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Gloved nurse using a butterfly setup and vein finder to “highlight” blood vessels on a patient’s arm and insert a hypodermic needle for an intravenous infusion.

Poverty, abuse, divorce and more can influence multiple sclerosis attacks

Life stressors including poverty, abuse and divorce can influence multiple sclerosis attacks and flare-ups – leading to worse health outcomes.
deaf employee with cochlear implant

How can we generate a better work environment for deaf employees?

Hearing loss can seriously impact one’s experience of work, so how can workplaces become more inclusive of deaf employees?
Disabled Badge Holders Only Sign

Understanding the Blue Badge scheme and its digital revolution

Diana Guerra, Head of Blue Badge Policy at the Department for Transport (DfT) and John Spanton, Account Director at Valtech, discuss how the DfT transformed the digital service for the Blue Badge scheme.
Doctor examining MRI images of patient with multiple sclerosis at white table, closeup

Multiple sclerosis symptoms: How to get a diagnosis

Christen Richards, Committee Member from MS Society Jersey, unpacks multiple sclerosis symptoms for us, focusing on recognising the key points to help the diagnostic process.
woman communicating in sign language online

Looking back at the last decade on digital accessibility in online learning

There is a need to secure equal opportunities for students in online learning spaces – schools can do this by improving digital accessibility.
Rear view of disabled man sitting on wheelchair

The importance of ensuring inclusive and accessible public spaces

Accessible public spaces are vital to a city's culture and democracy, but why does London still struggle with inclusive urban areas?
woman and her disabled family member

Cost of living fund for disabled people and domestic violence victims

A cost of living fund has been made for those who are struggling the most by price increases – including disabled people, single parents and women suffering from domestic violence.
person assisting a patient with a disability

Disabled facilities grant: why is it so backlogged?

Councils need to overcome functional silos and improve access to the disabled facilities grant – and technology may just be the solution.

85% of UK disabled workers are more productive working from home

There are numerous benefits of working from home for disabled workers, who have been the worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in their careers.
inclusive workplace

Promoting the creation of an inclusive workplace

Dr Christine Grant, Associate Fellow at the Coventry University Centre for Healthcare Research, introduces the ‘Remote for All’ (R4All) research study, discussing disability, neurodiversity, an inclusive workplace, and remote e-working in the UK.
glue ear, Artificial Intelligence

Using artificial intelligence to diagnose ‘glue ear’ in children

Glue ear is a common cause of hearing impairment and disability amongst children. AI can improve accuracy of diagnosis and cut down annual NHS costs.
Dupuytren’s disease

Research reveals that anti-TNF drug reverses Dupuytren’s disease

A clinical trial at Oxford University has found that a drug used for rheumatoid arthritis can reverse Dupuytren’s disease, if taken early on.
disabled ukrainians, humanitarian crisis

2.7 million disabled Ukrainians “trapped or abandoned” by war

Mr. Yohei Sasakawa, Chairman of the Nippon Foundation, discusses how governments, businesses and NGO's must not overlook disabled Ukrainians.
universities as corporate parents

The role of universities as Corporate Parents in Scotland

Clarifying what kind of support is provided by universities in Scotland, as ‘Corporate Parents’, to children and young people who have experienced social care in the UK in comparison with Japan.
autistic people, vulnerable adults

Police do not consider 48% of autistic people to be vulnerable adults

The criminal justice system is failing autistic people, as clients are commonly not given support in trials because they are not deemed “vulnerable”.

Secrets of the immune system could help unlock future MS treatments

Researchers have identified why certain cells in the body, known as Th17 cells can go rogue and promote the onset of MS
mutated als gene

New gene-silencing drug could help with ALS

New research suggests that in suppressing a mutated ALS gene, it may be possible to delay to onset of symptoms.
American Disability Act

70% of physicians unaware of how to treat someone with a disability

Researchers from Mass General have found that physicians are lacking basic understanding on how to care and treat people with disabilities.
inclusive services

Inclusive services that put a stop to digital inequality

Natalie Harney, Senior Consultant at Engine Transformation, tells us about the inclusive design principles they provided to the Immigration and Asylum appeals service for HMCTS, to tackle digital inequality.
audio universe

Sounds of the Universe: Inclusive experience for visually impaired astronomers

New project to allow blind or partially sighted individuals to ‘hear’ the universe is providing a more inclusive side to astronomy This research is offering a way for visually impaired children in particular to get to touch with astronomy and maybe spark a lifetime interest in the topic. What is the...

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