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Microbes in the sea water

How can deep ocean microbes thrive without sunlight?

Evidence is questioning the idea that deep ocean microbes are fuelled through sunlight photosynthesis by suggesting hydrogen and carbon monoxide may have more significance than previously thought.
Seawater with sea foam as seamless background

Green hydrogen produced from seawater with nearly 100% efficiency

Researchers have successfully split seawater to produce green hydrogen, a highly reactive fuel alternative that reduces emissions.
Experiment with hydrogen cells

Solar powered hydrogen could drive down costs of sustainable alternatives

A new kind of solar panel has achieved 9% efficiency in converting water into solar powered hydrogen and oxygen, mimicking natural photosynthesis.
shipping cargo containers transportation logistics

Decarbonising the entire UK transport system

The Department for Transport’s efforts to decarbonise the entire UK transport system are charted here by Open Access Government.

The role of hydrogen in decarbonising the rail industry

Challenges to decarbonise the rail industry can be tackled by innovation, switching to hydrogen trains and other, greener transport.
Car made of green leaves

The real potential of hydrogen fuel cells: Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ Solution

Swiss inventor Francois Isaac de Rivaz created the world’s first internal combustion engine vehicle powered by hydrogen in 1807. Yet, hydrogen fuel cells have not become part of the mainstream fuel mix in mobility circles.

The future of hydrogen in a net zero world

Minesh Patel, the Sales Manager at 2G Energy, analyses the role of water in a net zero world, discussing hydrogen production and electrolysis.
Aerial view oil and gas chemical tanker in open sea, Refinery Industry cargo ship

Hydrogen technology for maritime industry decarbonisation

Vidal Bharath, Chief Commercial Officer at Bramble Energy, explains why hydrogen technology is key to maritime industry decarbonisation.
Credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI. Image processing: J. DePasquale (STScI).

Cosmic hourglass captured by the JWST reveals birth of a star

Observing an ethereal cosmic hourglass courtesy of the James Webb Space Telescope has revealed the birth of a very young star or ‘protostar’.
H2 hydrogen molecule in the liquid. 3d illustration

Innovation funding granted to ensure the recovery of hydrogen from waste

UK government funding has been granted to a team at the University of Manchester in an effort to safeguard energy security through the recovery of hydrogen from waste.
Green hydrogen production offshore: developing accepted solutions PtX production platform

Green hydrogen production offshore: developing accepted solutions

GERICS discusses the production of green hydrogen offshore for sustainable energy solutions in Germany.
Peak District views

Net zero transport for tourists in the Peak District

The trial for ‘PEAK Express’, a hydrogen-powered net zero transport option for tourists travelling to the Peak District in the UK, has commenced.

Enhancing waste valorisation for a sustainable industry

The development of more sustainable technologies for energy-intensive industry is imperative to meet ambitious targets by 2050.
corrosion, geothermal energy

Increasing efficiency: High-temperature corrosion & materials research

The University of Iceland charts the opportunities & challenges concerning the utilisation of geothermal energy, understanding high-temperature corrosion.
germany's future

Education, science & research for Germany’s future

Promoting the policy areas of education, science and research are crucial for Germany’s future prosperity according to the BMBF.

Artificial Photosynthetic Chemical Process (ARPChem) project in Japan: achievements and future challenges

Here, Professor Kazunari Domen, Shinshu University and The University of Tokyo, summarizes the 10-year ARPChem project conducted from 2012 to 2022 under the support of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).
stationary fuel cells

Stationary fuel cells reliably boosting industry growth

Frank Wolak, President and CEO, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association, argues here that stationary fuel cells reliably boost industry growth.
european hydrogen economy, hydrogen

President von der Leyen pushes for European hydrogen economy

EU leaders push for the implementation of a European hydrogen economy, to replace reliance on Russian energy sources.
blue hydrogen

‘Blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas and coal, say researchers

Cornell and Stanford University researchers believe blue hydrogen may be harming the climate more than burning fossil fuels
low-carbon technologies, Innovation fund

European Commission puts €1.1 billion into 7 low-carbon technologies

The Commission signed €1.1 billion of grant agreements, allocated for seven low-carbon technologies which will substantially reduce emissions - within the first ten years.

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