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flu covid vaccine, moderna vaccine

Moderna aim to make combined flu-COVID vaccine for 2023

Speaking at the World Economic Forum, CEO Stéphane Bancel said Moderna aim to create a combined flu and COVID vaccine.
pfizer vaccine omicron, COVID

Study finds three doses of Pfizer vaccine can handle Omicron

New data suggests that the Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine, at three doses, is enough to stop the Omicron variant from creating severe COVID.
universal COVID vaccines, T cells

Universal COVID vaccines can learn from the common cold

Research shows that T cells, created by the common cold, can give some protection against COVID - which means that universal vaccines can mimic this technology.
fourth booster dose, israel pfizer

Study shows fourth booster dose increases antibodies fivefold

In Israel, healthcare professionals and those over 60 are now being encouraged to take the fourth booster dose - which appears to significantly increase waning third dose antibodies.
HIV prevention

FDA approves new long-lasting drug for HIV prevention

December saw monumental steps being taken in HIV prevention with the FDA approving their first approval of long-acting HIV prevention medication.
capture techniques, RNA tissues

Next generation sequencing in tissues: Capture methods

Richie Kohman, Synthetic Biology Platform Lead, Wyss Institute at Harvard, tells us about capture techniques to extract RNA from tissues.
Tiyga Health

TIYGA™ Health’s smart patient diary hands patients the power of “little data”

TIYGA™ Health’s smart patient diary hands patients the power of “little data” - pioneering greater engagement between healthcare providers and patients.
AI prediction

New AI tool could change how COVID ICU works

New technology could be used to help doctors make the most of limited resources during COVID-19 by identifying patients in need of intensive care treatment
risk of dehydration

Hydration: An essential part of healthy ageing

Senior Director of the Center for Healthy Aging, at the National Council on Aging, illustrates the ways that hydration is key to staying healthy as we age
rapid detection viruses

Test kit created for rapid detection of viruses has 95% accuracy

A device created to identify viruses in humans, like COVID-19, has sustained 95% accuracy in results, as a significant improvement over the current rapid tests available.
PinPoint Data Science Ltd. - Homegrown innovation streamlining cancer diagnostics in the NHS

PinPoint Data Science – Streamlining Cancer Diagnostics in the NHS

Homegrown innovation in AI cancer diagnostics

TUBB4A-associated leukodystrophy

Dr Dan Williams, SynaptixBio CEO, discusses the search to find the first treatment for one of the world’s rarest diseases, TUBB4A-associated leukodystrophy
covid-19 algorithm

The algorithm predicting COVID-19 patients in need of intensive care

An algorithm can predict the severity of COVID patients' illnesses depending on how many of them will be highly likely or unlikely to need intensive care or ventilation.
NHS digital net zero

NHS Digital pledges to becoming net zero

As part of the Greener NHS programme, NHS Digital has set out its sustainability pledges to help drive the organisation down to net zero.
Inequalities in healthcare

Inequalities in healthcare caused by bias in medical devices

An independent review is being launched to analyse the potential bias in medical devices affecting ethnic groups and gender disparities in healthcare.
non-invasive brain surgery

FDA approves new non-invasive brain surgery for Parkinson’s symptoms

Research shows that a new form of non-invasive brain surgery using a focused form of ultrasound will prove invaluable for with Parkinson’s symptoms.
vaccine hesitancy in black communities, housing insecurity

Study connects housing insecurity to vaccine hesitancy in Black communities

Research by Augusta University, published in Vaccines, found that housing insecurity is connected to vaccine hesitancy in Black communities - especially when it comes to the younger population.
treatments for epilepsy, neurostimulation

Contemporary treatments for epilepsy

Dr Arun Swaminathan, Assistant Professor of Neurology and Epilepsy at the University of Nebraska, explores the contemporary power of neurostimulation in treating epilepsy.
suicidal thoughts, adolescents suicidal

Machine identifies suicidal thoughts with 91% accuracy

Researchers have developed a new machine with a learning-based approach to recognise adolescents undergoing suicidal thoughts and behaviour.
fully vaccinated people, delta variant

Scientists say fully vaccinated people can transmit Delta variant

A UK study, published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, found that fully vaccinated people can still catch and transmit the Delta variant of COVID.

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