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phase two of uk vaccinations, priority group

What are the priority groups for phase two of UK vaccinations?

The Government unveiled the confirmed priority groups for phase two of UK vaccinations - the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) is choosing age as the deciding factor.
severe covid cases in israel, covid

The Pfizer vaccine is stopping 92% of severe COVID cases in Israel

Israel is currently leading the world in COVID vaccination, with real-world data to suggest that the Pfizer vaccine is working to stop 92% of severe COVID cases.
priority group for COVID, people with asthma

People with asthma are not a priority group for COVID vaccination

The UK removed people with moderate forms of asthma from the high-priority group for vaccination, which pushes their vaccination date past April.
PHC Europe B.V.

PHC Europe BV – technology for medical and healthcare

PHC Europe B.V. has the most reliable, high-quality medical and laboratory equipment – backed by more than 50 years’ experience in the sector.
C3 Collaborating for Health

C3 Collaborating for Health

C3 brings together different communities to create health changes that make it easier to stop using tobacco, improve diet and do more physical activity.
COVID hospitalisation and death, pfizer vaccine

Pfizer vaccine can reduce COVID hospitalisation and death by 75%

Early stage data from the vaccine rollout in the UK appears to show that COVID hospitalisation and death are reduced by over 75% in people with the Pfizer vaccine.
mRNA vaccine, cancer treatment

Can an mRNA vaccine be used to cure some types of cancer?

COVID brought the idea of mRNA vaccines to the attention of the world - now, cancer researchers are investigating how a similar vaccine could stop tumours in a single treatment.
marmot review 2020, health inequalities

Marmot Review 2020: “Regressive” cuts hit most deprived areas

We have the essentials of the Marmot Review 2020 for you, including recommended policy measures to tackle health inequalities.
elevated anxiety, adult

Researchers identify young adults who are facing elevated anxiety

The study looks at behaviour traits at the age of 15, that signal if individuals could be at risk of elevated anxiety three years in the future.
diagnosing depression, patient

The challenge of diagnosing depression could be solved by machines

Machine learning could be the solution to the "big challenges" of accurately diagnosing depression, say scientists at the University of Birmingham.
convalescent plasma, mutation

Scientists saw COVID mutating in patient after convalescent plasma

UK based scientists witnessed how COVID-19 can mutate in a highly vulnerable patient, even when that person is undergoing convalescent plasma treatment.
pain and memory, working memory

What is the connection between pain and memory?

Researchers are investigating how everyday pain impacts memory - specifically, how do these daily experiences impact the way we think? 
climate change in south africa, labour

Climate change in South Africa could cost up to 20% of GDP

The impact of climate change in South Africa can be seen in economic productivity, healthcare outcomes and labour availability - but what could it cost the population in the future, if left unchecked? 
die after heart transplant, medicaid

Data shows young, Black adults twice as likely to die after heart transplant

The American Heart Association found that young, Black adults are more than twice as likely to die in the first year after a heart transplant - in comparison to non-Black transplant recipients of the same age.
offered COVID access, mutation

All UK adults could be offered COVID vaccine by May

According to recent reports, all UK adults could have their first dose of the COVID vaccine by May, 2021 - opening up the potential of a real summer.
insulin supplies

Diabetics are concerned about disrupted insulin supplies due to Brexit

Diabetics living in the UK are worried about disruption to insulin supplies as a result of Brexit, according to a new social media study.
israel's vaccine data, israel

Israel’s vaccine data suggests that Pfizer is performing at the expected 95%

New vaccine data from Israel suggests that the double-dose of Pfizer is performing at the expected rate of 95% efficiency - with the possibility that it is performing even better than that being further investigated.
long COVID, severe

Scientists use immune system to predict likelihood of long COVID

Cambridge researchers have published their findings on how the immune system could be an early clue for the later development of severe or long COVID.
COVID-19 mutations, consortium

UKRI funds new project to investigate COVID-19 mutations

An initial £2.5 million will launch the 'G2P-UK' National Virology Consortium, which will investigate COVID-19 mutations to figure out how they impact vaccines.
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Elica Moss discusses her work within the fields of environmental microbiology and environmental health at the Alabama A&M University.

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