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digital ecosystem transformation

Achieving transformation by focusing on the digital ecosystem

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, discusses the value of workflow and data management within digital ecosystems when transforming services.
inclusive services

Inclusive services that put a stop to digital inequality

Natalie Harney, Senior Consultant at Engine Transformation, tells us about the inclusive design principles they provided to the Immigration and Asylum appeals service for HMCTS, to tackle digital inequality.
smart life technology

Smart Life 2025: Envisioning a connected a world

Global Futurist, Foresight expert and CEO of Fast Future Rohit Talwar, details the concept of Smart Life 2025, that envisions a connected world in the future.
AI assurance ecosystem, national AI strategy

The steps required for the UK’s AI assurance ecosystem

The CDEI has established the steps essential to building the UK’s AI assurance ecosystem, ensuring the effectiveness and compliance of AI, as set out in the National AI strategy.
technological advances diabetes

Can technological advances optimise diabetes management?

Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, Frost & Sullivan, explores if technological advances optimise diabetes management
government algorithmic

The new government standard for algorithmic transparency

The UK government has initiated one of the world’s first national standards for algorithmic transparency, commencing promises made in the National Data and National AI strategies.
greener shopping initiatives

Transport for London promotes greener shopping initiatives

TfL is encouraging shoppers and retailers around London to adopt greener initiatives to reduce emissions, including using click and collect, green delivery slots and grouping deliveries.
covid-19 algorithm

The algorithm predicting COVID-19 patients in need of intensive care

An algorithm can predict the severity of COVID patients' illnesses depending on how many of them will be highly likely or unlikely to need intensive care or ventilation.
NHS login

Half of public in England have registered with NHS login

Almost 28 million people in England have registered with NHS login and more than 16 million have signed up for the NHS App, according to the latest statistics from NHS Digital.
the tech community

How tech can drive social value and help build back stronger and better

Chris Gray, Chief of Public Sector at AND DIGITAL, discusses how the tech community must seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to drive greater social value and play its part in building back stronger and better.
Verifiable Credentials

Verifying documents & identity in the public services and beyond

David Chadwick, Crossword Cybersecurity, outlines how the W3C Verifiable Credentials standard works and why he believes it will become the de facto credentials mechanism for public sector services in the near future.
digital evolution

What is the difference between digital transformation and digitisation?

Digital transformation is the process of leveraging digitisation to transform business outcomes. So, what is the difference? Jason Chester, Director of Global Channel Programs, InfinityQS, explains here.
Work Programme

European Commission 2022 Work Programme

The European Commission has set out its next steps towards building a greener, fairer and more digital post-COVID Europe with the 2022 Work Programme.
government IT organisations

How government IT organisations can stop acting like a cost centre

Many government IT organisations are still perceived purely as cost centres. Here, Cathleen Blanton, Gartner Research VP, argues that government CIOs must go on the offensive to lead digital transformation by focusing on the value IT delivers.
low code

Low code helps close the skills gap in the UK

Dan Blake, Managing Director EMEA, Claris, explores how the UK can close its growing skills gap with low code.
future of hybrid working

Digitalising HR – key for the future of hybrid working

George Dunnett, Chief Product Officer at Zellis, explores why digitalising human resources are key for the future of hybrid working.
going paperless

Embracing digital advancements and going paperless

Paul Beaney, Customer Success Director at DEF Software, discusses the importance of seizing the momentum after COVID and going paperless in planning.
hospital food

Implementing digital food menus in hospitals

Tom Wright, Head of Digital Engagement at NDL, discusses the various ways in which technology can improve the hospital food ordering system.
automated meter readers

How automated meter readers are transforming the water utilities industry

Smarter Technologies discusses how automated meter readers (AMRs) allow local governments, organisations and businesses to help limit water scarcity and improve water efficiency.
full lifecycle

Enabling ‘full lifecycle’ technology for the public sector

Crown Commercial Service explains how the Technology Services 3 update enables ‘full lifecycle’ technology services for the public sector.

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