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Rural relevance

Rural relevance to economic levelling up

Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Development, lifts the lid on rural relevance to economic levelling up.

Isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) (IBMC) & the European Green Deal

Isosorbide bis(methyl carbonate) (IBMC) is a new business opportunity to comply with the European Green Deal, explains Dr Soraya Prieto-Fernández from TECNALIA, Basque Research and Technology Alliance.
Financial exclusion

Money troubles: Financial exclusion and COVID-19

Global financial exclusion rates are on the rise thanks to the COVID-19 crisis. Matt Adam, chief executive, We Are Digital, outlines five ways we can solve the world’s money troubles as we head back into lockdown.
moderna vaccine, covid-19

Moderna vaccine: New frontrunner is 95% effective against COVID-19

Eight days after the Pfizer vaccine results (90% effective) brought collective hope to the world, the Moderna vaccine has proven to be 95% effective at fighting COVID-19.
G-cloud 12, government digital

Procurement focus: What we need to know about G-Cloud 12

Crown Commercial Service tells us what we need to know about G-Cloud 12 in this procurement focus.
300 million doses, pfizer

European Commission buys 300 million doses of Pfizer vaccine

While the US and UK sealed their BioNTech and Pfizer vaccine deals within 24 hours of the new results, the European Commission took 3 days longer to secure their larger order of 300 million doses.
food poverty map, local authorities

Innovate UK give £47,000 to “food poverty map” project

A team at the University of Nottingham are working with OLIO to create a "food poverty map" via machine learning that could help local authorities target their food support.
antitrust investigation into amazon, european commission

European Commission begins antitrust investigation into Amazon

Antitrust laws exist to stop big companies from creating monopolies - with a new antitrust investigation into Amazon, the European Commission raises growing concerns of legal missteps by the tech giant.
water-related extreme events, NSF

Towards resilience against water-related extreme events

Dr Anjuli S. Bamzai, NSF Division Director for Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences and Ms Elizabeth Zelenski, Staff Associate, NSF Office of the Assistant Director for Geosciences, explain research on water-related extreme events that have profound implications for society.
post-covid-19 economy

Can the UK’s post-COVID-19 economy benefit from a booming medical cannabis industry?

Hannah Deacon, Co-Founder of Maple Tree Consultancy and Campaigner ponders if the UK’s post-COVID-19 economy can benefit from a booming medical cannabis industry.

Biological sciences: Determining phenotype from genotype

The NSF’s Division of Integrative Organismal Systems, within the Directorate for Biological Sciences, discusses how their work determining phenotype from genotype is fighting food insecurity.
job insecurity, economic

Researchers found that job insecurity overshadows fear of COVID-19

The study showed that fear of dwindling resources and job insecurity could distract individuals from following COVID-19 regulations for Americans across 43 states.

Britain’s obesity plan: The top three ways we can transform our health

Stephen Jones, CEO and Co-Founder at Nourish Fit Food, discusses how Britain's obesity plan will continue to fail unless the concept of health itself is radically redefined.
recruitment during COVID-19, GISMA

Recruitment during COVID-19: Managing your resources

Dr Gabriela Whitehead, Head of Digital Transformation and Process Management at GISMA Business School turns the spotlight on recruitment during COVID-19, including comment on managing resources.
quantum technology collaboration, canada

UKRI invests £2 million into Canada-UK quantum technology collaboration

The UK and Canada have launched a quantum technology collaboration, following an agreement to share this knowledge in 2017.
cost of COVID-19, brexit

What is the cost of COVID-19 in the UK?

The total financial cost of COVID-19 won’t be known until after the crisis is over - but we can look into the available data and piece something together.
UK winter lockdown, tier

UK winter lockdown: What are the new rules for November?

The UK winter lockdown was leaked on Friday night, with a hasty press conference assembled on Saturday - so what are the new rules and why was this introduced so late?

The US Election survey: Which candidate is better for the economy?

As the final Presidential debate happens, the US is fast approaching the final days of the campaign – we are running a US Election survey to find out who you think is better for the economy.
public transport industry, COVID-19

Enterprise-grade wireless connectivity in the public transport industry

Mark Page, Cradlepoint, discusses how the public transport industry could change via the use of enterprise-grade wireless connectivity.
new COVID-19 infections, uk

Research finds 96,000 new COVID-19 infections daily in the UK

Imperial College London found that the R number is now at 1.6, which means that new COVID-19 infections are steadily increasing.

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