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person assisting a patient with a disability

Disabled facilities grant: why is it so backlogged?

Councils need to overcome functional silos and improve access to the disabled facilities grant – and technology may just be the solution.
Stethoscope and crystal globe on green background, representing sustainable healthcare

Sustainability in healthcare: The Nordic experience

Diego Angelino, Hjalmar Bardh Olsson & Daniel Eriksson from the TEM Foundation, reveal the Nordic experience when it comes to sustainability in healthcare.
High-technology used in AI medical equipment for healthcare

What are the pros and cons of implementing AI in healthcare?

AI in healthcare covers a wide range of assistance to health systems and workers, but what are the specific benefits and downfalls of its adoption?
Woman waits by train platform as she checks her phone

Improving patient care starts with technology

Liam Canavan illustrates the potential of technology in improving patient care, such as reducing waiting times for medical diagnosis and treatment.
E.M.S. Electro Medical Systems S.A.

We are EMS – The inventor of the Originals

At EMS, our mission is happy and healthy patients, satisfied clinicians, enthusiastic prophylaxis teams and successful practices.

The all-in-one vaccine for future COVID-19 threats

Using almost $30 million in funding, an all-in-one vaccine is being developed to bring new protection against a range of new and existing coronavirus variants.

Stress accelerates aging of the immune system

Stress such as trauma, job strain, everyday worries and even discrimination contributes to the aging of the immune system.
precision cancer medicine

Who will pay for the precision cancer medicine revolution?

Ketil Widerberg, General Manager of Oslo Cancer Cluster, describes the complexities of implementing precision cancer medicine in Norway and suggests a way forward.
collaborative solutions in digital healthcare

The Case for ‘Best of Breed’ Collaborative Solutions in Digital Health

Phil Evans, EIDO’s Director of Partnerships, writes about the crucial importance of collaborative solutions in digital health and the healthcare sector.
OITUK Ltd., trading as CCube Solutions Ltd

CCube Solutions – Electronic document management

CCube Solutions specialises in providing Electronic Document and Content Management (EDRM) and Workflow solutions
nhs data, uk government, national healthcare

The UK government to improve national healthcare through NHS data

After using NHS data to fight COVID-19, the UK government now looks toward removing restrictions and returning to normal life through data reforms in national healthcare.
personalised medicine, cannabis

The importance of personalised medicine & technology in the future of medical cannabis

Dr Stephen Barnhill M.D from Apollon Formularies Plc discusses the potential for technology to upgrade personalised medicine for cannabis treatments.
medical monitors, nhs

Simplifying the purchase of medical monitors in the NHS

Ingo Aicher, managing director at Jones AV Ltd., promotes the easy-to-use online specialist medical monitors which will transform British hospitals.
Dupuytren’s disease

Research reveals that anti-TNF drug reverses Dupuytren’s disease

A clinical trial at Oxford University has found that a drug used for rheumatoid arthritis can reverse Dupuytren’s disease, if taken early on.
data sharing

The changing landscape of primary care data sharing

NHS Digital’s Programme Head for GP Data, Eva Simmonds, discusses the benefits and challenges of health data sharing and looks to the future for the GP Data for Planning and Research programme.
maternity report, birthrights

UK maternity report finds that women experience “dehumanisation” 

A maternity report by Birthrights finds that UK women experience "dehumanisation" and racism from caregivers.
fish oil benefits, men's health

The link between fish oil benefits and men’s health

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, explores and examines fish oil benefits when it comes to the health of men.
imbalanced hormones, hormone replacement treatment

The link between imbalanced hormones & osteoporosis

Dr Ghazala Aziz-Scott, Hormone Specialist, examines the link between imbalanced hormones and osteoporosis and why hormone treatment is so important.
leave for severe period pain, menstruation

Spain implement sick leave for severe period pain

Spain will implement a three day sick leave for severe period pain, which impacts the majority of people who experience menstruation.
predictive genomics, healthcare systems

Can predictive genomics make our healthcare systems more sustainable?

Dr Zisis Kozlakidis with Francesco Florindi, discuss predictive genomics and ask if it can help make our healthcare systems more sustainable.

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