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employee wellbeing

5 ways office setups affect employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is becoming more important and it is crucial that all new businesses are thinking about how to run a positive and happy work environment.
recruitment programme, work, travelodge

Travelodge recruitment programme will help unemployed parents get into work

Travelodge has launched a new recruitment programme targeting mums and dads looking to get back into work.
leading well

Leading Well: Is the way you are working, working?

Alex Elmywood, Commercial Director, Organisational Improvement discusses how the workplace can be improved to help better employee mental health and wellbeing.

2020 workforce will be dominated by millennials

It’s predicted that by 2020 the global workforce would be dominated by millennials (35%) and generation X (35%), with baby boomers only making up 6%
work-related stress

Top reasons for work-related stress in 2018

Thousands of Brits have taken time off work throughout 2018 due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety 

Study finds majority of Brits are unprepared for their financial futures

New research by lMoneySuperMarket, reveals many people in the UK haven’t even started thinking about their pension or saving for when they retire.
new year

The key to preventing new year staff departures

One4all Rewards survey reveals the secret to avoiding resignations in the new year rush for jobs 
christmas workforce

Are we paying the Christmas workforce enough?

A new report has revealed the financial cuts by employees when rewarding their Christmas workforce
workplace wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing predictions for 2019

Kelly Feehan, Service Director, CABA, compiles her thoughts on what the workplace wellbeing trends in 2019 may look like and why employers need to consider them seriously
ageing population

Governments across the world urged to engage with ageing populations

A group of global experts on ageing populations will today urge governments across the world to engage better with demographic change.

Empathy and remaining firm: Two sides of the same coin in management

James Larter from RoleplayUK explores how to find the balance between showing empathy and remaining firm as an important management skill.
early onset dementia

Employees with early onset dementia are receiving a lack of support in the workplace...

Employees with early onset dementia face a lack of support at work and early dismissal, with those working in low paid employment losing their jobs earlier than those working in high paid roles, a large study has found
degree apprenticeship

Sellafield Ltd announce new ‘Project Manager’ degree apprenticeship

Students across the UK are set to benefit from a new Project Manager degree apprenticeship specialising in leadership skills to tackle any industry.
disabled staff

Minister calls on businesses to reveal how many disabled staff they employ

Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work Sarah Newton has urged large employers to build more inclusive workforces and report how many disabled staff they employ
employee retention

5 tech-centric ways to boost employee retention

Patrick Foster provides us with 5 tech-centric ways to boost employee retention in a time where businesses compete to hire the top members of staff
health conditions

Support awarded to help people with health conditions stay in work

People with health conditions will receive further support to manage their health conditions at work, thanks to 19 innovative projects set to receive millions in government funding
SME owners

Third of SME owners are working 50+ hours a week

According to a recent survey by Airtasker, it's been revealed over a third of SME owners admit they are working more than 50 hours a week
bullying on messaging apps

A fifth of employees are victims of bullying on messaging apps

British workplaces are being negatively impacted by messaging app communication between colleagues, according to research published today by leading jobs board, totaljobs
mental-ill health at work

How common is mental ill-health at work?

Dr Zain Sikafi, CEO and co-founder, Mynurva, discusses how common mental-ill health at work is and how it can be appropriately managed in the workplace
staff shortages

NHS staff shortages set to worsen: Recruiter responds

Healthcare recruiter warns that a strategic approach to workforce planning is needed if the NHS wants to tackle staff shortages before unfilled vacancies grow to 350,000 by 2030

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