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The EU/European Union describes a economical and political union of 28 States. With an estimated population of around 510 million the European Union policies aim to allow the free movement of people, goods and services. Within the internal market it aims to maintain common policies on agriculture, trade and more.


The EU and European citizenship were established in 1933. With the inner original 6 being Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany. Although no member state has ever left, in 2016 the UK announced its intention to leave and has begun negotiating their departure for 2019.
More foreign aid is provided by the EU than any other economic union. Due to its Global influence and reach the Union has been described as an emerging superpower.

europe's ambitions space

Bringing European space to the next level

Highlighting the priorities of the European Space Agency’s Agenda 2025, with the ultimate goal of being a world-class, leading space agency
methane decomposition

112CO2: Low temperature catalytic methane decomposition for COx-free hydrogen production

Adélio Mendes, Full Professor from University of Porto and coordinator of 112CO2 project, describes the concept of low temperature catalytic methane decomposition for COx-free hydrogen production.
mental distress

Caring for those who care for us

Claudia Marinetti, Director of Mental Health Europe, calls for action to curb the prevalence of mental distress amongst frontline health workers.
year of youth 2022

2022: The European year of youth

Themis Christophidou, Director-General of Education, Youth, Sport and Culture at the European Commission, shares plans for the European Year of Youth 2022.
community dialogue

How do you build dialogue with the community?

Following COP26, it is clear that local governments have a huge role to play in policy change and combatting socio-ecological challenges. To work towards global promises, they must listen to their communities, and here, we learn about innovative tools enabling them to do so.
strategic heat planning

Heating: Planning our way out of the climate crisis

Grundfos Holding A/S explains the future of heating in Europe, as we plan our way out of the climate crisis
democracy and rule of law

Strengthening democracy and rule of law through education

Maaike De Ridder and Nadja Krotow, RECONNECT researchers, explore how democracy and rule of law can be strengthened through education and raising awareness.

Democracy & demography working together

Open Access Government charts some of the key policies tasked with Dubravka Šuica, Vice-President and European Commissioner for Democracy and Demography.
industries drinking water

How industries are affecting access to safe drinking water

An analysis considers the impacts of large-scale agriculture and industries on the human right to drinking water, advocating for the access to safe water for all.
new proposals

The Commission’s new proposals for the European Green Deal

The European Commission has adopted three new proposals to stop deforestation, manage sustainable waste, making soils healthy for the environment, and promoting a circular economy.
industrial cloud

Microchips & industrial cloud/edge computing technologies

Johannes Bahrke, European Commission Coordinating Spokesperson for Digital Economy, Research and Innovation spoke to Open Access Government about the next generation of microchips and industrial cloud/edge computing technologies.
EU Annual Budget,

EU Annual Budget 2022: Provisional deal pledges €170.6 billion investment

A political agreement has been made amongst institutions of the European Union as its EU Annual Budget for 2022 is proposed by the Commission.
Innovation Fund

EU pledges over €1 billion to decarbonise economy

The European Union is to invest around €1.1 billion to numerous innovative projects under the Innovation Fund, as an endeavour towards reaching net zero emissions.
energy storm, EESC

EU must gain global leadership to avoid the perfect energy storm

Alena Mastantuono, EESC Member, and Petr Zahradník, Economist, argue that the EU must gain global leadership to avoid the perfect energy storm
energy price crisis

Why Europe’s energy price crisis calls for a rapid ‘demand-side’ response

Simon Bushell, CEO, Sympower, ponders why the energy price crisis in Europe calls for a rapid response.
G20 and COP26

European Commission addresses G20 and COP26 summit objectives

The European Commission President addresses the goals set for the G20 and COP26 summits, aiming to tackle the pandemic, climate change and the economy.
mass burning, european commission climate

Climate report reveals mass burning across EU

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) presented its 21st edition Annual Report on Forest Fires, documenting worsening mass burning across Europe.
rules on veterinary medicines

New EU rules on veterinary medicines to support responsible use of antibiotics

Roxane Feller, AnimalhealthEurope Secretary-General, tells us all about the new EU rules on veterinary medicines to support more responsible use of antibiotics.
eu arctic region, rare earth

EU push new engagement strategy with Arctic region

The European Commission has revealed a new strategy for relations with the Arctic region, to secure access to rare earth minerals.
free travel rail pass

60,000 Europeans aged 18-20 to receive free travel rail pass

The European Commission has announced that it will provide 60,000 Europeans aged 18-20 years with a free travel rail pass.

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