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european commission microchip production. european chips act

European Commission to “radically raise” microchip production

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that Europe would "radically raise" microchip production - predicting that demand will "double in the next decade".
least stressful city, most stressful city

Research shows Helsinki is least stressful city in the world

According to data on light pollution, LGBT safety and living costs, Helsinki is the least stressful city in the world - with 0% of the population living in poverty.
rainy days economy, climate change rain

Climate change increases rainy days, which harm the economy

New data finds economic growth decreases with more wet days with extreme rainfall, revealing an indirect way that climate change harms the economy.
political adverts

Researchers say political adverts don’t work on swing voters

New study suggests that both positive and negative election video ads are unlikely to sway voters from the opposition New study explored supporters on both democratic and republican sides of the 2018 US midterm election and discovered that they are more likely to be moved or angered by political advertising...
microchip production lithuania, china microchip

Taiwan announces $200 million for microchip production in Lithuania

Taiwan announced a $200 million investment for microchip production in Lithuania, with a further $1 billion credit programme for innovation.
grenfell unsafe cladding, grenfell developers

UK changes post-Grenfell plan for unsafe cladding

After the Grenfell tower tragedy in 2017, the UK failed to remove unsafe cladding across the country - now, the Government has a new proposal for developers.
Social Value act

10 years of the Social Value Act

As 2022 marks 10 years since the Social Value Act came into force, Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal takes stock of where we are, and how things look for the year to come.
covid-19 cities recovery

Why the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic needs cities

Alex Godson, Strategic Communications Manager and Pietro Reviglio, from Eurocities, explore why recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic needs cities
women company boards, managerial positions

Researchers investigate impact of gender diversity on company boards

Researchers find that women pursuing more managerial positions on company boards will lead to lower risk-taking and better outcomes for businesses, when discussing merit and goodwill.
latino community, latinx with dementia

Latinx with dementia and caregiving: A balancing act

Dr Lynn Woods, Professor in the Department of Doctoral Programs, School of Nursing, Azusa Pacific University, discusses the challenges of dementia and caregiving within the Latino community.

The pandemic has put community resilience at a crossroads

Chris Clarke, Policy Researcher at HOPE not hate, explains how COVID impacts community resilience - especially when it comes to far right politics.
greener shopping initiatives

Transport for London promotes greener shopping initiatives

TfL is encouraging shoppers and retailers around London to adopt greener initiatives to reduce emissions, including using click and collect, green delivery slots and grouping deliveries.
EU Annual Budget,

EU Annual Budget 2022: Provisional deal pledges €170.6 billion investment

A political agreement has been made amongst institutions of the European Union as its EU Annual Budget for 2022 is proposed by the Commission.
digital transition, digital europe

European Commission to invest €2 billion towards digital transition

Investing nearly €2 billion from their Digital Europe Programme, the European Commission aims to strengthen their digital solutions to benefit citizens and businesses.
G20 and COP26

European Commission addresses G20 and COP26 summit objectives

The European Commission President addresses the goals set for the G20 and COP26 summits, aiming to tackle the pandemic, climate change and the economy.
autumn budget and spending review, levelling up

“Confetti but not clarity”: The Autumn Budget and Spending Review

Nigel Wilcock, Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Development, reflects on the Autumn Budget and Spending Review.
autumn budget austerity, the resolution foundation

Autumn Budget will reverse austerity by “only a third” in 2025

According to analysis by The Resolution Foundation, the Autumn Budget means austerity will be partially reversed by "a third" in 2025.
COP26 goals

How do we decarbonise the UK economy in line with COP26 goals?

George Adams, Director of Energy and Engineering, SPIE UK, provides insight into how the UK might be able to decarbonise the economy in line with COP26 goals.
NHS autumn budget, NHS staffing crisis

NHS says Autumn Budget “missed opportunity” to solve staffing crisis

NHS analysis of the Autumn Budget finds that Health spending will return to 2010 levels, but is a "missed opportunity" to solve the staffing crisis - currently, the workforce is 90,000 people short.
post-covid education recovery, autumn budget

UK allocates £1.8 billion for post-COVID education recovery

Today (27 October), Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced £1.8 billion for post-COVID education recovery and a return to 2010 Labour levels of student funding.

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