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European Research & Innovation

Horizon Europe: A new momentum for European Research & Innovation

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth explains why Horizon Europe, the new EU research and innovation programme, will play a crucial role in empowering EU research and innovation to shape a healthy, green and digital future.
the european green deal

How cities can complement the European Green Deal

Sebastian Marx, Project Coordinator, Eurocities, says that increased commitment to environmental protection in cities will help the EU achieve its green ambitions.
deadline for vaccine deliveries, astrazeneca vaccines

EU and AstraZeneca agree new deadline for vaccine deliveries

The EU have dropped their court case against AstraZeneca, as a new deadline for vaccine deliveries is agreed between the two parties.
third dose of COVID, covid vaccines

EU medical authority denies “urgent need” for third dose of COVID vaccine

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) reports that there is no "urgent need" for a third dose of COVID vaccine, based on real-world data According to the report published Wednesday (1 September), there is enough real-world evidence to suggest that a booster dose is not yet necessary. The...

Report finds tech industry spends €97 million on EU lobbying

A new report by Corporate Europe Observatory reveals that the tech industry spends €97 million on EU lobbying annually - with companies like Amazon spending €2,750,000.
70% double-vaccinated, EU

EU says 70% of population are double-vaccinated

President Ursula von der Leyen announced that 70% of the EU population are now double-vaccinated - but some countries in Eastern Europe lag behind.
renewable electricity france, renewable energy

Commission approves €5.7 billion for renewable electricity in France

The European Commission approved a €5.7 billion aid scheme, which will create 3,700 additional megawatts of renewable electricity in France.
baltic sea fishing proposal, overfishing

EU adopts Baltic Sea fishing proposal for 2022

The Baltic Sea fishing proposal, which will define sustainable sea-use in the region, has been adopted by the European Commission for 2022.
entire energy system

Reshaping Europe’s entire energy system

Open Access Government charts the European Commission’s ambitious goals to reshape the entire energy system across Europe.
inclusion and equality

A commitment to inclusion & equality

Open Access Government's Jonathan Miles, charts the European Commission’s commitment to inclusion and equality, examining some recent policy initiatives.
European Citizens’ Initiative

Supporting the European Citizens’ Initiative

Kinga Joó, President of the EESC ad hoc Group on the Citizens' Initiative, enlightens us on the role of the organisation in supporting the European Citizens’ Initiative.
marshall plan for oncology

The EU needs a new Marshall Plan for oncology

Małgorzata Anna Bogusz, Rapporteur of the EESC opinion SOC/677 – Europe’s beating cancer plan, argues here that the EU needs a new Marshall Plan for oncology.
battery value chain

Sustainable battery value chain to combat climate change

A sustainable battery value chain is one of Europe’s weapons to combat climate change, Michael Lippert, Chairman of BEPA - Batteries European Partnership Association argues.
the Novavax vaccine

European commission approves contract for Novavax vaccine

The European Commission has approved a new contract that will allow Member States to purchase up to 100 million doses of the Novavax vaccine.
price COVID vaccines, pfizer price

Price of COVID vaccines to rise as they become variant-ready

France's Junior Minister for European Affairs, Clément Beaune, said that the price of COVID vaccines Pfizer and Moderna rose after being adapted for the Delta variant.
civil servants

An erasmus program for civil servants

The Civil Servant Exchange Program ECI Team calls on the Commission to launch an exchange and training programme between civil servants of EU countries.
COVID vaccine mandatory, vaccine care home

France and Greece say COVID vaccine mandatory for health workers

France and Greece both made statements yesterday (12 July) declaring that the COVID vaccine was now mandatory for healthcare workers - with French workers losing wages after September, if they don't have a dose.
EU Code of Conduct

Commission launches EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices

The European Commission has officially launched the EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices, under its Farm to Fork Strategy.
European citizens

Europeans consider climate change as the single most serious problem facing the world

A recent Eurobarometer survey has found that European citizens believe that climate change is the single most serious problem facing the world.
hunger in afghanistan

Commission allocates €25m in humanitarian funding to fight hunger in Afghanistan

The Commission is allocating €25 million in humanitarian funding from its Solidarity Emergency Aid Reserve to fight hunger in Afghanistan.

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