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Department of Medicine - University of Virginia School of Medicine

Expanding diabetes mellitus research and telemedicine treatments

Dr. Richard Santen is developing a telemedicine treatment and retirement care programme for patients with diabetes mellitus.
Solar Panel wall on Building with tree leaves

We need a common pathway to decarbonise healthcare

Kristian Steele, Associate Director at Arup, argues that the climate crisis is also a health crisis. We, therefore, need a common pathway to decarbonise healthcare
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AI can predict future ulcerative colitis flare-ups

AI model could predict ulcerative colitis flare-ups and complications after reading biopsies taken during colonoscopies.
Doctor on a healthcare app

NHS Digital launches an online tech community for patient support

NHS Digital is initiating a new online tech community, to further collaboration between health and tech professionals and the general public.
Radiology scan

Unnecessary delays in radiology are crippling the NHS

Delays in radiology are hamstringing the already overstretched NHS and prevent clinicians from providing timely diagnoses and treatment to their patients.
mri of a human brain

Drug combination for children with MYC amplified Medulloblastoma

Researchers discover drug combination that could offer a better prognosis for children diagnosed with MYC amplified Medulloblastoma, an often deadly form of brain cancer.
medical fridge

Why advancements in medical fridges are vital for the healthcare industry

The vast increase in vaccine production throughout 2020 and 2021 meant the demand for reliable medical fridges also grew rapidly.
Ophthalmology eyesight examination

Degenerative eye disease and the opportunities of ophthalmic drug development

Eric Buckland of Translational Imaging Innovations looks at ophthalmic drug development and how better clinical endpoints can improve success rates.
graphic of scientist in lab - ai and machine learning in healthcare concept

AI in healthcare: The road to acceptance, trust and adoption

How will a better understanding of AI and machine learning help build trust in a new generation of diagnostic tools?
healthcare technology

Could heat research pave the way for net zero in the healthcare sector?

Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager for Bosch Commercial & Industrial, outlines some of the latest heating technology that could pave the way for net zero in the healthcare sector.
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Can Digital Transformation in healthcare really transform?

Digital transformation offers many organisations the opportunity to reduce costs, offer superior service and certainly, in Healthcare, improve outcomes. Paul Grosvenor, MD at Optima Systems, an information technology company based in West Sussex, recounts his experiences to date.
Senior man going through a Computerized Axial Tomography CAT - diagnostic innovation

Getting diagnostic innovation to the NHS frontline

Geoff Twist, Managing Director of Roche Diagnostics UK & Ireland, says that the UK's inability to get diagnostic innovation to the frontline is hampering the NHS and the nation's health; this is a missed opportunity.
The Microelectronics department at the Delft University of Technology investigate and design active biomedical microsystems.

The Microelectronics Department at TU Delft

The Microelectronics department at the Delft University of Technology investigate and design active biomedical microsystems.
Michael G DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care

Michael G DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care

The Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Pain Research and Care seeks to improve the quality of life for those living with Chronic Pain.
Global Kinetics Limited - PKG

Global Kinetics – Parkinson’s disease management

Global Kinetics aim to improve the lives of those with Parkinson’s disease with advanced medical technologies.
Senior white woman suffering with dementia and depression/anxiety receiving talk therapy

Talk therapy to improve mental health in dementia patients

Could talk therapy help dementia patients improve their mental health? Research suggests that it is beneficial for anxiety and depression.

Building a sustainable medicines supply chain

Dr Nazneen Rahman, Founder and CEO of YewMaker and Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP) Director, describes why tackling wasted medicines is key to delivering a Net Zero NHS.
physician on the phone

How the right technology can be key to solving physician burnout

More than half of neurointerventionalists, neurosurgeons, neurologists and radiologists are currently experiencing burnout as a result of provider shortages, covering multiple hospitals simultaneously, and increasing demand for emergency stroke care, and this is only expected to get worse.
diagnosis on a microscope for chemistry test samples

The future of diagnostics: Technology-driven 4P medicine in Europe

Karen Taylor, the Director at Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions looks at 4P medicine and its role in healthcare diagnostics.

YewMaker – Making Healthcare Sustainable

We build science-based solutions to make healthcare good for us, good for our planet, and good for business.

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