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Electric mobility trends: 2023 to be the turning point for heavy vehicles

Rising electricity prices, inflation and the scarcity of raw materials have cast doubt on the future prospects of electric mobility – so what is the future of the electric car?

The electric mobility transition to net-zero with EV charging

Mer Charging UK Ltd demonstrates how the future of the electric mobility transition promises greater strides toward net zero.
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Going green: transport innovation in the face of climate change

How transport innovations and developments will shape our futures despite the challenges of climate change.
Person putting coins into toy car to symbolise saving up for an electric vehicle

How long will it take European drivers to save for an electric vehicle?

How long will it take European drivers to save for electric vehicles based on the average cost of an EV compared to the average wage?

Building an off-grid EV charging network

L-Charge aims to accelerate the transition to an electric vehicle future through the deployment of their ultra-fast off-grid EV charging solutions, which use clean fuels such as LNG, Bio-LNG and green hydrogen for onboard power generation.
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Green technology: A world of opportunity

Providing renewable technology solutions to help companies meet the 2050 net-zero deadline.
Electric vehicle changing on street parking with graphical user interface, Future EV car concept.

The EV fleets are coming – but are we ready for them?

Although EV sales currently make up only a small proportion of total road vehicles, sales figures across both EVs and petrol cars continue to converge, and it sends a clear message: the EV fleets are coming.
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What can the UK learn from Norway’s uptake of electric vehicles?

Easee UK Ltd consider what the UK can learn from Norway’s uptake of electric vehicles.
How to reduce operational costs while accelerating decarbonisation of fleets with Sheel Fleet Solutions - two people sat at desk on laptop working at Shell Fleet Solutions discussing strategy

How to reduce operational costs while accelerating decarbonisation of fleets

The public sector must tread a careful line between saving money and increasing the decarbonisation of fleets, here’s how Shell Fleet Solutions think we can do it.
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How local government can switch from petrol and diesel cars to electric vehicles

Kevin Welstead, Electric Vehicle Sector Director at SSE Energy Solutions, explains why action from local councils is essential to shift vehicles from petrol and diesel to electricity.
charging an electric vehicle

EV infrastructure strategy: making electric vehicles fair & affordable for all

Dr Vincent Thornley, Managing Director of Fundamentals Ltd., explores who should pay to power electric vehicles as the market continues to evolve under the EV infrastructure strategy.
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Making a step towards greener transportation

VolkerSmart Technologies discuss the necessities of greener transportation, stating that EVCPs will play a major part in tackling the climate crisis.
Russian oil production for energy. Rigs on the oilfield

Net zero targets lie within the UK’s relationship with energy

Chris Darby, CTO and Co-Founder of ev.energy, argues that once the UK adjusts its relationship with energy, then it will reach its net zero targets.
nhs, transporting transport, ambulances waiting

Transforming transport for the NHS: Connected Kerb leads the charge

Transforming transport for staff and visitors in the NHS is a prime opportunity for the Government to lead the public sector charge towards a more sustainable future.
smart transportation across a city

Enabling e-fleets: the future of smart city transportation may already be here

E-fleets could be the catalyst for smart city transportation, reducing transport emissions and amping up electric vehicles in cities.
Electrician bending over bonnet of electric vehicle whilst doing electrical work, EV training

We must make EV training a priority

A staggering 99% of working electricians believe that there are major risks with EV charging work so we must prioritise EV training, now.
charging an electric vehicle

Leading the charge to net zero by electrifying the NHS

Connected Kerb exists to power the future of sustainable mobility for everyone. Here Vicki Evans explores the significance of making EV charging more accessible to the general public whilst also illustrating the importance of electrifying the NHS fleet.
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Local Authorities need an open market approach to meet EV charging demands

Electric vehicles are increasing in demand across the UK – but with this EV growth, more infrastructure and EV charging points are needed.
Connected Kerb - electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions

Connected Kerb – electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure solutions

Connected Kerb provide charging infrastructure solutions for electric vehicles, making a sustainable future achievable.
Electric Vehicle charging on street for carbon net-zero emissions, in UK

Helping the public sector get on the road to carbon net-zero

Crown Commercial Service details how they are helping the public sector get on the road to carbon net-zero.

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