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board room meeting with technology

Letting go of legacy IT strategies for digital citizens

Jo Feldman, Chief Commercial Officer at UBDS, walks us through letting go of legacy IT strategies for digital citizens.
ETL processes

Combining ETL processes and DPA to accelerate digital transformation

Stuart Steel, Founding Director of Insimbi Consulting Ltd, explains how harnessing modernised ETL processes and DPA as part of your digital transformation strategy can unleash the full potential of your data, drive significant cost and time savings and elevate your business above the competition.
Corridor of colourful data centres, servers, supercomputers

Micro data centres: exploring the increasing demand

Micro data centres are nothing new, but it is only now that organisations are using them as part of their data centre strategy, explains Birgit Jackson.
Man in dark room suggestive of cyber attack

Why we need a cyber-resilient public sector

With UK councils targeted with an average of 10,000 cyberattacks every day, building a cyber-resilient public sector is becoming ever more important.
Man working on laptop sat outside in rural area

Why we must prioritise investment into digital investment

David Hennell discusses why it's imperative for the future Prime Minister to prioritise digital investment as part of any future ‘Levelling Up’ plans.

Looking ahead: What has the pandemic taught us about online access?

Mike Taylor, Senior Accessibility Analyst, Comms and Training Manager at Digital Accessibility Centre, discusses online access and its benefits since COVID.
concept of a digital city and cyber space

The dawn of a cyber-physical internet

Philip Young, Director of Policy, Research & Strategic Engagement, Digital Catapult, argues that we’re at the dawn of a cyber-physical internet. Governments globally must lead the way, he says.
Black female teacher stood at the front of an ICT classroom. In the background, children can be seen sat working in front of laptops

How to get sustainable ICT equipment on a budget

The need for up to date, fit for purpose ICT equipment to aid learning never ceases. But how can you achieve this with a limited budget?

How has technology become a solution to global issues?

Digitised Smart Nation drives will continue to push people's limits and potential for the future, and smart living will impact people's health, mental health, and well-being.
Location data image across a city

Geospatial data investments improved in the public sector

New guidance on geospatial data in the public sector has been published, setting rules on assessing the economic, social and environmental value of investments in location data.
Silhouette of young girl with ponytail searching on the web

Online Safety Bill delay should not halt safeguarding

Why the delay to the Online Safety Bill should not halt organisations efforts in safeguarding minors on the web.
 digital solutions

Tackling human crises with digital solutions

From the cost-of-living crisis to climate change, Covid, and war in Ukraine, communities have rallied together through recent emergencies - and proved the value of social action.
Transforming Digital Experiences

Transforming Digital Experiences in Healthcare – Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Transforming digital experiences of one of the biggest and most well-known NHS Trusts in the UK has been at the heart of the website update.
data fabric

Recognising the human side of data fabric

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, explains what data fabric is and what are its benefits to public organisations and data professionals.
statistical modelling

Challenges in data handling for big data in multi-omics research

Dr Gastone Castellani and Dr Jeanine Houwing-Duistermaat from the University of Bologna, Italy develop methods for big multi-omics datasets.
digital and data, uk government

The UK government’s 2022 to 2025 Roadmap for Digital and Data

The government’s Roadmap to digital and data involves ambitions to transform digital public services, deliver world-class digital technology and systems, and attract digital talent.
environmental pressures, The Brenner Motorway

The Brenner Motorway looks to the future in attempt to reduce environmental pressures

Carlo Costa, General Technical Manager explores what the future has in store for Autostrada del Brennero SpA and their environmental focus.
digital transformation public sector

Identity central to public sector digital transformation

Ian Lowe, Head of Industry Solutions – EMEA at Okta, argues that identity is at the heart of public sector digital transformation
smarter working

Smarter working and the public estate: Progress and pitfalls

Tom Shrive, CEO of askporter offers insight into why smarter working in the security of the public estate is important in 2022 and beyond.
simulation of quantum circuits

Classical simulation of quantum circuits

Robert Wille, Professor at the Technical University of Munich and CSO at the Software Competence Center, Hagenberg, considers the classical simulation of quantum circuits

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