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The EU/European Union describes a economical and political union of 28 States. With an estimated population of around 510 million the European Union policies aim to allow the free movement of people, goods and services. Within the internal market it aims to maintain common policies on agriculture, trade and more.


The EU and European citizenship were established in 1933. With the inner original 6 being Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany. Although no member state has ever left, in 2016 the UK announced its intention to leave and has begun negotiating their departure for 2019.
More foreign aid is provided by the EU than any other economic union. Due to its Global influence and reach the Union has been described as an emerging superpower.

waste stream

Turning urban waste streams into added-value products for cities

Mabel Mora, Head of Environmental Technologies & Circular Bioeconomy research unit (BETA Technological Center, UVic-UCC), explains the potential to create new business opportunities through the valorisation of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge, as a potential waste stream to recover high-value products such as bio-based fertilisers.
Open Banking payments

Open Banking payments: Charting the roadmap to success

Tim Waller, Head of Legal & Policy, Token, looks at the current Open Banking landscape and tells us what must be improved.
the european green deal

How cities can complement the European Green Deal

Sebastian Marx, Project Coordinator, Eurocities, says that increased commitment to environmental protection in cities will help the EU achieve its green ambitions.
third dose of COVID, covid vaccines

EU medical authority denies “urgent need” for third dose of COVID vaccine

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reports that there is no "urgent need" for a third dose of COVID vaccine, based on real-world data According to the report published Wednesday (1 September), there is enough real-world evidence to suggest that a booster dose is not yet necessary. The...

Report finds tech industry spends €97 million on EU lobbying

A new report by Corporate Europe Observatory reveals that the tech industry spends €97 million on EU lobbying annually - with companies like Amazon spending €2,750,000.
70% double-vaccinated, EU

EU says 70% of population are double-vaccinated

President Ursula von der Leyen announced that 70% of the EU population are now double-vaccinated - but some countries in Eastern Europe lag behind.
compliance trends

The implications of changing compliance trends on the threat landscape

Nic Sarginson, Principal Solutions Engineer at Yubico, discusses the key regulatory changes in the UK & EU and the pressures being placed on regulators/ policymakers to protect the public from the risks associated with this “new normal".
entire energy system

Reshaping Europe’s entire energy system

Open Access Government charts the European Commission’s ambitious goals to reshape the entire energy system across Europe.
inclusion and equality

A commitment to inclusion & equality

Open Access Government's Jonathan Miles, charts the European Commission’s commitment to inclusion and equality, examining some recent policy initiatives.
local economic

Will EU supply chain issues encourage local economic growth in the UK?

By discussing how Brexit has affected trade between the EU and the UK, we can explore how the UK economy may experience local economic growth and how businesses should reinforce their operations to succeed in this new era of regulated trade.
domestic ipos

A global vision, domestic IPOs & Open Banking

Giovanni Caccavello from Open Banking Excellence (OBE) explains that the UK aims to maintain its role as Fintech pioneer by setting a global vision, boosting domestic IPOs and focusing on Open Banking.
battery value chain

Sustainable battery value chain to combat climate change

A sustainable battery value chain is one of Europe’s weapons to combat climate change, Michael Lippert, Chairman of BEPA - Batteries European Partnership Association argues.
EU’s industrial strategy

Priorities for the EU’s industrial strategy

Sandra Parthie, Rapporteur of the EESC opinion INT/935, argues that the EU’s industrial strategy needs a clear division of tasks & responsibilities.
patient healthcare

Digital transformation of healthcare for the patient

Paul De Raeve, Secretary General of the European Federation of Nurses Associations, considers the importance of digital transformation to support high-quality patient healthcare.
AI legislation

EU’s AI legislation will help businesses realise the full potential of AI

Rachel Roumeliotis, Vice President of Data and AI at O’Reilly, explores how the EU’s recent AI legislation will help businesses realise the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI).
civil servants

An erasmus program for civil servants

The Civil Servant Exchange Program ECI Team calls on the Commission to launch an exchange and training programme between civil servants of EU countries.
ban headscarves, hijab

EU court says workplaces can ban headscarves

The EU Court of Justice (CJEU) ruled that companies can now ban headscarves for Muslim employees, to "prevent social disputes".
COVID vaccine mandatory, vaccine care home

France and Greece say COVID vaccine mandatory for health workers

France and Greece both made statements yesterday (12 July) declaring that the COVID vaccine was now mandatory for healthcare workers - with French workers losing wages after September, if they don't have a dose.
EU Digital Wallet

The EU Digital Wallet – Fit for purpose or false optimism?

Adam Laub, GM, Stealthbits, discusses the data security implications of the EU’s digital wallet that will give citizens a safe way to access public and private services online.
EU Code of Conduct

Commission launches EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices

The European Commission has officially launched the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices, under its Farm to Fork Strategy.

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