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global cardiovascular deaths, IHD

Over half of global cardiovascular deaths happen in Asia

Over half of global cardiovascular disease (CVD) deaths in 2019 happened in Asia - now, scientists are drawing attention to rapidly climbing figures, as heart issues continue to be a risk factor for severe COVID.
plant based dinner, heart disease

Plant-based dinner could reduce risk of heart disease by 10%

According to new research from the Endocrine Society, people who eat a plant-based dinner with more whole carbs and unsaturated fats reduce "their risk of heart disease by ten percent".
cardiac deaths during pandemic, ethnic minority

Ethnic minorities had largest increase in cardiac deaths during pandemic

According to a new analysis by researchers, ethnic minorities in the US experienced disproportionately high levels of cardiac deaths during the pandemic - in comparison to the rates in 2019.
reduce stroke risk, left atrial appendage

Research shows tissue surgery can reduce stroke risk by one-third

A team found that removing the left atrial appendage reduces stroke risk in heart patients by over one-third - changing the future for outcomes.
heart damage

Mild COVID-19 infection is unlikely to cause permanent heart damage

According to a new study by researchers at UCL, mild COVID-19 infection is highly unlikely to cause lasting heart damage.
heart bypass

Black patients are more likely than white patients to die after heart surgery

A new study has found that Black patients are more likely to die after their heart bypass surgery than white patients in the same hospitals.
diagnose heart attacks, blood test

Scientists work on blood test to diagnose heart attacks

Scientists are creating a blood test that can quickly diagnose heart attacks - by looking for the "unique fingerprint" of a heart attack.
lower your cholesterol levels

How to naturally lower your cholesterol levels

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, shares her tips on how to naturally lower your cholesterol levels without using medication.
heart failure drug

Heart failure drug may treat COVID-19 long-hauler symptom

Researchers have found that an existing heart failure drug can improve the symptoms associated with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome.
reduce COVID-19 death, ECMO

ECMO machine reduces COVID-19 deaths by 45% for “sickest patients”

According to data collected by 400 healthcare professionals at the worst moment of the US outbreak, the life support machine that acts in place of the heart and lungs is crucial to reducing COVID-19 deaths for the critically ill.
heart transplant

Adaptation after heart transplantation: A framework for the future

Anna Forsberg, Professor of Transplant Nursing at Lund University and Chair of the ETAHP Committee at the ESOT, explores a key area of development in heart transplant nursing as part of the build-up to ESOT Congress 2021.
cardiac diagnosis, AF

A new era in cardiac diagnosis

Justin Hall, GM and VP EMEA, iRhythm Technologies, explores how modern technology is helping to diagnose Atrial Fibrillation (AF).
foetal development, sweet uterus

Consequences of foetal development in a “sweet” uterus: The short-and long-term transgenerational outcomes

Jane C Khoury & Shelley R Ehrlich from Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, highlight the consequences of foetal development in a “sweet” uterus – including the short- and long-term transgenerational outcomes.
mamallian dive response, death

The Elephant in the Water: The mammalian dive response and sudden death

Frank F Vincenzi, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, tells us about the mammalian dive response (MDR), drawing on the case of the woman who developed a fatal heart rhythm while SCUBA diving.
heart attack risk, diabetes

Research finds that women experience increased heart attack risk

According to the American Heart Association, women face a stronger heart attack risk than men - they are 20% more likely to develop heart failure, and to die.
COVID-19 brain complications, hypertension

Diabetes increases risk of COVID-19 brain complications

New research finds that bleeding and stroke are COVID-19 brain complications that are more frequent in people with diabetes and hypertension.
salt reduction

Salt: The forgotten pandemic

Mhairi Brown, Policy and Public Affairs Manager for Action on Salt, stresses the need for Public Health England to implement a strict and ambitious salt reduction policy.
stroke drugs

NHS saves millions on highly effective stroke drugs

Researchers from the Health Economics Unit and University of Leeds looked at the cost of treating strokes and found that the drugs prescribed are so effective they save the NHS money.
depression anxiety and heart disease, cambridge

Depression, anxiety and heart disease connected via same brain region

Researchers at Cambridge University found that over-activity in one brain region links depression, anxiety, and heart disease.
treatments for heart failure,

Innovative treatments for heart failure

Prof Dr Joost Sluijter, Professor, Cellular and Translational Cardiology at University Medical Center Utrecht shares an in-depth perspective on the needs for innovative treatments for heart failure.

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