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gas stove indicating energy crisis

Managing the energy price rises in Europe

Open Access Government delve into how the European Commission tackled 2022’s dramatic energy price rises.
Block of flats on a housing estate, UK

Councils and Housing Association lack actionable data to tackle energy efficiency drive

Councils and Housing Associations lack actionable data to tackle energy efficiency drive as Rishi Sunak authorises £18 million energy efficiency public information campaign.
Russian oil production for energy. Rigs on the oilfield

Net zero targets lie within the UK’s relationship with energy

Chris Darby, CTO and Co-Founder of ev.energy, argues that once the UK adjusts its relationship with energy, then it will reach its net zero targets.
Family house with solar panels on the roof for water heating

Councils can save residents £1600 off their annual energy bills with rooftop solar

Rooftop solar energy provided by councils could help the UK through the energy crisis, saving on costs and lowering national carbon emissions.
Liz Truss headshot

Preventing fraud in Liz Truss’ energy price freeze

Colin Gray discusses how to limit fraudulent activity and safeguard citizens amidst Liz Truss' energy price freeze.

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