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plastic pollution policy

Plastic pollution could decrease by 85% with policy action

A new policy tool developed by scientists, ‘Plastic Drawdown’, can help governments to radically cut plastic waste by 2030.
Populism pandemic, populist

The collapse of populist support during the pandemic

A new mega-dataset finds that during the pandemic, support for populist parties and politicians has minimised since 2020.
digitally altered bodies

MP proposes labelling for digitally altered bodies in advertising

A new bill pushes for regulation of digitally altered bodies in advertising - going up against constantly evolving online platforms, eating disorders and negative body image.
global south mrna, intellectual property

Over 100 Global South factories could make mRNA vaccines

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) found that over 100 manufacturers in Asia, Africa and Latin America are capable of making mRNA COVID vaccines - but pharmaceutical companies won't waive intellectual property rights.
california drinking water, sanitary water

Californians continue to struggle with a lack of safe, sanitary drinking water

Safe drinking water in California is becoming scarce, as contaminated drinking water continues to disproportionately impact communities of colour in the state.
trusting societies, managing covid-19

More trusting societies have greater success managing COVID-19

Research has found that countries with higher success in minimising coronavirus cases and deaths, have more trust within their society and governments.
political polarisation

Why is political polarisation increasing in democratic countries?

A new study demonstrates that political divides have become deeper now than at any other point in the last 50 years.
Open Access Government January 2022

Open Access Government January 2022

We welcome 2022 with our January volume - this publication includes health & social care, then research & innovation followed by digital transformation, equality, economic development, transport, environment, energy and agriculture and more.
alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption: The public health issue

Alcohol consumption is a public health issue - it is one of the leading risk factors to health globally, says Elisabeth Morgans from C3
digital nation

The state of the digital nation in the public sector

Sally Murdoch, Director – Public Sector Marketing at Unit4, considers the state of the digital nation in the public sector
covid-19 cities recovery

Why the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic needs cities

Alex Godson, Strategic Communications Manager and Pietro Reviglio, from Eurocities, explore why recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic needs cities
changing identities

How public policy can better speak to our changing identities

Professor Christopher Smith, Executive Chair of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) illustrates how striving for a better understanding of identity can positively influence public policy.
rise of populism, central and eastern europe

POPREBEL & FATIGUE projects: Populism & illiberalism in Europe

Jan Kubik and Alicja Haran discuss the POPREBEL and FATIGUE projects, which engage with the rise of populism & illiberalism in Central and Eastern Europe.
circular plastic model

Transforming plastic use with a circular model

New research provides a model of the global scale of plastic development, tracing where it’s produced, where it ends up, and its environmental impact.
digital identity trends

Top 5 digital identity trends injecting trust back into governance

Here, Robert Zapfel iov42 Founder, outlines the top 5 digital identity trends that are injecting trust back into governance and enterprise
three-step framework

The three-step framework for biodiversity action

Scientists propose a three-step post-2020 framework for global biodiversity goals for governments to implement on a national level.
hydrogen storage project

Glasgow’s £10 million hydrogen storage project for clean energy

A new hydrogen storage project in Glasgow with nearly £10 million in UK government funding to provide zero-carbon fuel for clean energy storage.
Microsoft Teams Calling

How can Microsoft Teams Calling improve Government?

Nathan Hill-Haimes, Investor & Co-Founder at Amvia, looks at what Microsoft Teams Calling is, how governments use it and its advantages over traditional telephony.
revolutionise technology

UK technology revolution at Digital Nations summit

Confronting the world’s biggest challenges such as the pandemic, climate change, and inequality, the UK led a summit of digital ministers to revolutionise technology.
International Standard for sustainability

COP26 achieves International Standard for Sustainability

COP26 Summit achieves the ISO20121 certificate by delivering a green conference and managing the event in a sustainable way.

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