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smallholder agriculture

Technology for smallholder agriculture in Africa

Chris Henderson, Head of Agriculture, Influence and Impact at Practical Action, explores the role of technology in the success of smallholder agriculture in Africa.
ensuring food security, rice crop

Rice crop: A vital cog in ensuring food security

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, Frost & Sullivan, argues that the rice crop is a vital cog in ensuring food security
forests and trees

How do forests and trees sustain agriculture?

Joli Rumi Borah and Terry Sunderland from the Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, discuss how forests and trees play a crucial role in sustaining agriculture.
feeding the world

Providing Food: The answer lies in the soil

David Green, Executive Director, The U.S. Sustainability Alliance, explains how the soil holds the answer to feeding the world.
banana xanthomonas wilt

Controlling Banana Xanthomonas Wilt Disease in East Africa

Experts Leena Tripathi, Jaindra Nath Tripathi and Richard Goodman, provide a compelling analysis of controlling Banana Xanthomonas Wilt Disease in East Africa.
enablers of food security

COVID-19: Protecting the invisible enablers of food security

Frances Goodrum, Head of External Affairs, Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, walks us through why we need to protect the invisible enablers of food security in light of COVID-19.
women food insecurity, india lockdown

Scientists say women faced food insecurity during India’s lockdown

The study, published in Economia Politica, finds that the Indian COVID lockdown led to women facing greater food insecurity - due to fluctuations in food prices and pre-existing social issues.
protect food security, agriculture

Scientists say adapt plant roots to protect food security from climate

Overheating is creating issues for agriculture across the globe - now, scientists think that adapting plant roots to the heat could protect food security.
temperatures south america, greenhouse gases

Scientists say temperatures in South America could rise by 4°C

If greenhouse gas emissions continue as they are, the average temperature in South America could rise by 4°C - bringing with it more floods and wildfires.
potato late blight, INRAE

Will potato late blight ever go away?

Here, Andrivon Didier, Research Director at INRAE, France’s National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and Environment, discusses the existential threat of potato late blight.
endocrine safety, public health

Food Safety: Assessing mixtures of endocrine disruptors

Here, Alberto Mantovani from Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma, Italy, discusses an aspect of food safety that concerns assessing mixtures of endocrine disruptors.
hunger in afghanistan

Commission allocates €25m in humanitarian funding to fight hunger in Afghanistan

The Commission is allocating €25 million in humanitarian funding from its Solidarity Emergency Aid Reserve to fight hunger in Afghanistan.
sustainable agricultural intensification

Push-pull tech for sustainable agricultural intensification in East Africa

The UPSCALE project aims to achieve food security in sub-Saharan Africa by using nature-based solutions inspired by push-pull technology to close the yield gap in smallholder agriculture.
the right to food

Conservation and the right to food

Winy Vasquez, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, with Terry Sunderland, shed light on conservation and the right to food.
integrated pest management, IPMWORKS

Integrated Pest Management: Reducing pesticide use in European farms

Coordinators of IPMWORKS, Nicolas Munier-Jolain, and IPM Decisions, Neil Paveley, illustrate how integrated pest management acts as a pathway for European farmers to reduce pesticide inputs and improve production systems.
sustainable food, us sustainability

Sustainable food: A common goal but how to get there?

David Green, Executive Director at U.S. Sustainability Alliance and a commentator and advisor on food and agriculture for GreenOrange, comments on sustainable food - It’s a common goal but how do we get there?
rainbow rice, rice science center

Rainbow rice: A paradigm shift in future foods

It is now the right time to look for new approaches to turn rainbow rice leaves into future foods of well-being, says Professor Dr Apichart Vanavichit, Director, Rice Science Center.
future-fit world, UN

Food & nutrition: Imagining a future-fit world

Jyotsna Puri (Jo) PhD, Director of the Environment, Climate Gender, Youth, Nutrition and Social Inclusion Division at UN International Fund for Agricultural Development, imagines a future-fit world when it comes to food and nutrition.
Africa research chair

Oliver R Tambo Africa Research Chair at SACIDS Foundation for One Health

Named after a freedom fighter who spoke up for science and tech, a group of African and international research funders under the OR Tambo Africa Research Chairs Initiative announced Prof Gerald Misinzo and his institution Sokoine University of Agriculture as one of the initiative’s first ten individual research chair holders and host institutions.
major insect pests, cowpea

A biotech shield for cowpea against the major insect pests

Jose M. Barrero, Donald J. MacKenzie, Richard E. Goodman and T.J.V. Higgins provide an in-depth look at what we need to know about a biotech shield for cowpea against the major insect pests.

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