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Laboratory equipment working for sterilization

Why AI in hospitals is crucial for safety

Chris Bishop, Sales Director APAC & Marketing Director at Ipsotek, discusses why AI in hospitals is so important for our safety, security and surveillance.
Female nurse showing something to doctor on tablet at the hospital - High angle view

How Enterprise Architecture accelerates digital transformation in healthcare

Enterprise Architecture could help provide a boost to the healthcare sector, enabling and accelerating the tech transformation. But how do we implement it?
man in a patient waiting room

Digital transformation to help GPs & hospitals cut patient waiting times

Marie Loizides, Associate Director of Performance Analytics at Barking, Havering, and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust, explains how the digital transformation of MSK referrals helped GPs & hospitals work smarter to cut patient waiting times.
Senior patient looking through window at hospital

The cavalry isn’t coming: health and social care reform will come from within

In order to deliver true health and social care reform, we need to remove silos and develop an at-home care strategy.
Doctor wheeling patient

Addressing the mental health crisis amongst emergency response workers

Fast-paced environments, demanding schedules, and high-stakes decision-making all contribute to the stressful environment emergency response workers endure daily.
Hand pushing nurse call button . patient press red emergency button to calling nurse for help in hospital. Mother hand pressing emergency nurse call button while her daughter have a high fever.

Redesigning medical alarms to improve public health

Researchers at McMaster University and Vanderbilt University explain how could changing the tune of hospital medical alarms could improve public health.
Ambulance vans front of Guy`s Hospital - one of largest medical / teaching facility

At-home emergency ‘virtual wards’ could reduce NHS waiting times

The government are drafting an ‘Urgent and Emergency Care Plan’ to combat the long NHS waiting times and its impact on patients – with the use of technology.
woman working on an EHR in a hospital

What are the benefits of custom EHR over the standard?

In over a decade, electronic health records (EHR) solutions have become an indispensable tool for the healthcare industry players.
Save Our NHS protest demonstration - London.

Reforming the UK’s health and care system through design

The UK’s health and care system is long overdue reform, as needs have shifted and technology has advanced since the NHS was founded in 1948.

Elderly care and digital health in Scotland

The priorities of Scottish Government Health Secretary Humza Yousaf MSP, especially elderly care and digital health, are underlined here by Open Access Government.
hospital in London, UK

Avoiding the heat decarbonisation performance gap

Chris Davis, VP Marketing at Hysopt, explains how NHS Trusts and other public sector organisations can avoid additional risks and costs of heat decarbonisation across their estates.
hospital estate

Decarbonising the NHS hospital estate – Towards net zero

Richard Spencer, Construction and Operation & Maintenance Director at E.ON, details decarbonising your hospital estate in the road towards net zero.
person controlling air conditioning in hospital with remote - Climate-smart healthcare

Climate-smart healthcare: Resilience against climate health threats

Mireia Figueras Alsius, Climate Officer at Health Care Without Harm Europe, directs our thoughts towards climate-smart healthcare, including comments on extreme weather events.
Medicine on the background of patient in intensive care

Tackling the backlog to take pressure off frontline NHS services

Technology could reduce waiting times for secondary care to help relieve the pressure on the frontline NHS services this winter.
patients wait for doctors and nurses in the hospital

Could volunteers help to tackle the problem with NHS waiting lists?

Recent figures show that the number of people in England NHS waiting lists has jumped to a record 6.8 million - but could this decrease with volunteers?

Reducing falls and fractures with low-intensity vibration

MyBones explores the relationship between falls and fractures, and the importance of preventative care.
doctors and nurses dealing with Long Covid patients

Long COVID lessons learned beyond the pandemic

The Long COVID lessons learned beyond the COVID-19 pandemic are detailed here by leading Professors working on the University College London STIMULATE-ICP programme.
digital healthcare

20 years of impactful healthcare innovation

Graham Watson, Executive Chair at InnoScot Health, explains how the firm’s special 20th anniversary celebrates international healthcare innovation success.
clinicians in a hospital lab

Secure remote healthcare collaboration

Remote healthcare communication tools can be highly effective and useful for collaboration, clinical assessments, and surgical training, finds Ingo Aicher, Managing Director at Jones AV Limited.

Challenges, progress, opportunities: European and Central Asian health systems

New WHO studies look at health systems across 14 countries in Europe and Central Asia to reveal how to better invest in and benefit the health of millions.

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