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convalescent plasma donation, plasma

The window for convalescent plasma donation is just under two months

New data suggests that before 60 days of COVID symptoms beginning is the best window for convalescent plasma donation - which is how antibodies were created in countless COVID-19 patients before vaccines.
phase two of uk vaccinations, priority group

What are the priority groups for phase two of UK vaccinations?

The Government unveiled the confirmed priority groups for phase two of UK vaccinations - the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is choosing age as the deciding factor.
doses of the astrazeneca vaccine, germany

1.17 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine could expire in Germany

Germans have only taken 270,986 AstraZeneca doses so far, leaving roughly 1.17 million doses in storage across the country - but these shots are due to expire in less than six months.

COVID-19 and diabetes telehealth

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, explains how the COVID-19 pandemic is the scenario for testing and demonstrating the successful implementation of diabetes telehealth platforms.
johnson & Johnson, mutation

FDA reveals that Johnson & Johnson vaccine is 86% effective

New documents from the FDA show that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine appears to be 86% effective against COVID-19 - signalling that it will soon be approved in the US.
PHC Europe B.V.

PHC Europe BV – technology for medical and healthcare

PHC Europe B.V. has the most reliable, high-quality medical and laboratory equipment – backed by more than 50 years’ experience in the sector.
C3 Collaborating for Health

C3 Collaborating for Health

C3 brings together different communities to create health changes that make it easier to stop using tobacco, improve diet and do more physical activity.
biomedical innovations

Targeted policy support for emerging biomedical innovations

Michael Morrison, Senior Researcher in Social Science at the University of Oxford, illustrates the importance of emerging biomedical innovations in the UK.
likelihood of severe COVID, genetic research

Scientists use machine learning to identify likelihood of severe COVID

The research team believe that some people have a genetic predisposition that increases likelihood of severe COVID, which may be crucial to understanding how mutations could change outcomes.
national strategy for social care, covid-19

A national strategy for social care could save the NHS £1 billion every year

Research found that the supported housing and integrated mental health system could save the NHS £950 million if used as a national strategy for social care.
end the HIV epidemic, opioids

Science needs to overcome “structural racism” to end the HIV epidemic

A new report published in The Lancet investigates why 43% of HIV deaths in 2018 happened in the Black community, with policy solutions for the ongoing HIV epidemic.
sinovac covid vaccine, coronavac

Hong Kong approves the Sinovac COVID vaccine for use

The Sinovac COVID vaccine was revealed to be working at 50.4% efficacy by the Butantan Institute last month, but new data suggests that this could actually be 62%.
spike mutation, covid

The spike mutation makes COVID eight times more infectious

The spike protein mutation found in the Brazilian, South African and UK variants of COVID-19 can make the virus eight times more infectious.
mRNA vaccine, cancer treatment

Can an mRNA vaccine be used to cure some types of cancer?

COVID brought the idea of mRNA vaccines to the attention of the world - now, cancer researchers are investigating how a similar vaccine could stop tumours in a single treatment.
the south african mutation, pfizer

Pfizer vaccine can still prevent death from the South African mutation

The Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine appears to be significantly less efficient against the South African mutation, but can still stop hosts from experiencing severe COVID and dying from the virus.
COVID cases in hospitals, lockdown

REACT study: COVID cases in hospitals “higher than at the peak of the first...

New data from the REACT study finds that the number of COVID cases in hospitals is higher than it was in April 2020, but that infection rates are substantially decreasing across the country.
HERA incubator, manufacturing

Commission launches “HERA Incubator” project to fight COVID mutations

The European Commission today (17 February) launched the "HERA Incubator", as both a "blueprint" for long-term health emergencies and a way to stop COVID-19 mutations.
NHS tech

COVID-19: Surge in the use of NHS tech in 2020

Ben Davison, NHS Digital’s Executive Director for Product Development, explains how the coronavirus pandemic prompts a surge in the number of people using NHS tech in 2020.
landscape of microbiology, dr elica moss

Changing the landscape of microbiology

Here, we interview Dr Elica M Moss, Research Assistant Professor at Alabama A&M University, about her work and how it seeks to change the landscape of microbiology.
technology-enabled care services

How TECS have supported the NHS pre, during and post-COVID

Zillah Moore, Director at Tunstall Healthcare, discusses the role of technology-enabled care services and remote patient monitoring in reducing delayed discharge from hospitals and providing much-needed assistance to the NHS.

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