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electoral canvass

Flexibility and smart analytics are critical to electoral canvass efficiency

William Quinton, Head of Elections, Idox, ponders what the Japanese relay team can teach us about harnessing technology to optimise the annual electoral canvas.
global south pandemic, covid vaccine

Report warns that Global South faces “deadliest stage of pandemic”

The Institute for Government and Wellcome Trust report says that attempts to globally end the pandemic have been "weak and fragmented" - with the Global North leaving the Global South to face an increasingly devastating pandemic.
policy design

Closing the gap between policy design and delivery

Natalie Taylor, Managing Director, Public Sector, Foundry4, discusses how government can bring more digital voices into policy teams to close the gap between those designing policy and those delivering it.
hunger in afghanistan

Commission allocates €25m in humanitarian funding to fight hunger in Afghanistan

The Commission is allocating €25 million in humanitarian funding from its Solidarity Emergency Aid Reserve to fight hunger in Afghanistan.
July 2021

Open Access Government July 2021

The bumper July 2021 edition of Open Access Government provides in-depth coverage of policy issues globally, such as COVID-19, health & social care, research & innovation, digital transformation, finance, agriculture, environment plus energy.
customer engagement

Why public sector organisations need to offer boundless engagement

Steve Bell, VP EMEA Solutions Consulting, Verint Systems, explores how a new progressive mindset of customer engagement can empower public sector brands.
covid-19 deaths brazil, vaccine

13% of global COVID-19 deaths are in Brazil

With 2.7% of the world's population, but 13% of COVID-19 deaths globally, Brazil continues to suffer a disproportional death rate.
normative framework, progressive state leadership

Climate leadership and a normative framework for political action

Here, Richard Beardsworth, Professor of International Relations at the University of Leeds, continues his series on the nature of progressive state leadership, pondering a new normative framework for political action and climate leadership.
oil and gas industry, UN decade of action

The climate case and the UN’s Decade of Action

Professor Cees van Dam, International Business and Human Rights at the Rotterdam School of Management, explains why Wednesday 26 May 2021 will go down in history as ‘Black Wednesday’ for the oil and gas industry.
customer experience (cx), service providers

COVID-19 should be a customer experience wakeup call

As society slowly inches back to some sort of normality following the COVID-19 lockdowns, Chris Merricks, Director of CX Consultants discusses the importance of getting customer experience right.
social media data, pennsylvania state

Social media data for social and behavioural research 

Guangqing Chi and Junjun Yin from The Pennsylvania State University discuss how social media data has become a gold mine of information for both academic and non-academic use.
government services, public sector

De-risking transformation to deliver resilient government services

Mark Gibbison, Global Head of Public Sector at Unit4, explores how the focus on People Experience delivers more of what matters: helping citizens and communities thrive.
sir andrew mackenzie

Sir Andrew Mackenzie appointed new Chair of UKRI

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has appointed businessman and scientist Sir Andrew Mackenzie FRS as the preferred candidate to chair the UKRI.
stronger climate policy, climate negotiations

Are cities and regions helping nations to gain steam on stronger climate goals?

Yunus Arikan from ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, explains how all levels of government play a role in international climate negotiations.
antitrust investigation facebook, social media

European Commission launches antitrust investigation into Facebook

The Commission has launched a new antitrust investigation into Facebook, as almost 7 million firms advertise on the platform and this data could be used to "distort competition".
public bodies

Public procurement, a brave new world?

Peter Ware, Partner and Head of Government sector at Browne Jacobson, discusses public procurement and the extent to which this is a brave new world.
net-zero economy, climate

Commission strikes €820 million partnership with Bill Gates on net-zero economy

The European Commission has created a collaboration with Breakthrough Energy, founded by Bill Gates, to invest roughly €820 million from 2022-26 to create green tech that can be used commercially.
obesity prevention

Queen’s Speech addresses key obesity prevention plans

Mhairi Brown, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Action on Salt and Action on Sugar, ponders the Queen's speech discussing the Government’s commitment to legislate their key obesity prevention plans by 2022.

The future of Europe: digital, green, but first of all democratic!

Christa Schweng, President, European Economic and Social Committee, states that the future of Europe is digital, green, but first of all, democratic!
conflict management, gangs

Research focus: Mediation for conflict management

Mediation is a resource for conflict management and may improve the relationships between gangs and the community, according to research from Carles Feixa & José Sánchez-García.

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