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Eco-friendly homes: a look at millennials and the housing market

When you think about a typical house, it is usually made from either stone or brick, powered by electricity and has a roof structured to protect its residents from rain. However, as millennials hit the housing market, the criteria has begun to change and they are driving the construction of ‘wellness-minded’ buildings.
protein plastics

New protein plastics for a future sustainable society

Mikael Hedenqvist, Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology provides a fascinating glimpse into research on the development of protein plastics The polymeric materials division at the Royal Institute of Technology, has been doing research and development of protein plastics since the late 1990’s, often together with the group headed...
Why should we care about radioiodine in the environment?

Why should we care about radioiodine in the environment?

Peter H. Santschi from the Department of Marine Sciences at Texas A&M University – Galveston and Daniel I. Kaplan from Savannah River National Laboratory share their views on radioiodine in the environment In this analysis, the focus is given to the pathways, from source to human risk and presents questions...
farming scheme

Environmental farming scheme given green light

The Environment Secretary has today announced that the Payment by Results (PBR) project will be the first agri-environment scheme directly funded by the UK
University of Florida - Biodiversity institute

University of Florida Biodiversity Institute: Addressing the issues

Professor Pamela Soltis discusses how the Biodiversity Institute at the University of Florida was founded to address critical societal issues of the 21st century related to biodiversity.

TOMRA – synergy in technologies

As a technology leader TOMRA continues to be a pioneer in sensor-based sorting in the food, recycling, and mining industries. TOMRA, with more than 110 years of combined sorting and industry experience, and over 85,000 units installed in more than 80 countries, has expertise that allows us to deliver high-performance solutions...

Gephebase: Connecting traits to genes in plants and animals

Virginie Courtier-Orgogozo from CNRS and Arnaud Martin from Georges Washington University shares their thoughts on evolutionary genetics, with a focus on connecting traits to genes in plants and animals.
ammonia emissions

New voluntary guide to help farmers reduce ammonia emissions

A new guide has been released which sets out simple steps farmers, advisors and contractors can take to reduce ammonia emissions to help improve air quality.
Greening the inner city

Greening the inner city – How do we choose the best trees?

Nina Bassuk from the Urban Horticulture Institute, School of Integrative Plant Science Cornell University shares her thoughts on the value of green spaces in inner cities and how we should choose the best trees for this purpose.
Yellow Fish campaign

Environment Agency’s Yellow Fish campaign reminds the public not to pollute

The Environment Agency is using imagery of yellow fish to alert people on the Kent coast to what happens when they pour fat, oils or other waste down their yard drains or road gullies.
untreated sewage

Water company fined for unpermitted pollution

Northumbrian Water Ltd has been fined for unpermitted discharges of untreated sewage following an investigation by the Environment Agency.
Low Carbon Combustion Centre

JETSCREEN: Streamlining the development of sustainable aircraft fuels

Dr Simon Blakey discusses JETSCREEN and research into more efficient screening of aviation fuels, in turn hoping to reduce the substantial investment required.
dry weather

Environment Agency improves incident response to tackle impacts of dry weather

The Environment Agency has stepped up its incident response to tackle the impacts of continued dry weather, following the driest June since 1925
environmental processes

Understanding earth and environmental processes

Open Access Government explores the work of the public-sector body, the British Geological Survey (BGS), in helping us to understand earth and environmental processes
food production

A call for innovation in food production

An eco-friendly food production and healthier food will save the world in the view of horticulturist at the Swedish University of Agriculture, Håkan Sandin

Environmental ethics: spiritual resources and human development

Juri Martin of Euroacademy discusses environmental ethics and the moral responsibilities we have on our world Environmental ethics asks about the moral relationships between humans and the world around us. Do we have special duties, obligations, or responsibilities to other species or to nature in general?  Do the ethical principles...
environmental toxicology

Environmental Toxicology: How chemicals interact with environmental species and human physiology

The European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (ECETOC) give a detailed perspective on environmental toxicology, a life science discipline that seeks to understand how chemicals, both natural and man-made, can interact with environmental species and human physiology to cause harm

The importance of protecting the UK’s environment post-Brexit

Keith Taylor MEP, Green Party Member from the European Parliament for the South East region, shares with us his thoughts on the importance of protecting the UK’s environment post-Brexit, including air pollution.
green shipping

The future of green shipping in the Baltic Sea

HELCOM Secretariat’s Markus Helavuori and Alexey Bakhtov provide an update on the future of green shipping in the Baltic Sea

Endocrine disrupting chemicals: The issue of mixtures toxicity assessment

Alberto Mantovani from Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma – Italy sheds light on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC), including discussion of mixtures toxicity assessment

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