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The EU/European Union describes a economical and political union of 28 States. With an estimated population of around 510 million the European Union policies aim to allow the free movement of people, goods and services. Within the internal market it aims to maintain common policies on agriculture, trade and more.
The EU and European citizenship were established in 1933. With the inner original 6 being Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany. Although no member state has ever left, in 2016 the UK announced its intention to leave and has begun negotiating their departure for 2019.
More foreign aid is provided by the EU than any other economic union. Due to its Global influence and reach the Union has been described as an emerging superpower.

Horizon Europe funding gap: €34 billion needed to support proposals

In accordance with a recent assessment from the European Commission, in order to fill a new Horizon Europe funding gap, the programme needs an additional €34 billion to support its 2021-2022 proposals In all, 71% of the high-quality applications were unsuccessful in receiving financing from the Horizon Europe scheme. Although...
European union and South Korean flags standing side by side

EU and South Korea to make a new Horizon Europe partnership

Embracing a new era of innovation, The European Commission and South Korea are engaged in talks to establish a Horizon Europe Partnership, a collaboration in the EU's €95.5 billion research and innovation program.
Digital European Map With City Lights

Calls for EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act to make amendments against foreign firms

The deployment of new AI tools, like ChatGPT, has increased awareness across the EU regarding regulation, potentially changing its Artificial Intelligence Act.

Unemployment in Europe drops to a record low of 6%

Unemployment in Europe following COVID-19 dropped to a record low of 6%, despite one-third of workers reporting having ‘strained’ jobs in 2022.
Young couple tourist walking pointing towards Roman Forum at sunrise. Historical imperial Foro Romano in Rome, Italy from panoramic point of view.

Supporting innovation, research and education in Europe

Open Access Government provides an update on the European Commission’s support for innovation, research and education.
a model of a brain viewed from above, sliced into many horizontal multi-coloured layers of shiny metallic material, stacked up to form brain model. The model sits on a plain white surface with shadow, good mental health

We all need good mental health to flourish in life

Open Access Government unpacks good mental health from the perspective of the World Health Organization.
Aerial cloud sea and wind power

Accelerating the European circular bioeconomy in 2023

Ed de Jong, Vice President of Development at Avantium, argues the case for accelerating the European circular bioeconomy in 2023.
Tractor cultivating field at spring,aerial view - EU green deal environmental commitments farmers

How can farmers deliver on EU Green Deal environmental commitments?

EU Green Deal environmental commitments require farmers across the EU to make significant changes in how they work – from reducing their carbon footprints to adopting more sustainable practices.
EU flag

Tackling skills shortages & inactivity head-on to deliver a resilient labour market

Mariya Mincheva from the European Economic and Social Committee, states the case for tackling skills shortages and inactivity head-on to deliver a resilient labour market.
Electricity transmission towers with glowing wires against the starry sky

2022 – a year unlike any other for EU energy policy

Kadri Simson, EU Commissioner for Energy, explains why 2022 was a year unlike any other for EU energy policy.
Plugging in electric car for charging

40% of EU’s clean technology to be manufactured by end of the decade

The European Commission has plans to make its clean technology fully European-made, to deliver sustainability agendas with renewable energy in the bloc.
X-ray screen on laptop at dental office

Towards better oral health in Europe

Georgios Tsakos, Dympna Kavanagh, and Nigel Carter, argue that now is the time for public health action towards better oral health in Europe.
Industrial landscape of plant pipes producing toxic smoke with air pollution in the sky on sunset, hydroelectric dam and high voltage towers, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, EU

EU environmental impacts are ‘outsourced’ to non-member state neighbours

The burdens of EU environmental impacts are being exported to non-member Eastern European countries – yet the EU continues to profit.
Sustainable, green energy city, urban ecology concept

EU building renovation for energy efficiency and the role of banks

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and rising fuel prices have forced EU countries to reevaluate their energy policies, bringing energy efficiency and building renovation into sharp focus.
LONDON, UK - March 13, 2019: Brexit supporters campaigning to leave the EU.

Brexit Day: Do people regret the decision to leave the EU?

Brexit Day was officially 31st January 2023; is the UK public still in support of the decision to leave the EU, or are some already regretting Brexit?
EU flag and Japan flag, illustrating horizon europe association

2023 will see more Horizon association agreements

Canada is likely to become the next country joining the EU’s flagship €95.5 billion research programme, with potential negations opening for Japan and South Korea’s Horizon association.
Towards sustainable control of plant diseases

Towards sustainable control of plant diseases

The 15th of November 2022 was an unremarkable day that may have passed many people by, but this was the day that the world population reached 8 billion people. As many as 828M of those people will go to bed hungry tonight.
Hardware computer desktop recycle industry

How the new ESPR legislation will impact intellectual asset protection

To encourage the use of data in improving sustainability, the EU is working on a new proposal – the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Requirements (ESPR).
Neodymium nitrate under the microscope, rare earth element

Magnet manufacturing to help reduce Europe’s rare earth element reliance

A new approach to high-performance magnet manufacturing may help Europe on its transition towards net-zero carbon so that it is less dependent on rare earth elements.
innovation in africa and EU

It is time to boost innovation in Africa and Europe

A new sustainable business and digital hub for innovation stakeholders from across Africa and Europe known as the EiA Centre has begun operation in Cape Town.

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