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Leveraging AI-powered speech recognition tech to reduce NHS staff burnout

Dr Simon Wallace, Chief Clinical Information Officer, Nuance, ponders the burnout epidemic amongst healthcare professionals and how leveraging AI-powered speech recognition technology can prevent it.
COVID hospitalisations daily, UK covid

Professor Ferguson: UK could have 2,000 COVID hospitalisations daily

Professor Neil Ferguson, epidemiological expert at Imperial College London, says that the UK could reach up to 2,000 COVID hospitalisations daily if current increases in transmission continue.
pandemic antibiotic resistance, antibiotics

New pandemic of antibiotic resistance makes pneumonia deadly

In Bangladesh, children are fighting a difficult battle to survive antibiotic resistance - now, mid-pandemic, pneumonia is becoming untreatable via normal drugs.
HIV prevention methods, oral PrEP

Study finds 97% of women in Africa will work with HIV prevention methods

The REACH study found that 97% of women and girls in Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe are happy to work with HIV prevention methods - globally, half of all people living with HIV are women.
covid vaccine mandatory, care home

UK says COVID vaccine mandatory for care home workers

The UK House of Commons voted to make COVID vaccination mandatory for care home workers, who will need two doses to continue working from October.
COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation

How games can be used to combat health and vaccine misinformation

Soraiya Verjee, Business Development Director of Sea Monster, discusses how the use of games and animation can combat COVID-19 and vaccine misinformation.
COVID deaths 2022, delta variant

SAGE data reveals 115,800 more COVID deaths possible by 2022

SAGE reveal that in the most pessimistic scenario, a further 115,800 COVID deaths would happen by June, 2022 - but in the most optimistic 'unlockdown' output, the figure is 9,400 deaths.
rare side effect, Guillain-Barré,

FDA labels Johnson & Johnson vaccine with new rare side effect

The FDA have labelled the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine as a possible cause of Guillain-Barré syndrome - an extremely rare side effect that can potentially cause nerve damage.
viral vaccines, viral disease

Tailoring the Immune System

Here, Professor Pamela Lein at University of California, Davis, explains how viral vaccines work - especially when it comes to human viral disease.
likelihood of suicide, bipolar disorder

Genetic predisposition to trauma can increase likelihood of suicide

Scientists reveal that individuals with bipolar disorder, who are also genetically likely to have trauma, have an increased likelihood of suicide.
reconstructive dentistry

Reconstructive Dentistry

Here, Professor Mutlu Özcan at the University of Zurich, discusses reconstructive dentistry via the lens of new biomaterials and technologies.
data storage challenges

Addressing the data storage challenges in healthcare

Davide Villa, business development director for EMEAI at Western Digital, discusses the data storage challenges in the healthcare industry and how they can be addressed.
antibodies covid variants, natural immune

Study finds natural immune response not effective against COVID variants

An Australian team found that antibodies created by infection with the virus are not effective against COVID variants - suggesting that vaccination gives stronger protection.
NHS pressure, long COVID

British Medical Association say NHS “already under immense pressure”

The British Medical Association (BMA) today (7 July) responded to UK 'unlockdown' plans - labelling the suspension of all protective measures as "incoherent", with the NHS under "immense pressure".
biobanks medical research, biomarkers

Biobanks to support medical research focus

With the current focus on public health worldwide, Arthur Goudena, Marketing Manager of PHC Europe, explains how one of Europe’s leading biobanks plays a growing role in supporting medical research.
ethnic minority covid deaths, sage report

SAGE report: More infections will increase ethnic minority COVID deaths

SAGE say the UK Governments' plans to lift all social distancing measures on 19 July are too much - they believe a rise in infections will increase ethnic minority COVID deaths.
HIV vaccine, clinical trial HIV

Oxford University launch clinical trial for HIV vaccine

The team will have results to discuss in April, 2022 - they nurse the hope that this HIV vaccine could stop different geographical strains, after 40 years of no cure.
sarna covid vaccines, mrna vaccines

UK study says saRNA COVID vaccines work in 87% of people

While mRNA is now well-connected to Pfizer or Moderna, saRNA is a more obscure, early-stage vaccine technology - now, scientists in the UK have data suggesting that saRNA COVID vaccines could work well for most people.
pfizer and astrazeneca doses, com-COV

UK study says safe to mix Pfizer and AstraZeneca doses

A study released yesterday (28 June) found that it would be safe to mix Pfizer and AstraZeneca doses, which could speed up UK vaccine roll-out if adopted.
cure for neurological disorders, non-invasive method

Indiana team explores nanoparticle cure for neurological disorders

Indiana University School of Medicine researchers are attempting to use magnetic nanoparticles to develop a cure for neurological disorders from epilepsy to Alzheimer's - without any invasive or genetic treatment.

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