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Why have HIV outcomes improved with urban gardening?

An urban gardening program has received $3.4 million to reduce food insecurity in the Dominican Republic – and was also found to greatly improve HIV outcomes.
farm affected by climate change

€1.3 billion Polish scheme for agricultural producers affected by climate change

The European Commission has approved a €1.3 billion Polish scheme to financially support agricultural producers covering the risk of damage to crops and livestock.
Unrecognizable supermarket aisle as background, an array of food - intimidating for those with eating disorders

Everything to know about Pica, a lesser known eating disorder

Pica is an eating disorder where the sufferer craves to eat non-food substances such as soil, ice or clay. But who can be affected, what are the causes, and what else is there to know?
Tractor fertilizing a cultivated agricultural field

Transforming food systems through Global Field ID – a new standard for agriculture?

The new digital farming tool 'Global Field ID' maps field boundaries with technology and assigns unique IDs to each plot of land, with the potential to track changes in food systems.
Chicken in battery cage

Why we must end factory farming before it is too late

Why should we end factory farming? The intensely cruel farming process is responsible for extreme animal cruelty, pollution, wildlife extinction and global hunger.

U.S. rice industry advocates for strong farm bill safety net programmes

Jamison Cruce, Senior Director, Government Affairs at USA Rice details how the U.S. rice industry advocates for strong farm bill safety net programmes.
Reproductive Technologies for Sustainable Livestock Production

Reproductive technologies for sustainable livestock production

Livestock are an important source of food for the planet’s eight billion humans; societies across the globe must work together to meet the ever-increasing demand for food through reproductive technologies, if we hope to attain global food security Animal-source foods are a vital component of a healthy well- balanced human...
Factory farming chickens, hundreds in small space, food industry

We need to rethink food security

Lindsay Duncan, Farming Campaigns Manager, World Animal Protection, explains why we need to rethink food security.
Asia Analysis issue 16

Asia Analysis January 2023

We warmly welcome you to the January 2023 edition of Asia Analysis, which features an array of compelling articles from electrosynthesis to rice export restrictions.
Towards sustainable control of plant diseases

Towards sustainable control of plant diseases

The 15th of November 2022 was an unremarkable day that may have passed many people by, but this was the day that the world population reached 8 billion people. As many as 828M of those people will go to bed hungry tonight.
Drought disaster in Thailand countryside

Effect of heat and drought on food security and agricultural production

Maize is affected by abiotic stresses, including extreme heat and drought, which is exacerbated by climate change.
conserving water

Conserving water is essential to feeding the world

Here, we are told by David Green, Executive Director at the U.S. Sustainability Alliance, that conserving water is essential to feeding the world.
food defense, food security

Food defense – The road to a more sustainable and resilient society

The Swedish Surplus Energy Collaboration (SSEC) at the SLU-Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences discusses how a multi-level Food Defense could protect food security across the globe.
Macro pic of peanut texture

A uniting point for U.S. peanut sustainability

Eric Coronel, Director of Sustainability at The American Peanut Council, highlights a uniting point for U.S. peanut sustainability.
Food bank/food shelter. Volunteer handing over bowl of hot food to person in canteen

USDA invests $2 billion in food banks and school meal programs

USDA will provide nearly $2 billion in additional funding to food banks and school meal programs for purchasing American-grown foods.
food waste scraps ready for the compost bin

How to compost: saving the planet with food waste

Compost can boost global crop production and reduce methane emitted through landfills – and it can all start in your home with unwanted food scraps.
Rice fields on terraced at Chiang Mai, Thailand

The International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics

From the 4th to the 7th of November 2022, Phuket, Thailand will host the 19 International Symposium on Rice Functional Genomics ISRFG 2022 where we will see agricultural science “Driving the Next Green Revolution”.
Woman looking at empty cupboards, malnourishment concept

We must tackle the UK malnutrition postcode lottery

Malnutrition is often misunderstood as something that only happens in other countries, but UK malnutrition is intensifying.
EU flag with nutritious food representing a brexit policy deal

How will Brexit policy affect your diet?

Brexit policy is to affect micronutrient food supplies in the UK, where foods imports will become harder to access due to trade deals.
Badger in forest, animal nature habitat, Germany, Europe

Europe’s Nature Restoration Law to repair damaged ecosystems by 2050

The Nature Restoration Law aims to restore damaged ecosystems and bring nature back across Europe, as well as reduce the use and risk of chemical pesticides by 50% by 2030.

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