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Businessman using a computer to document management for ERP. Enterprise resource planning concept.

Six automotive ERP integration types to improve your business performance

ERP integration can optimize enterprise management, resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, improved productivity, and advanced workflow transparency.
Creative group of business people brainstorming putting sticky notes on glass wall in office

63% of HR leaders say mental health and well-being is their biggest priority

63% of HR leaders highlight mental health and well-being as their biggest priority amid the cost of living crisis.
deaf employee with cochlear implant

How can we generate a better work environment for deaf employees?

Hearing loss can seriously impact one’s experience of work, so how can workplaces become more inclusive of deaf employees?
Middle aged woman looking out of the window in the boardroom

Menopause in the workplace: Modernising employee support systems

In July 2022 the Women and Equalities Committee published a report focusing on menopause in the workplace, including recommendations to make menopause a protected characteristic under the Equality Act of 2010.
four day work week calendar concept

Trial finds four-day work week boosts employee wellbeing and productivity

After testing a four-day work week across 61 companies in the UK, researchers found the trial was successful both economically and productivity-wise.
Startup Business People Teamwork Cooperation Hands Together

How to leverage social value to win public sector contracts

How can businesses leverage social value to attract and retain customers and win public sector contracts in 2023.
computer keyboard, it professionals

Investing in people, with a focus on public-sector IT professionals

Why investing in people, and especially public-sector IT professionals, will benefit your workforce and wider society, as explained by Sascha Giese.
Sick woman in bed,calling in sick,day off from work.Thermometer to check temperature for fever.Vitamins and hot tea in front.Flu.Woman Caught Cold.Virus.Sick woman laying in bed under wool blanket

National Sickie Day: How to improve self-care

The ONS estimates that there were 17 million working days lost to stress, depression or anxiety in the UK between 2021 to 2022; how can we avoid this?
Young businesspeople sitting together at workplace and using digital devices

How can digital transformation help you revise remote work culture?

The digital transformation occurring in workspaces is a surging movement reinventing business as we know it – redefining offices, business strategy, and work culture To prevail, you must think of technology as indispensable and a strategic competency that will take your company/organization to the next level revolutionizing how you perceive...
Meaning of saving money concept with piggy bank over the coins, Expense to the future

Five industries to see reduction in employer pension contributions

Amid a cost of living crisis and the retirement age increasing, employees are worried about cuts in employer pension contributions - who will be the worst hit?
change management, public sector

Finding success in back-office transformation

Change is inevitable - but the nature of change itself is evolving as organisations work to manage the impact of multiple accelerating and unforeseen events.

The top five things organisations get wrong in their privacy statement

Michael Wuestefeld-Gray, the Director of WuDo Solutions, delves into the top mistakes businesses make, and what a good privacy statement looks like.
Office rush concept, employees working together in coworking

Why local governments need a Total Experience model for service delivery

Local government is all about people. But right now, it’s struggling to deliver the best experience in service delivery for citizens and employees alike.
office spaces

The impact of COVID-19 on future workplaces

Alison White, Founder & Director of White Workplace Consultancy Limited, examines how COVID-19 has changed the way we work & what we want from future workplaces.
Woman at work sitting at laptop looking stressed/anxious/depressed as she puts a hand to her face in despair

Mental health at work during the most stressful months of the year

What does mental health at work look like as we enter some of the most stressful months of the year for small businesses?
Young woman applicant and human resources his conversation

Health & Human Services organisations: Are your HHS leaders strong enough?

Public Sector Health & Human Services leaders, or HHS leaders, need their operations to be aligned with experimentation and learning to lead transformational change.
Bakery production line with sweet cookies on conveyor belt in confectionery factory workshop, food production manufacturing

Why government must resuscitate the UK food manufacturing industry

Guy Tullberg, Managing Director of The Tracklement Company, explains why a strong supply chain is vital to meeting rising consumer demand and keeping the UK’s food manufacturing sector in business.
european union flag - business transfers

Ensuring growth through business transfers in an ageing Europe

While there is good reason to support Europe's start-up entrepreneurs, business transfers need to be given equal attention in Europe's path to recovery and growth.
person struggling with bills

As 20% fall behind on bills, employers can do more to help

As the cost of living crisis affects the mental and physical well-being of workers everywhere, employers need to better support employees.
worker burnout concept in an office

What is “quiet quitting” and how is burnout affecting the UK?

Work-based stress and burnout have led to a rise in quiet quitting - a notion where people limit their work to strictly working hours.

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