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Warehouse distribution supply chain

UKAS CertCheck: a tool for accredited certification that helps combat fraud

UKAS CertCheck is a vital tool for companies that require accredited certification to fulfil their supply chain or other services.
Man holding an empty wallet over computer because he lost his money to a fraudster

How to avoid scams and fraud: Best practices for your business

With the correct practices in mind, businesses can catch fraudsters early and avoid scams and fraud for good.
Person pressing button on white electric energy meter

Energy Bill Relief Scheme: Freezing out the fraudsters

Colin Gray, Principal Fraud Consultant at SAS UK, looks at the technologies that can help governments fight fraud since the Energy Bill Relief Scheme came into force.
Liz Truss headshot

Preventing fraud in Liz Truss’ energy price freeze

Colin Gray discusses how to limit fraudulent activity and safeguard citizens amidst Liz Truss' energy price freeze.
Verifiable Credentials

Verifying documents & identity in the public services and beyond

David Chadwick, Crossword Cybersecurity, outlines how the W3C Verifiable Credentials standard works and why he believes it will become the de facto credentials mechanism for public sector services in the near future.
COVID-19 cure

COVID-19 cure fraud: How far can the law go in judging religious beliefs?

The prosecution of a bishop for selling a supposed COVID-19 cure raises questions about how far the can law go in judging religious beliefs. John Binns and Suzanne Gallagher of BCL Solicitors LLP investigate.
procurement integrity

Threats to government procurement integrity

Laurent Colombant, Continuous Monitoring & Fraud Solution Lead at SAS, looks at the key threats that the government faces in ensuring procurement integrity and preventing losses.
click fraud has worsened

How has click fraud worsened during the coronavirus pandemic?

In this Q&A interview with Stewart Boutcher, CTO and data lead of Beacon, he discusses how click fraud has worsened during the coronavirus pandemic and what e-commerce businesses can do to protect themselves.
e-commerce businesses

The risks click fraud poses to e-commerce businesses

Stewart Boutcher, founding CTO & data lead at Beacon, explores the risks that click fraud poses to e-commerce businesses and explains the steps that companies can take to prevent fraudulent clicks from disrupting their online marketing campaigns.
furlough fraud

Furlough fraud: Can IT modernisation help find HMRC’s lost £27 billion?

Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist, Boomi, details how HMRC can modernise their IT systems to help recoup the billions lost in furlough fraud.
fake clicks

What do we know about fake clicks on Facebook?

Suzanne Trainer, Head of Marketing at Beacon, explains what fake clicks are, why most ad fraud committed on Facebook is click related and provides possible solutions for companies who find themselves falling victim to ad fraud on the social platform.
ad fraud

Is ad fraud damaging your brand reputation?

Stewart Boutcher, founding CTO and data lead at Beacon, examines the danger that ad fraud poses, what is being done to combat it, as well as what marketers can do to protect their brand reputations.
work from home fraud

Are you protected against work from home fraud?

Working from home is now the norm for so many people, but with one in ten employees still wanting a remote lifestyle for the foreseeable future, what does that mean for employers and what exactly are the risks?.
Online Safety Bill

Online Safety Bill fails to protect society’s most vulnerable from malicious scammers

Charlie Shakeshaft, CEO of Individual Protection Solutions, reacts to the new Online Safety bill, acknowledging the pros and cons, and what more needs to be done by the government to ensure people are adequately protected online.
efficient data-driven decisions

How can the public sector make critical and efficient data-driven decisions?

Christian Marsden, Head of Financial Services and Government at Dun & Bradstreet, discusses how the public sector can make critical and efficient data-driven decisions.
vaccine passports

Preventing fraud in vaccine passports

Jenn Markey, Product Marketing Director for Identity, Entrust, discusses the core requirements of a ‘digital immunity passport’ both from an ethics and practicality perspective.
fraud challenge

How can the UK tackle the upcoming fraud challenge?

Simon Dennis, Director, Future Government and AI Evangelist , SAS UK, discusses how the UK can face a new and more widespread fraud challenge.
tackling fraud

Could technology be the answer to tackling fraud?

Caroline Bimson, Practice Manager - Business and Digital Consulting, Atkins, explores how the government is tackling fraud and the three key technological developments that can help with their efforts.
procurement fraud

Continuous monitoring could help prevent procurement fraud

Laurent Colombant, Continuous Controls and Fraud Manager at SAS, explores the role of continuous monitoring systems in helping organisations resolve procurement fraud.
COVID-19 fraud

Fighting COVID-19 fraud with a selfie

Joe Bloemendaal, Head of Strategy at Mitek, explores why now, is the perfect time for banks and financial services firms to be finding ways that can tackle fraud with a few clicks.

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