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flexible workspace

Are flexible workspaces the answer to Britain’s ailing high street?

Richard Morris, director at technologywithin, explores whether flexible workspaces could be the solution for ailing retailers.
R&D tax credits

The Information and Communications sector thrives from R&D Tax Credits

Barrie Dowsett from Myriad Associates explores how R&D Tax Credits have enabled the Information and Communications sector to thrive since 2017.
Personal Service Company

Advice for contractors closing down their Personal Service Company

John Bell, chartered accountant, insolvency practitioner and Director of Clarke Bell, shares his advice for contractors who are faced with the decision of closing down their Personal Service Company (PSC).
fraud challenge

How can the UK tackle the upcoming fraud challenge?

Simon Dennis, Director, Future Government and AI Evangelist , SAS UK, discusses how the UK can face a new and more widespread fraud challenge.
company audits

How important are early company audits?

In this finance focus, we consider why early company audits are so important for business credibility and increasing investment.
equity release market

How the equity release market has changed in 2020

Key, a provider for equity release advice, discusses the research they found looking at the statistics for equity release in 2020 and how it has been spent.
tackling fraud

Could technology be the answer to tackling fraud?

Caroline Bimson, Practice Manager - Business and Digital Consulting, Atkins, explores how the government is tackling fraud and the three key technological developments that can help with their efforts.
Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month: Why we must confront the taboo of wills

In recognition of Free Wills Month, Andrew Megson, executive chairman of My Pension Expert, stresses that we should not bury our heads in the sand when it comes to arranging a will.

Over50s at crisis point as they are overlooked by government support

Paul Green, Founder and CEO of Over50s Money, discusses what he sees as the only options available for the Over50s after being overlooked by the Government when it comes to financial and commercial support during the pandemic.

How to stay Off-Payroll compliant so that firms can hire with confidence

Dave Chaplin, CEO of IR35 Shield and author of IR35 & Off-Payroll Explained, urges hirers to act now and prepare for the new Off-Payroll legislation.
three tier system, second wave

North versus South: PM Boris Johnson creates “three-tier” system

On 12 October, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a “three-tier” system to override previous COVID-19 measures across England - what does that mean?
circular economy framework

A circular economy framework could aid financial recovery from COVID-19

A group of researchers led by WMG, University of Warwick believe that adopting a circular economy framework would help the world’s economy to recover from the effects of COVID-19.
small business owner

How to survive a crisis as a small business owner

Tim Vine, Head of Credit Intelligence at Dun & Bradstreet, provides tips on how UK SMEs - that now face unprecedented operational and cash flow issues - can look to stay afloat in turbulent times.
costly risks

5 costly risks freelancers face whilst working from home

Liam Greene from Markel Direct, experts in professional indemnity insurance, detail the top 5 costly risks that arise when freelancers work from home.
personal finance industry

The evolution of the personal finance industry, and where it is headed

John Ellmore, Director of KnowYourMoney.co.uk, explores how technology has driven such dramatic change within the personal finance industry.
finCEN files, dow jones

Not as bad as they look: What the FinCEN Files really reveal

Maria Nizzero, Research Editor at Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, gives their opinion on the real impact of the FinCEN Files.
bounce back loan

Bounce Back Loan Scheme: How can it help my company?

Here we discuss how the Bounce Back Loan Scheme works, and how it may help your company amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
development in africa

Spurring economic development in Africa

Jonathan Miles, Editor of Open Access Government, charts the importance of economic development in Africa despite COVID-19.
AP operations, AP

Combatting Fraud: A proactive approach to AP operations

Here, Fiscal Technologies offers insight and a unique solution to turn AP from reactive to proactive to defend against fraud and error.
reducing transport emissions, transport

The political barriers holding back progress on reducing transport emissions

Here, we discuss how some political barriers create a significant challenge for those pushing to reduce transport emissions.

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