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Voices of the Windrush Generation and Black British History,

‘Representation really matters’: Why Black history should be taught in British schools

Black history in schools continues to be increasingly vital, as decolonising education and improving representation gives students a broader, more honest curriculum delving into systemic inequality.
Brenda Agard, Black British photographer on a photo shoot in London, 1987. Agard was instructing students on street photography. The workshop was part of the educational programming for the exhibit "Testimony: Three Blackwomen Photographers: Brenda Agard, Ingrid Pollard, Maud Sulter" at Camerawork London.

Representation and Identity: the importance of Black British history

Black British history is a key part of the thriving cultural hub that is the UK today, yet this vital part of our country’s story is little known.
studying history

Why is it important to study history?

Daniel Scarborough from Nazarbayev University examines why it is important to study history.
Man and woman looking down at ancient footprints on beach in Formby

What can we learn from ancient footprints found on a Merseyside beach?

What can we learn from the discovery of hundreds of ancient footprints belonging to animals and humans on a Merseyside beach?
Gun ownership rights rally at Montpelier Vermont

Modern American gun ownership values can be linked to slavery

American gun ownership trends in the present day can be historically tied to the number of people who were enslaved in U.S. counties in 1860 Researchers have found a correlation between US locations with higher percentages of enslaved people in 1860 and the more guns its residents in those areas...
Esports team concept

Esports at the Commonwealth Games: A step in the right direction?

Last weekend’s Commonwealth Esports Championships marked yet another milestone for the world of competitive video gaming.
Milk for sale in supermarket

Why do Europeans have lactose tolerance?

Famine and disease were the catalyst for the evolution of lactose tolerance in Europe, and explain why others are lactose intolerant.

Why did the T-Rex have tiny arms?

The discovery of a giant new dinosaur may explain why the T-Rex and so many other prehistoric meat-eaters had such tiny arms.
poisonings, assassinations, poison, poisoned, toxicology

The Historical Significance of Toxicology

Poisons have also been wielded as tools of assassination or intimidation in quests for political and/or financial gain and crimes of passion. Here, we provide a brief review of (in)famous poisonings from ancient to modern human history.

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