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addressing health inequality

A long-term collaborative approach to addressing health inequality

Christine Hancock, Founder and Director at C3 Collaborating for Health, discusses the ongoing issue of health inequality that COVID-19 has exposed, and how to ensure healthy lives for all.
healthier european union

A vision for a healthier European Union

Open Access Government explores the health priorities of Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, asking if lessons learned from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can help to improve European healthcare?.
unplanned care

VitalHub UK Group of Companies

The VitalHub UK Group lead health technology focused on data integration in planned and unplanned care, keeping the complex simple.
protect people

How can we protect people from air pollution?

Sarah Woolnough, Chief Executive of Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, discusses the UK’s toxic air crisis, the invisible threat of air pollution, and outlines how policymakers must protect people’s health and create a fairer, healthier society.
obesity and COVID-19

What do we know about obesity and COVID-19?

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, highlights the possible reasons why being obese affects the risk of COVID-19 infection.
salt reduction

“Salt reduction saves lives” – So why is it being pushed aside?

Mhairi Brown, Policy and Public Affairs Manager, Action on Salt, agues that thousands of people will suffer unnecessary strokes and heart attacks if ministers fail to take decisive measures in forcing the food industry to comply with salt reduction programmes.
lower your blood pressure

Natural ways to lower your blood pressure

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us about all the way you can naturally lower your blood pressure without medical intervention.
pesticide risks

Environment & human health: Pesticide risks

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, discusses alternative solutions to address pesticide risks for the environment and human health. Her article starts with the concern around pesticides use.
noise from transport

Reducing emissions and noise from transport

Here, we learn about LIFE GySTRA and NEMO projects, which aim to create innovative solutions based on remote sensing to reduce emissions and noise from transport.
premature death

Who should tackle the biggest cause of premature death when PHE is gone?

Katharine Jenner, Campaign Director and Mhairi Brown, Policy and Public Affairs Manager of Action on Sugar and Action on Salt debate who should be responsible for tackling the biggest cause of premature death and disability in the UK when Public Health England is dissolved.
Health and Solidarity

How has France’s Ministry of Health and Solidarity dealt with the challenges of 2020?

Open Access Government takes a look at the ways in which Olivier Véran, the French Minister for Health and Solidarity, has supported French citizens through a health crisis and beyond.
government communications

Government communications: Listening to the hardest to reach people

Nadine Smith, UK Director, Centre for Public Impact, explores why the Government must learn to listen to the communities they so desperately want to share public health information with.
dentistry during the pandemic

Dentistry during the pandemic: Is oral health still a priority?

Marco Landi, President of Council of European Dentists, considers dentistry during the COVID-19 pandemic and the extent to which oral health is still a priority.
Draeger Medical Uk Ltd

Dräger – medical and safety technology to protect, support and save lives

Dräger provide medical and safety technology solutions for patient care and therapy, offering a wide range of products and equipment.
public health surveillance

From COVID-19 to the future of public health surveillance

Andrea Ammon, Director at the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, takes us on a journey from COVID-19 to the future of public health surveillance.
health procurement

Public sector health procurement: Spark DPS

Helen Dempster, Founder of Karantis360, explores the benefits of Spark DPS and what future developments are required to improve the public sector health procurement journey even further.
synthetic pesticides

Influence of synthetic pesticides on human health and the global ecosystem

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechVision Group charts the influence of synthetic pesticides on human health and the global ecosystem.
Food Allergy Research and Resource Program

AllergenOnline.org – founded by Dr. Richard E. Goodman

Dr. Richard E. Goodman created the allergen database, including a celiac database, for checking for similarities to allergens or celiac eliciting peptides.
Intelligent Infection Control Services Limited

LumiBio – Infection Prevention Control

LumiBio, an ultrasonic dry misting system, is clinically proven to eradicate Sars-Cov-2, on contact, and continues to protect for up to 5 days.
mixtures of endocrine disruptors

Food safety: Assessing mixtures of endocrine disruptors

Alberto Mantovani from Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma, Italy, looks at an aspect of food safety that concerns assessing mixtures of endocrine disruptors.

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