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transforming citizen engagement

What lasting legacies of COVID-19 will local government take forward?

Lorraine Smith, Divisional Managing Director at Civica, discusses how the pandemic has not only re-shaped local government when it comes to new ways of working but also in transforming citizen engagement.
fix the digital skills gap

How can the north-west fix the digital skills gap?

Matt Adam, chief executive of We Are Digital, explains how the north-west is fixing the digital skills gap.

Crown Commercial Service extends G-Cloud 12 to 2022

Crown Commercial Service has announced that it has extended G-Cloud 12 to 2022, a further 12 months from its original end date.
data-driven age

What can the public sector do to prosper in this new data-driven age?

Charles Southwood, Regional VP Northern Europe and MEA at Denodo, discusses how the pandemic has become a digital catalyst for the public sector and what organisations need to do to prosper in this new data-driven age.
government Green Paper

Digital procurement: What do suppliers really need from the Government?

Adam Maddison, director of client services at dxw, analyses the recent government Green Paper on transforming public procurement, focussing heavily on the support available to SMEs.
remote workforce

A new technology paradigm for your remote workforce

David Turner, Managing Director of MSC Digital, outlines a simple approach to transform your technology to support your remote workforce.
mobile app acceleration

Mobile app acceleration during the pandemic

Mike Rhodes, CEO of ConsultMyApp, discusses what businesses must do to leverage their mobile apps/digital brand and survive in a post-covid era.
outsourcing technology

Brexit and COVID-19 will combine to cause an outsourcing boom

Richard Leslie, CEO, The Sourcing Hub, discusses why the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit could create a boom in outsourcing technology development.
Digital asset management

Digital Asset Management Solutions within the NHS and the Public Sector

Chris Haden, CEO of Engeneum Limited, tells us about an NHS Trust and a Local Authority where Engeneum’s Digital Asset Management Solution is used to improve efficiency and support homeworking.
security solutions 

Striking the balance between digital security and usability

Rick Goud, Chief Information Officer at Zivver, discusses the importance of becoming a digital enabler through implementing accessible and user-friendly security solutions.
vaccine passports

Preventing fraud in vaccine passports

Jenn Markey, Product Marketing Director for Identity, Entrust, discusses the core requirements of a ‘digital immunity passport’ both from an ethics and practicality perspective.
digital strategy

How SMEs can help drive the UK’s Digital Strategy

Paul Wash, Founder and Managing Director of digital transformation specialists Zenaxys, discusses how and why the UK should utilise SME’s to advance digital strategy.
great customer experience

Great customer experience: Focus on the core issues

Great customer experience is more important than ever. Deliver it by focusing on the core issues, argues Chris Merricks from CX Consultants.
Digital Outcomes and Specialists

Procurement: Digital transformation in the public sector

Crown Commercial Service explain how the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 procurement framework enables digital transformation of the public sector.
Sustainable technology

Sustainable technology in the age of a pandemic

Lecturer and Interdisciplinary Researcher Chad Manian examines the progress of sustainable IT in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, and discusses digital transformation as a means of crisis response.
retail bounce back

Government must place data at the heart of its retail bounce back education strategy

David John, CEO and Founder of Loyalize, discusses why the Government needs to ensure that data is at the heart of its retail bounce back education strategy.

How to embark on becoming a smart digital city of tomorrow

Harjott Atrii, Executive Vice President and Global Head, Digital Foundation Services, at Zensar, explains how cities can embark on a smart/digital journey.
smart tech

Setting sail with smart tech: How are ports and marinas capitalising on IoT?

Matthew Margetts, Director of Sales and Marketing at Smarter Technologies, discusses how ports and marinas are strengthening their supply chain and digitilising their shipping processes with IoT solutions.
digital outcomes and specialists 5

CCS launches the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS 5) framework

3,340 suppliers have been awarded places on the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS 5) framework.
healthcare workforce

Collaboration is key to shaping the future digital healthcare workforce

Hazel Jones, Head of Health, Made Tech, explores how collaboration can help the NHS develop its future digital workforce.

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