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Iodine in desert dust may be helping the climate

The iodine in desert dust has the ability to decrease ozone air pollution - however, it also allows greenhouse gases to stick around for longer.
water quality research, wastewater

Water quality research in the U.S.

Water quality is an integral aspect of the overall research at Alabama A&M University, A Center of Excellence in Watershed Management - here, Dr Elica M. Moss details ongoing and upcoming projects in her Environmental Microbiology Lab
air quality, climate science

Science-based solutions for climate change and air quality research

Academic experts from the University of Helsinki, Finland, examine the vital work of the Atmosphere and Climate Competence Center (ACCC) Flagship, including climate change and air quality.
cooking and cleaning

The impact of cooking and cleaning on health

Professor of Indoor Air Chemistry examines exposure to indoor and outdoor pollution, through the impacts of cooking and cleaning on indoor air quality
environment in europe

Outlook for consumption & environment in Europe

Thierry Libaert from the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), charts the outlook for consumption and the environment in Europe.
deforestation 2030, sustainable

World leaders agree to reverse deforestation by 2030

World leaders, including Brazil and China, have agreed to stop and reverse deforestation by 2030.
mass burning, european commission climate

Climate report reveals mass burning across EU

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) presented its 21st edition Annual Report on Forest Fires, documenting worsening mass burning across Europe.
UK fossil fuel policy, FCDO climate

Climate report finds “broad exemptions” in UK fossil fuel policy

The International Development Committee published criticism of existing UK climate strategy today (26 October) - pointing out "broad exemptions" in UK fossil fuel policy.
uk electric vehicle, hybrid vehicle

50% of UK drivers will switch to electric vehicles within 10 years

According to ONS data, over 50% of UK drivers are willing to switch to electric vehicles within the next decade - theoretically, well in time for the zero emissions by 2050 goal.
IPCC fossil fuel, CCS

Some countries disagree with IPCC recommendations on fossil fuel

According to documents seen by the BBC, some countries disagreed with fossil fuel phase-out plans recommended by the IPCC Report.
eu arctic region, rare earth

EU push new engagement strategy with Arctic region

The European Commission has revealed a new strategy for relations with the Arctic region, to secure access to rare earth minerals.
air pollution africa, african cities

Air pollution killed 1.1 million people across Africa in one year

In 2019, 1.1 million people across Africa died because of air pollution - which "threatens to increase" as cities expand in line with economic growth.
amazon rainforest carbon, degradation carbon

Study reveals Amazon rainforest now releases more carbon than it stores

The destruction of the Amazon rainforest influences how much carbon is released - now, scientists reveal that damaged, not-yet-destroyed areas are releasing carbon faster than the rainforest can store it.
factory farming

Factory farming, zoonotic disease and the risk of pandemics

Compassion in World Farming Research Manager dissects some of the dangers of the factory farming industry, discussing the spread of zoonotic diseases.
babies microplastics, microplastics

Babies consume 10 times as many microplastics as adults

In a study conducted on babies in New York, scientists found that babies contain 10 times as many microplastics as adults - raising serious questions about how exposure happens.
cats and dogs

Toxic risks in the human environment for cats and dogs

Here, Pamela J. Lein, UC Davis, explains how crucial it is to be aware of toxic risks in the human environment for cats and dogs.
clean air zones

The benefits of introducing clean air zones

Anna Cartledge, partner and planning expert at law firm Shakespeare Martineau comments on the introduction of clean air zones around the world.
SESAR solutions, royal NLR

Lowering environmental impact: Combining SESAR solutions in an operational environment

Wilfred Rouwhorst, Project Coordinator of PJ.37 ITARO, discusses the importance of boosting SESAR Solutions toward pre-deployment whilst minimising the environmental impact.
marine magnetic survey, global aqua survey

Application of the marine magnetic survey

Gwo-Shyh Song from Global Aqua Survey, with Hsiu-Wen Huang from National Taiwan University, walk us through the application of the marine magnetic survey.
electric buses, VTT smart eFleet

Electric buses – simulation provides a roadmap for greener public transport

Electric buses are breaking through in city transportation. VTT Smart eFleet simulation service, created by VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland, helps to plan the optimal solution.

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