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Michael G DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care

Michael G DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care

The Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care seeks to improve the quality of life for those living with Chronic Pain.
Global Kinetics Limited - PKG

Global Kinetics – Parkinson’s disease management

Global Kinetics aim to improve the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease with advanced medical technologies.
Senior white woman suffering with dementia and depression/anxiety receiving talk therapy

Talk therapy to improve mental health in dementia patients

Could talk therapy help dementia patients improve their mental health? Research suggests that it is beneficial for anxiety and depression.
digital transformation image

Can Digital Transformation in healthcare really transform?

Digital transformation offers many organisations the opportunity to reduce costs, offer superior service and certainly, in Healthcare, improve outcomes. Paul Grosvenor, MD at Optima Systems, an information technology company based in West Sussex, recounts his experiences to date.

Building a sustainable medicines supply chain

Dr Nazneen Rahman, Founder and CEO of YewMaker and Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP) Director, describes why tackling wasted medicines is key to delivering a Net Zero NHS.
physician on the phone

How the right technology can be key to solving physician burnout

More than half of neurointerventionalists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and radiologists are currently experiencing burnout as a result of provider shortages, covering multiple hospitals simultaneously, and increasing demand for emergency stroke care, and this is only expected to get worse.
diagnosis on a microscope for chemistry test samples

The future of diagnostics: Technology-driven 4P medicine in Europe

Karen Taylor, the Director at Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions looks at 4P medicine and its role in healthcare diagnostics.

YewMaker – Making Healthcare Sustainable

We build science-based solutions to make healthcare good for us, good for our planet, and good for business.
Doctor/nurse looking after child patient

Preparing Europe for a new generation of innovative therapies

Thomas Bols, Head of Government Affairs and Patient Advocacy, EMEA and APAC at PTC Therapeutics explores how preparing Europe for a new generation of innovative therapies has the potential to transform the lives of patients.
lateral flow test device

Digital reader improves the accuracy of reporting positive lateral flow tests

Rob Banathy, Senior Product Manager at NHS Digital, explains how his team developed a lateral flow device digital reader service that can detect nearly twice the number of positive COVID-19 cases during early infection compared to the human eye.
Medical drone

UK’s first medical drone delivery project will change future of NHS

A consortium led by AGS Airports in partnership with NHS Scotland will deliver the UK’s first medical distribution network using drones.
Nurse observation of X image data of patients

Top considerations for a successful healthcare data strategy  

A healthcare data strategy is crucial to ensuring that we can tackle all the biggest health issues we face, and to ensure guided decision-making to save lives.
Stethoscope and crystal globe on green background, representing sustainable healthcare

Sustainability in healthcare: The Nordic experience

Diego Angelino, Hjalmar Bardh Olsson & Daniel Eriksson from the TEM Foundation, reveal the Nordic experience when it comes to sustainability in healthcare.
person assisting a patient with a disability

Disabled facilities grant: why is it so backlogged?

Councils need to overcome functional silos and improve access to the disabled facilities grant – and technology may just be the solution.
High-technology used in AI medical equipment for healthcare

What are the pros and cons of implementing AI in healthcare?

AI in healthcare covers a wide range of assistance to health systems and workers, but what are the specific benefits and downfalls of its adoption?
Woman waits by train platform as she checks her phone

Improving patient care starts with technology

Liam Canavan illustrates the potential of technology in improving patient care, such as reducing waiting times for medical diagnosis and treatment.
E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems S.A.

We are EMS – The inventor of the Originals

At EMS, our mission is happy and healthy patients, satisfied clinicians, enthusiastic prophylaxis teams and successful practices.

The all-in-one vaccine for future COVID-19 threats

Using almost $30 million in funding, an all-in-one vaccine is being developed to bring new protection against a range of new and existing coronavirus variants.

Stress accelerates aging of the immune system

Stress such as trauma, job strain, everyday worries and even discrimination contributes to the aging of the immune system.
precision cancer medicine

Who will pay for the precision cancer medicine revolution?

Ketil Widerberg, General Manager of Oslo Cancer Cluster, describes the complexities of implementing precision cancer medicine in Norway and suggests a way forward.

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