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Protective security advice

Protective security advice for the UK’s national infrastructure

The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI), the UK government authority for protective security advice to the UK’s national infrastructure, is placed under the spotlight by Open Access Government The Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, (CPNI), is the government authority for protective security advice for the...
Battery Storage

Can the UK be a global leader in battery storage?

Senior market research analyst at BSRIA Ltd, Henry Lawson provides an expert perspective on the potential for battery storage in the UK today In a speech in November 2017, the UK Energy Secretary Greg Clark set out an apparently ambitious vision of UK energy policy in general and for battery...

Polish Government develops national cryptocurrency called dPLN

The Polish government hopes to revolutionise payments and the banking system by developing national cryptocurrency The Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator (PATB) has revealed that one of its team is working on the development of a digitalised national cryptocurrency, called Digital PLN (dPLN). The project has a budget of PLN 12.4 million...
green homes

Homes for people and wildlife- how to build green homes in a nature-friendly way

New guidelines published by The Wildlife Trusts show how new housing developments can be built in a way that provides people with green homes The government has recently committed to building a further 300,000 homes a year until 2022, meaning that about 36 square miles will be given over to...

Swedish West Coast’s Creative Hot Spot

Creativity, innovation and a strong focus on social and cultural aspects of sustainability are at the very heart of developing the Municipality of Varberg
Rationalising the UK government estate through the Government Property Unit

Managing an integrated government estate: Lessons from the UK

Paul Wright-Anderson from the National Audit Office sheds light on the revolution that central government property in the UK is experiencing
UK cabinet reshuffle

Sam Gyimah is made new Universities Minister as UK cabinet reshuffle continues

Sam Gyiah will replace Jo Johnson as the new Universities Minister following the recent UK cabinet reshuffle Sam Gyimah, the former prisons minister, took on the role as the new Universities and Science Minister to replace Jo Johnson who has been appointed as the Transport Minister and Minister for London. On...
government property

Maximising the potential of your empty property portfolio

Stuart Woolgar, CEO of Global Guardians, discusses the implications and opportunities of the shrinking public sector estate The public-sector estate is shrinking as both the Government Property Unit (GPU), in tandem with municipal and other authorities, seeks to utilise property assets more efficiently and effectively. The way we work as a...

A continued focus on improving Swedish energy policy

Sweden’s Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy, Ibrahim Baylan speaks to us about the importance of a sustainable Swedish energy policy The goal of Swedish energy policy is: “to ensure, with as little environmental impact as possible, a secure electricity supply for companies and households at competitive prices.” (1) We...
One Public Estate

Supporting cross-public sector working – One Public Estate

In this joint feature from the Government Property Unit and the Local Government Association, we find out more about the delivery of The One Public Estate (OPE) programme that supports cross-public sector working The One Public Estate (OPE) programme is jointly delivered by the Cabinet Office Government Property Unit (GPU)...
Outermost Regions

Europe beyond the seas: The Outermost Regions

Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Crețu details The Outermost Regions strategy of the EU The EU has always paid particular attention to its nine Outermost regions, which are first and foremost European regions. This Commission went a step further so as to give these European lands from all around the...
public services

Progressive change ahead in public services

Paul Bradbury, Group business development director at Civica, shares his reflections on the future of delivery in public services leading up to 2025 Local government is well aware that the transformation to meet “new” digital world demands is key. It’s an issue we’ve explored in depth in Civica’s ‘Changing Landscape’...
faster broadband speeds

UK homes to get faster broadband speeds by 2020

Faster broadband speeds will be a legal right to all UK homes and businesses by 2020 The government has promised that the whole of the UK will legally have the right to access internet speeds of at least 10 Mbps by 2020. BT, which is responsible for the infrastructure, had previously...
blockchain world

Are we ready for a blockchain world?

Marta Pierkarska, Director of Developer Ecosystem, Hyperledger asks if we are ready for a blockchain world in the future Blockchain, the hype, the buzzword of the decade, the fairy dust that is supposed to solve all our problems. Technology that underlies Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies and is often confused...
armed police

Brits call for more armed police at Christmas markets

A third of the British public want to see more armed police at Christmas markets in light of recent terror events, according to new research 36% of Brits are calling for more armed officers to patrol public events, such as Christmas markets, and 57% would like to see more security...
UK's industrial strategy

UK’s Industrial Strategy falls way below expectation

Nigel Wilcock from the Institute of Economic Development provides his opinion on the UK’s Industrial Strategy in terms of the future economy of Britain If you weren’t watching carefully, the UK’s Industrial Strategy was published in November 2017. Launched on the day of the Royal Wedding announcement and followed by...
teacher recruitment

How can we reverse the teacher recruitment and retention crisis?

Emma Hollis, Executive Director of the National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers sheds light on the issues around teacher recruitment and retention With issues around teacher recruitment and retention going way beyond discussions in staff rooms and school corridors and into the public eye, those of us at the heart...
working practices

The importance of smarter working practices in government

MF Warrender of Open Access Government explores the importance of smarter working practices across government Established in 2010, The Government Property Unit (GPU) works with central government departments, striving to drive savings across the government estate. Added to this, the GPU works with local authorities to support them in achieving...
public sector

Rise of the robots in the public sector

Paul Tomlinson, CEO of IEG4, argues that the public sector stands to benefit most from Artificial Intelligence A government report published last month: “Growing the artificial intelligence industry in the UK” highlights that increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring major social and economic benefits to the UK, offering...
the public purse

Government could save £10m by sharing phone contracts according to The Public Purse

The Public Purse, has claimed this week; that the public sector could save over £10 million pounds in this year’s budget within the next 12 months Research into mobile vendor pricing has shown that 700 plus government contracts could be negotiated for more than £10 million pounds less, if the public-sector...

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