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european hydrogen economy, hydrogen

President von der Leyen pushes for European hydrogen economy

EU leaders push for the implementation of a European hydrogen economy, to replace reliance on Russian energy sources.

Health Commissioner says EU will tackle “causes of vaccine hesitancy”

Speaking to COVI on Thursday (12 May), Commissioner Stella Kyriakides announced upcoming health measures for the bloc - including strategies against "causes of vaccine hesitancy."
horizon europe budget, eu

Horizon Europe budget expanded by nearly €562 million

The Horizon Europe budget is now at nearly €16 billion for 2021 and 2022, with the EU pushing for innovation in climate, health and digital.
sustainable mobility, transport

Learning the lessons of resilience for smart & sustainable mobility

Henrik Hololei, DG MOVE Director-General at the European Commission, outlines the importance of learning the lessons of resilience for smart & sustainable mobility.
future biotechnology solutions, eu citizens

Citizens propose future biotechnology solutions come from EU

After the Conference on the Future of Europe, 300 recommendations were made by citizens - including that future biotechnology solutions, like vaccines, are created using EU resources.
critical raw materials

Sustainability, critical raw materials and batteries

Dumitru Fornea, Member of the European Economic and Social Committee, takes a look at sustainability, critical raw materials and batteries
European Bauhaus

What is the New European Bauhaus and how is it inspired by the 1919...

Rudolf Kolbe, co-rapporteur for the EESC opinion on the New European Bauhaus; member, European Economic & Social Committee (EESC); vice-president of the Diversity Europe Group (Group III), shares his thoughts on the New European Bauhaus.
europe day, young europeans

Europe Day: All eyes on Ukraine and young Europeans’ vision for the future

Cillian Lohan, Member of the Diversity Europe Group of the EESC, discusses the possibilities of Europe Day in light of recent events.
supply of crude oil, energy sanctions

EU to drop Russian supply of crude oil “within six months”

The EU announced further energy sanctions on Russia, with supply of crude oil to be phased out "within six months".
european health data space, healthcare in the EU

European Health Data Space could change EU health dynamics

The European Health Data Space (EHDS) proposes infrastructural change in how data is used across healthcare in the EU.
european innovation potential, Pan-european innovation

European innovation potential knows no bounds

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, calls attention to building a pan-European innovation potential ecosystem in health served with top-notch infrastructures.
universal phone charger, e-waste

Group of MEPs vote to enforce universal phone charger

MEPs voted in a proposal that would see universal phone chargers become the norm, in an effort to decrease electronic waste.
catalangate, pegasus spyware

CatalanGate: EU citizens hacked by Pegasus and Candiru spyware

An investigation into CatalanGate found that 65 individuals were targeted by mercenary spyware - with circumstantial evidence linking the attacks to Spanish authorities.
climate change monitoring, IPCC report

EU announces €55 million for climate change monitoring

As part of an ocean funding package of nearly €1 billion, the European Commission will fund €55 million into climate change monitoring over two years.
EU pandemic committee, virus response

EU pandemic committee begins review of response to COVID

The EU pandemic committee, created in March, 2022, has elected a Chair and will now begin to look at the European response to the virus.
fueleu maritime regulation, green deal

What is the FuelEU Maritime Regulation?

Constantine Catsambis, Rapporteur for the EESC opinion on FuelEU Maritime, explains how the FuelEU Maritime Regulation could improve the climate.
climate-neutral economy, pollution

EU Green Deal: Transformation towards a climate-neutral economy by 2050

The European Commission is modernising the Industrial Emissions Directive by updating the rules to transition towards a climate-neutral economy and fostering innovation against emissions.
innovation cohesion

Achieving innovation cohesion in Europe

Open Access Government delves into the innovation cohesion priorities of Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, for 2022 and beyond.
sustainable resources

Europe’s ambitions to protect people and the planet through sustainable resources

Open Access Government map out some of European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius’ priorities towards a Circular Economy Action Plan, promoting the use of sustainable resources
low-carbon technologies, Innovation fund

European Commission puts €1.1 billion into 7 low-carbon technologies

The Commission signed €1.1 billion of grant agreements, allocated for seven low-carbon technologies which will substantially reduce emissions - within the first ten years.

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