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Investment is usually to allocate money into something that will reap benefit in the future. Durable goods, real estate, factories, product development and research and development are all viable options for investment. The most common of however is investing in financial assets.
Opportunities to invest are always appearing, some beneficial and others not. The rising popularity and success of cryptocurrency in the last few years have shown high amounts of people investing in things such a bitcoin. Investors involved in riskier opportunities expect a higher return. The risks involved with investing are the chances of losing your initial amount and gaining nothing.

African girls carrying water from the well, Ethiopia, Africa

Tax transparency could further SDG progress and human rights attainment

Some of the private sectors can make a positive impact towards achieving the UN’s SDGs simply by paying tax – but also by exercising tax transparency.
Currency and Exchange Stock Chart for Finance and Economy Display

Redefining how we work to navigate economic uncertainty

Director & Co Founder Fergus Magennis at Invoka Consulting explores how economic uncertainty is affecting organisations and the public sector, and how digital transformation can help.
Close-up of young businessman pointing on the data presented in the chart with pen while working in creative office

How to manage your business cash flow during a recession

A recession can lead to business cash flow problems in your organisation, here's how you can learn to recession-proof your finances with effective cash flow management.

Where next for the Levelling Up Fund?

Tom Stannard, Chair of the Institute of Economic Development, ponders where next for the Levelling Up Fund.
A person checking stock market data on a mobile device.

The rise of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market

The cryptocurrency market, a digital or virtual currency marketplace that uses cryptography for security, has been on the rise in recent years.
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Addressing the UK’s economic crisis in the public sector

As it stands right now, it is not controversial to say that the UK is experiencing an economic crisis – but what can be done to protect the stability of its public sector?
geospatial data

Climate risk: Fund managers and the geospatial industry need geospatial data

Why has Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) changed, and how is geospatial data being under-utilised for fund managers and real estate portfolio holders?

Levelling Up White Paper: Collaboration within higher education?

David Marlow, Managing Director of Third Life Economics and a member of the Institute of Economic Development, discusses local, regional, national, global and institutional issues as a result of the Levelling Up White Paper, which could affect universities’ support for economic development.
levelling up

New forms of leadership needed to drive Levelling Up

Professor Kiran Trehan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships and Engagement at the University of York, an organisational member of the Institute of Economic Development, argues the case for new forms of leadership to drive economic development and innovation.
Miniature people : Businessman planning work process. Image use for finding solution/solve, innovation for business.

Britain’s medium-sized innovation businesses: Held back from achieving full potential

Tris Dyson, MD of Challenge Works, argues that Britain’s medium-sized innovation businesses are being held back from achieving their full potential.
EV charging point outside a property in London

Grants can help landlords install EV charge points in their properties

EV charge points are becoming more essential for those with electric vehicles, but how can they be more accessible to owners?
Children's mental health

Children’s mental health in Africa

OAG examines the state of investment in and provision of adolescents and children’s mental health services in Africa.
social value

Social value: A better investment all round

Paul Styler, Director of Infrastructure Solutions, ETL, argues that social value can be a greater driver for investment over financial gain.
microchip production lithuania, china microchip

Taiwan announces $200 million for microchip production in Lithuania

Taiwan announced a $200 million investment for microchip production in Lithuania, with a further $1 billion credit programme for innovation.
covid-19 emerging markets

The challenge of COVID-19 for emerging markets

Adam Heuman, Vice-President Global Development and Communication, EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation, sheds light on the challenge of COVID-19 for emerging markets.
regulatory technology

How regulatory technology delivers compliance ROI

Vivek Dodd, co-founder of Skillcast, discusses how regulatory technology (RegTech) can help businesses avoid fines, breaches, reduce costs and deliver Return on Investment (ROI).
cyber security defence

R&D investments spearhead cyber security defence

The Digital Security by Design (DSbD) challenge received two new funding awards which will help prevent cyber security attacks.
UK and India

UK and India strengthen economic ties to boost jobs and investment

Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and the Indian Minister of Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman have agreed to strengthen the economic relationship between India and the UK to boost jobs and investment.
company audits

How important are early company audits?

In this finance focus, we consider why early company audits are so important for business credibility and increasing investment.
stormy economies

PE must chart stormy economies to capitalise on choice companies

Seasoned PE expert Martin Soderberg, Partner at SPEAR Capital says that private equity must chart stormy economies to capitalise on choice companies.

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