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health behaviours

NHS Digital analyses health behaviours by ethnicity

A report from Health Survey for England analysed health behaviours and wellbeing by ethnicity, here are the results.
poor diets, exercise

High levels of physical activity do not counteract poor diets

Demonstrating that you cannot "outrun” poor diets, researchers found that exercise only benefits health when complemented with healthy eating.
Woman picking up migraine drug in supermarket in order to try lose weight

Migraine drug can boost weight loss by suppressing appetite

Triptans, a commonly prescribed class of migraine drugs, can help with weight loss and treating obesity by suppressing appetite.
US obesity

The US obesity epidemic is severe – who is gaining weight?

It's well-known that there is a US obesity crisis, but data was largely unavailable on the long-term weight gain of US adults - until now.

Dancing to groove music improves brain function

Research shows that dancing to groovy music doesn't just make us feel good, it also increases brain function.
The many routes to an optimal leisure lifestyle

The many routes to an optimal leisure lifestyle

An optimal leisure lifestyle (OLL) consists, in its most agreeable form, of deeply fulfilling participation during free time in one or more substantial, absorbing activities known as serious leisure.

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