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farmer-led research

Agricultural innovation: Farmer-led research to receive starter funding

To increase farmer-led research in the  agricultural sector towards net zero, farmers, growers or foresters who have ideas for solving major business problems can apply for funding.
Drought disaster in Thailand countryside

Effect of heat and drought on food security and agricultural production

Maize is affected by abiotic stresses, including extreme heat and drought, which is exacerbated by climate change.
farming in the UK

Farmers to receive government payments for sustainable farming

The UK government is handing out payments to those who utilise sustainable farming and deliver greener food production while enhancing nature.
chickens in a factory farm

How is human health impacted by the welfare of animals

The welfare of animals is not only important to animals but is also intrinsically linked to human health and the environment.
Example of an Aquaculture site, fish farming

PerformFISH supports sustainable development of marine fish farming in the Mediterranean

PerformFISH supports the leading fish farming sector in the EU to accelerate sustainable development.
Field of cereal crops under a pink sky

How to grow cereal crops with less fertiliser, and save money

Research has discovered a new way to grow cereal crops using less fertiliser, reducing the amount of nitrogen pollution and saving billions.
Large organic farm with horses

Should larger organic farms adopt agroecological practices?

Larger organic farms operate more like conventional farms and use fewer sustainable practices than smaller organic farms.
Scientific laboratory growing Arabidopsis plants in individual tubs

Plants produce aspirin to cope in heatwaves

With heatwaves across the globe, many are concerned about agriculture and dehydrated plants - it turns out plants produce their own aspirin.
sustainable farming

Testing actions for sustainable farming: preparing for future agriculture policy

The Scottish Government has offered £50 as an incentive for every farmer and crofter to complete the ‘Testing Actions for Sustainable Farming’ survey in an attempt to prepare farmers for future agricultural policy.
rajapaksa, economic crisis, Sri Lanka protests

Sri Lanka protests prompt a state of emergency following an economic crisis

Sri Lanka protests have ousted President Rajapaksa over disputes of the worst economic crisis the country has faced since gaining independence.

The city FEEDS the city and FERTILIZES the countryside: sustainable food production

The circular and sustainable food production system of the future is already here: Farming as a Service has been launched in Sweden.
soil health, carbon

The link between soil health and the survival of global agriculture

Here, we speak to Assistant Professor Christine Sprunger, who gives us expert insight on the universal need for soil health.
technology within agriculture, farming sector

How can we unlock smart technology within agriculture?

Looking towards technology within agriculture, smart technologies could soon be harnessed in the farming sector to benefit both businesses and societies.
land restoration

Land restoration of abandoned farms can mitigate climate change

With millions of people leaving behind rural areas, land restoration of abandoned farms could help to reverse climate change.
America’s food supply

The consequences of farm policy and regulations on America’s food supply

Peter Bachman from USA Rice sheds light on the consequences of farm policy and regulations on America’s food supply.
resilience and efficiency

Selecting for resilience and efficiency: The solution for European cattle farming

Nicolas Friggens at the French Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment (INRAE) discusses cattle farming resilience and efficiency with genomics in breeding programmes
varieties of crop

Should we test for differences in allergen content between varieties of crops and animal...

Rick Goodman, Food Allergy Research and Resource Programme at the University of Nebraska, discusses tests for differences in allergen content between varieties of crops and animal species for food safety.
tropical peatland restoration , palm oil

Tropical peatland restoration will not harm palm oil farmers

Restoring tropical peatlands - which support bird diversity - would not affect the livelihoods of palm oil farmers.
agricultural innovation

Agricultural innovation & its challenges

David Green, Executive Director of the U.S. Sustainability Alliance, highlights agricultural innovation and its challenges, including how the USDA’s NIFA is supporting this policy area.
thai jasmine rice, farming

How DNA technology helps control the premium quality of Thai Hom Mali Rice

Professor Dr Apichart Vanavichit, at the Rice Science Center, explains how DNA technology can create a high-quality Thai Jasmine Rice.

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