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Young woman on phone in bed, blue light contributing to aging process

Could reducing screen time slow down the aging process?

Excessive screen time is linked to obesity, psychological problems and even acceleration of aging - could reducing blue light really slow down the aging process?
woman having an eye test done at the optician

The role optical practices play in dealing with eye problems

Daryl Newsome FBDO R CL SMC(Tech), President of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, examines the important role that optical practices can play in dealing with eye problems.
person sat with their phone in the dark emitting a harsh blue light

Blue light exposure: What are the dangers?

Daily, lifelong exposure to blue light which comes from phones, computers and household fixtures can worsen with age.
data, degenerative eye disease

Data capture for researching degenerative eye disease

Translational Imaging Innovations makes data accessible to research degenerative eye disease.

All people with blue eyes have one common ancestor 

Scientists reveal that a genetic mutation, happening around 10,000 years ago, led to the repression of melanin for humans with blue eyes.

Accelerating design & manufacture in the eye care sector

Nick Walsh, updates us on the fast-moving developments in the eye care sector, specifically on the design & manufacture of frames for glasses.
visual impairment, biomarkers

The global cost of visual impairment

250 million people suffer from visual impairment at a global cost of $3 trillion, Translational Imaging Innovations explain.
eye health research, eye treatment

The time is right to prioritise eye health research

Keith Valentine, Chief Executive of Fight for Sight, explains why eye health research needs to be on the political agenda.
oculocutaneous albinism

New stem cell model of albinism to study related eye conditions

First patient-derived stem cell model for studying eye conditions related to oculocutaneous albinism developed by the National Eye Institute Lead author of the report, Doctor Aman George from the National Eye Institute (NEI) stated that “this ‘disease-in-a-dish’ system will help us understand how the absence of pigment in albinism leads...
ophthalmic conditions

Academic and translational research for ophthalmic conditions

Professor Sheardown shows C20/20 Innovation Hub at McMaster University leading the way for ophthalmic academic and translational research

Sjögren’s syndrome: A call for more visibility and solutions

European federation Sjögren Europe’s board members emphasise the need for research into this underrepresented and “invisible” condition
audio universe

Sounds of the Universe: Inclusive experience for visually impaired astronomers

New project to allow blind or partially sighted individuals to ‘hear’ the universe is providing a more inclusive side to astronomy This research is offering a way for visually impaired children in particular to get to touch with astronomy and maybe spark a lifetime interest in the topic. What is the...
therapy eye diseases, I27-breg

NIH discover new potential therapy for eye diseases

A new study shows promise for future therapies for blinding eye diseases, uveitis and multiple sclerosis.
children's eyesight, pandemic

The impact of the pandemic on children’s eyesight

Max Halford, Clinical Lead at the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, discusses the impact of the pandemic on children’s eyesight across the UK.
Myopia management

Myopia management: Looking after the “other” pandemic

Max Halford FBCO CL, Clinical Lead at Association of British Dispensing Opticians, turns our thoughts towards the “other” pandemic, myopia management.
periorbital hyperpigmentation

What causes periorbital hyperpigmentation and how can you treat it?

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us all about periorbital hyperpigmentation, including what causes it and how it can be treated.

What is hyperpigmentation and how can it be prevented?

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us all about hyperpigmentation including the different types, the causes and the treatment options.
vision-related conditions

Treating vision-related conditions

Professor Heather Sheardown from McMaster University provides detail about treating vision-related conditions, including injectable, in situ gelling systems.
dispensing opticians

The role of dispensing opticians in eye care

Max Halford FBDO CL, Clinical Lead from the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, charts the importance of delivering the highest standards of practice and care when it comes to our eyes.

Philanthropists must follow the governments lead and take a moonshot approach

James Chen, a philanthropist, discusses how philanthropists can follow the governments lead on addressing moonshot issues.

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