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woman up at night with her headphones on not going to sleep

The ‘night owl’ sleep cycle is more likely to induce type 2 diabetes

Depending on your sleep cycle, whether you’re an early bird or a night owl can make a huge difference in your physical health.
healthy food. mix sliced lemon, green lime, orange, mandarin, kiwi fruit and grapefruit isolated on white background

Unusual signs and symptoms of raised cholesterol

Many people only become aware for the first time that they have a high cholesterol level, only when they are admitted to hospital with a heart attack.
Heart surgery for patient

Black patients and women less likely to receive care for heart failure

Black patients and female patients with heart failure who qualify as candidates for surgery have a lower chance of getting that operation than white patients or male patients.
man napping on the train

Regular naps can increase the risk of high blood pressure by up to 40%

Regular naps have been associated with higher risks for high blood pressure and stroke, as those who nap more frequently generally sleep worse.
lower salt intake, heart failure

Lower salt intake can reduce symptoms of heart failure

Reducing sodium intake can help patients with heart failure, where having a lower salt intake will not prevent death, but can improve symptoms and quality of life.
racial minorities cpr, cardiac arrest

Racial minorities 41% less likely to receive CPR during cardiac arrest

Racial minorities - Black and Hispanic people - are less likely to receive CPR when they need it, as bystanders give CPR significantly more often to white victims of cardiac arrest.
microbiome engineering

A future vision for microbiome engineering

Prof Chris Barnes & Dr Jack Rutter share a future vision for microbiome engineering - harnessing the microbiome’s role in health & disease
heart disease, cardiac diagnostic imaging

The future of cardiac diagnostic imaging

The future of cardiac diagnostic imaging – Danish company MedTrace is leading the way.
non-communicable diseases indigenous,

Study finds increase in hypertension for Indigenous communities 

With limited knowledge about how non-communicable diseases affect vulnerable populations, researchers find that indigenous people are unusually affected by hypertension.
poor sleep heart, sleep health

Poor sleep can increase risk of heart disease by up to 141%

A bad night’s sleep has been found to have poor effects on your physical health, increasing the risk of heart disease.
socioeconomic heart surgery, mitral valve disease

Socioeconomic status linked to post-heart surgery risks

Data reveals that patients with heart disease who come from disadvantaged communities experience more complications after their surgery – including a higher risk of death.
units of alcohol, cardiovascular risk

Drinking can increase risk of heart issues by 23%, even in moderation

Though the UK’s recommended alcohol limit is under 14 units weekly, researchers still suggest less, as the risk of cardiovascular diseases can still be increased by even moderate amounts.
heart disease risk, healthy habits

Healthy cardiovascular habits taught young can lower heart disease risk

Teaching children about healthy habits can achieve lasting lifestyle changes, lowering cardiovascular disease risk through a multidisciplinary approach.
mental health heart disease, mental health drugs

Increased use of mental health drugs in patients with heart disease

According to a new study, nearly one in five patients with heart disease use mental health drugs, leading to almost a doubled risk of premature deaths with the condition.
alcohol atrial fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation commonly triggered by alcohol consumption

Latest study shows people may be able to reduce their risk of atrial fibrillation by avoiding certain triggers like alcohol, in consideration of other lifestyle factors.
heart cells

Scientists discover how heart cells regulate circadian rhythms through daily changes

A new study, demonstrating how circadian rhythms in heart cells alter daily heart function, may explain why shift workers are vulnerable to heart complications.
heart health

Prioritising heart health in a post pandemic environment

Dr Campbell Rogers, Chief Medical Officer at HeartFlow, examines how the healthcare industry can best prepare to combat heart disease in a post-pandemic environment.
lower your cholesterol levels

How to naturally lower your cholesterol levels

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, shares her tips on how to naturally lower your cholesterol levels without using medication.
tobacco epidemic

The tobacco ‘endgame’: Is it possible?

Dr Eduardo Bianco, Chair of the Tobacco Expert Group at the World Heart Federation discusses the ongoing battle to end the tobacco epidemic, and how e-cigarettes may be part of the problem.
managing heart failure

Managing heart failure in 2021 and beyond

Professor Carlos Aguiar, Chair of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Communication Committee and spokesperson for Heart Failure, outlines the 2021 ESC guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart failure.

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