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gaming maladaptive, smartphone gaming

Scientists say gaming can create “maladaptive” coping mechanism

A new study found that people who experience intense boredom and turn to smartphone gaming may be creating "maladaptive" coping mechanisms, which worsen their real-world problems.
vaccine delta variant, booster shot

Pfizer to create COVID vaccine against Delta variant

Pfizer say they will develop a new COVID vaccine to function as a booster against the Delta variant.
stress hormone women, tend-and-befriend

Stress hormone decreases when women speak to female friends

Scientists found that the stress hormone in women decreases when they speak to their female friends - supporting the 'tend-and-befriend' hypothesis.
cancer patients covid vaccine, covid vaccine

Study reveals 94% of cancer patients react well to COVID vaccine

According to the US and Swiss study, 94% of cancer patients took the COVID vaccine in full and produced antibodies - while seven high-risk patients failed to produce an immune response.
covid-19 deaths brazil, vaccine

13% of global COVID-19 deaths are in Brazil

With 2.7% of the world's population, but 13% of COVID-19 deaths globally, Brazil continues to suffer a disproportional death rate.
delta US covid cases, vaccine

Delta variant responsible for one in five US COVID cases

The Delta variant, originating in India, is now responsible for one in five US COVID cases, according to new information from Dr Anthony Fauci.
queer people health inequalities, health equality

US study finds young Queer people still face health inequalities

Despite legal and some institutional progress, young people in the US who identify as Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual still face distinct health inequalities.
global cardiovascular deaths, IHD

Over half of global cardiovascular deaths happen in Asia

Over half of global cardiovascular disease (CVD) deaths in 2019 happened in Asia - now, scientists are drawing attention to rapidly climbing figures, as heart issues continue to be a risk factor for severe COVID.
harmful chemicals makeup, PFAS

Scientists find “harmful chemicals” in over 75% of makeup

Scientists tested makeup across the US and Canada for harmful chemicals - they found that over 75% of products tested contained PFAS, which are "forever chemicals".
delta variant COVID, vaccine

Delta variant twice as likely to cause COVID hospitalisation

A Scottish study, published in The Lancet, found the Delta variant was twice as likely as the Alpha variant to cause COVID hospitalisation.
novavax alpha variant, delta variant

Study finds Novavax 93.2% effective against Alpha variant

A new study found that the Novavax vaccine was 93.2% effective against the Alpha variant - with no clarification about vaccine performance against the Delta variant.
37% of doctors, doctors

Study finds 37% of doctors wanted to quit before COVID-19

A new study by The University of Manchester found that 37% of GPs intended to quit direct patient care, even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.
postpartum mental health

Ontario postpartum mental health visits rise by 30% during COVID-19

Postpartum mental health visits for new mothers increased by 30% during the COVID-19 pandemic, as researchers suggest that the increased use of virtual appointments may have removed barriers to care.
vaccines effective delta variant, pfizer

Scientists say vaccines less effective against Delta variant

According to a new study, the antibodies created by the Pfizer vaccine are on average less effective against the Delta variant.
mild covid cases, fatigue

Study finds fatigue is more common in mild COVID cases

Scientists have found that neurological symptoms, like fatigue, are more common in people with mild COVID cases - as opposed to only in severe COVID cases.
COVID lockdown suicidal, suicide

Scientists examine link between COVID pressures and suicidal feelings

A study by Swansea University, Cardiff University, and the NHS in Wales found that COVID lockdown stressors like social isolation, domestic abuse, and financial issues were clearly linked to suicidal feelings and actions.
focus on One Health

COVID-19 & the urgent case for a greater focus on One Health

Frances Goodrum, Head of External Affairs, Brooke Action for Working Horses and Donkeys, turns our attention to COVID-19 and the urgent case for a greater focus on One Health.
COVID uk care homes, care homes

PHE say 43,398 COVID patients sent into UK care homes

Public Health England (PHE) have revealed that 43,398 COVID-positive people were sent into care homes in the first ten months of 2020.
arterial blood clots, blood clot

Scientists link AstraZeneca vaccine to arterial blood clots

Over the last three months, scientists have been tracing rare instances of blood clots in veins in connection to the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine - now, they have the first evidence of arterial blood clots, which can cause stroke.
plant based dinner, heart disease

Plant-based dinner could reduce risk of heart disease by 10%

According to new research from the Endocrine Society, people who eat a plant-based dinner with more whole carbs and unsaturated fats reduce "their risk of heart disease by ten percent".

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