 – maybe doing so due to underlying dementia

Latinx & dementia: The challenge of behavioural symptoms

Dr Lynn Woods, Professor in the Department of Doctoral Programs, School of Nursing, Azusa Pacific University, provides further analysis of Latinx developing dementia, including systems of healing & the challenge of behavioural symptoms.
dementia day care, dementia day care

The importance of dementia day care services during COVID-19

Professor Timothy Kwok, Director of the Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing, and Research Manager Ms Bel Wong, explain the necessity of dementia day care services during the pandemic.
indigenous communities dementia, Tsimane and moseten

Lowest global rates of dementia in Indigenous communities

The healthier pre-industrial lifestyles which Indigenous communities live by present solutions in preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia ­– as seen in their lower rates of the disease.
dementia covid-19, alzheimer's

How to help someone living with dementia understand the COVID-19 pandemic

Kym Ward, Dementia Project Coordinator at The Brain Charity, offers insight into how to support those living with dementia during times of uncertainty and isolation.
Dementia Care during COVID 19

Dementia day care service during the COVID-19 pandemic

Professor Timothy Kwok discusses the importance of maintaining dementia day care service during the COVID-19 Pandemic
chronic stress

$2 million grant to explore link between chronic stress and Alzheimer’s

Researchers at WVA are investigating the connection between chronic stress and Alzheimer’s Disease using new $2 million grant from NIH
healthy cognition

Protecting ageing synapses through exercise

Keeping the ageing population as active as possible, enhances the connections between neurons to maintain healthy cognition.
Epilepsy and alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s: A disease not just about memory loss

Head of Research Dr Sara Imarisio brings to light emerging research on the link between epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease
project alzheimer's

Preparing for the next pandemic: Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease, a growing silent pandemic, is discussed here by Project Alzheimer’s Value Europe (PAVE), who introduce their stakeholder forum that focuses on developing new research in the field, such as emerging therapeutic & diagnostic innovations.
latino community, latinx with dementia

Latinx with dementia and caregiving: A balancing act

Dr Lynn Woods, Professor in the Department of Doctoral Programs, School of Nursing, Azusa Pacific University, discusses the challenges of dementia and caregiving within the Latino community.

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