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Exploring the Cartwheel Galaxy through James Webb

The James Webb Space Telescope is continuing to open our eyes to the wonders of our universe and the galaxies within it including what is known as the ‘Cartwheel Galaxy” 200-300 million years ago, ESO 350-40 or the Cartwheel galaxy experienced a head-on collision that sent a shock wave through...
an image of Jupiter from Space

Why doesn’t Jupiter have rings?

Due to its size, Jupiter should theoretically have even more specular rings than Saturn however research has shown that its massive moons are preventing this.
unseen universe, JWST

The unseen universe, a new era for astronomy through James Webb

NASA has revealed a selection of new images from the James Webb Space Telescope JWST – allowing us to gain a whole new vision of the universe.
James Webb, infrared, viewing the universe

Viewing the universe anew: James Webb reveals its first infrared image

NASA has released the first official image from its current large-scale telescope project – the James Webb Space Telescope. Enabling America to "go places no one has ever gone before"
satellite galaxy, james webb space telescope

James Webb Space Telescope takes photo of satellite galaxy

The James Webb Space Telescope, now fully calibrated, has taken an image of a neighbouring satellite galaxy.

Looking through time with the James Webb Space telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope has arrived at its new home and is preparing to calibrate its mirrors and start collecting data on the universe
james webb telescope, james webb mirror

James Webb Telescope successfully unfolds mirror in space

NASA have successfully unfolded the 21-foot gold-coated primary mirror of the James Webb telescope, which is the largest telescope to be launched into space.

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