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woman having an eye test done at the optician

The role optical practices play in dealing with eye problems

Daryl Newsome FBDO R CL SMC(Tech), President of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians, examines the important role that optical practices can play in dealing with eye problems.
Heart surgery for patient

Black patients and women less likely to receive care for heart failure

Black patients and female patients with heart failure who qualify as candidates for surgery have a lower chance of getting that operation than white patients or male patients.
Smoker and vaper using a disposable smoking item

Smokers and vapers are 45% more likely to die from COVID-19

Smokers or vapers prior to hospitalisation for COVID-19 were more likely to experience severe complications, and die from COVID-19, than their counterparts.
NHS pay equality protest strike

The 4.5% NHS pay rise works out at a loss for workers

More than one million staff are to receive the NHS pay rise of at least £1,400 – with the lowest earners getting up to 9.3% in England.
Woman waits by train platform as she checks her phone

Improving patient care starts with technology

Liam Canavan illustrates the potential of technology in improving patient care, such as reducing waiting times for medical diagnosis and treatment.
health systems, tourism

Better health systems: putting health at the heart of tourism

Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge & Dr Natasha Azzopardi Muscat explain the importance of putting health at the heart of tourism, including a commitment made in this vein by Europe’s smallest countries to better health systems.
emergency department, cannabis users

Cannabis users 22% more likely to need emergency care and hospitalisation

Emergency department attendance and instances requiring hospitalisations are 22% higher among cannabis users compared with those who do not.
precision cancer medicine

Who will pay for the precision cancer medicine revolution?

Ketil Widerberg, General Manager of Oslo Cancer Cluster, describes the complexities of implementing precision cancer medicine in Norway and suggests a way forward.
solar powered hospitals, net zero

Could solar powered hospitals be the future of net zero health?

Updates to the Castle Hill Hospital in Hull show that solar powered hospitals may be the next step towards net zero health in the NHS decarbonisation strategy.
net zero operation, nhs

The first net zero operation conducted in the NHS

The first net zero operation has been conducted by surgeons in the NHS ­– with the patient safely recovering from a keyhole procedure to remove a bowel cancer.
Diagnostic hubs

Diagnostic hubs: A short-term fix for a long-term problem?

Collette Johnson, Head of Marketing at Sanome, turns the spotlight onto diagnostic hubs. Are they a short-term fix for a long-term problem, she asks.
racial medical guidelines, healthcare

Racial medical guidelines to be removed from US healthcare

A paediatricians’ group in the US have made moves to abandon racial medical guidelines, which create disparities in healthcare.

NHS carbon emissions set to miss 2040 net zero goal

The NHS has pledged Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040, yet annual reports indicate the NHS are to miss this goal – adaption to necessary circular economy models is crucial.
ultrasound bursts, kidney stones

Ultrasound bursts provide non-invasive treatment for kidney stones

As the first alternative for non-invasive treatment of kidney stones, ultrasound bursts can actually break up kidney stones – making it easier for them to pass on their own.
medical gender equality, male doctors

Male doctors can undermine medical gender equality initiatives

Male doctors overestimating female representation could weaken medical gender equality initiatives, hindering true progress in representation.
omicron variant, three vaccine doses

Three vaccine doses give 86% efficacy against Omicron variant

Data finds that three vaccine doses can give 86% protection against the Omicron variant, reducing the chances of severe COVID-19 and death.
face mask mandates, vaccine

Continued COVID face mask mandates could save healthcare billions

Maintaining face mask mandates and use between two to 10 weeks after vaccination could save almost $3 billion in direct medical costs across the U.S..
severe cases of covid-19, care access

Severe cases of COVID-19 can be linked to postal address

Unequal access to care is an ongoing issue reframed by the pandemic, where socially vulnerable areas had more severe cases of COVID-19.
healthcare wages, covid-19

Healthcare wages and employment during the height of COVID-19

The average wages for healthcare workers rose less than wages in other industries during 2020 and the first six months of 2021 across the US – despite the pandemic causing healthcare burnout.
ecmo shortages, health complications

ECMO shortages caused 90% of deaths of adults with COVID

Higher mortality has been found in patients with COVID-19 who did not receive ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) – despite many having no health complications.

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