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Microplastics and plastic pollution

COP27 is an opportunity for Rishi Sunak to ban microplastics

COP27 could be a perfect opportunity for new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to ban microplastics in everyday products by changing manufacturing laws.
Various types of Covid masks hanging to dry/air out on washing line against a clear blue sky

Plastic pollution and how COVID-19 contributed to the problem

Plastic pollution has been an issue since the 1960s, but when mask-wearing, single-use plastics and hand sanitiser bottles became the norm, things only got worse.
Person drinking cup of water with microplastics in

Eco-friendly filter can remove microplastics in water

The world's first eco-friendly filter has been developed that can remove micro-to-nano-sized microplastics in water.
fish robot, Microplastics

The light-activated fish robot designed to collect microplastics

Researchers have invented a light-activated fish robot that "swims" around quickly and removes microplastics from the water.
polymer physics, cambridge smart plastics

Polymer physics: The possible future of global plastic use

We talk to Professor of Polymer Physics Eugene Terentjev, at the University of Cambridge, about the future of plastic.

Scientists create hydrogen-based way to recycle plastic bottles

Plastic bottles take up to 450 years to biodegrade naturally, so recycling them quickly is crucial for the environment - Northwestern University chemists may have a new strategy.
Microplastics carrying pathogens, Crypto, land pathogens

Research finds microplastics carrying pathogens into sea

Microplastics carrying pathogens into the ocean via land based parasites are affecting wildlife and human health.
tumble drying, microfibres

Reduce air pollution from microfibres by avoiding tumble drying

Tumble drying laundry can worsen air pollution, as it releases vast amounts of possibly harmful microfibres into the air, if not coupled with more eco-friendly methods.
Microplastic babies, nanoplastics

Microplastics found in placenta and newborns

Researchers looking at plastics’ connection with pregnancy and children's health, find that placenta can absorb nanoplastics during pregnancy, affecting babies when born.
nanoplastic snow

Nanoplastics in snow: The extensive impact of plastic pollution

Plastic has been found everywhere, from plastic pollution in the oceans, to microplastics in food – researchers have now located nanoplastic particles in the snow.
consumer plastics

Nurdles: Tiny building blocks of consumer plastics & a growing environmental health threat

Pamela Lein, University of California, Davis, explains nurdles - tiny building blocks of consumer plastics & growing environmental threat
circular plastic model

Transforming plastic use with a circular model

New research provides a model of the global scale of plastic development, tracing where it’s produced, where it ends up, and its environmental impact.
Antarctic seawater samples

Identifying microplastics in Antarctic seawater samples

Research has identified how microplastics are being found in the Antarctic, by testing seawater samples they found that paint and varnish are the most prominent source of microplastics in the region's sea.
ban single-use plastics

Inside England’s plans to ban single-use plastics

Single-use plastics could be banned in England in the latest Government proposal to stop production and consumption of all avoidable plastic waste.
babies microplastics, microplastics

Babies consume 10 times as many microplastics as adults

In a study conducted on babies in New York, scientists found that babies contain 10 times as many microplastics as adults - raising serious questions about how exposure happens.
harmful chemicals makeup, PFAS

Scientists find “harmful chemicals” in over 75% of makeup

Scientists tested makeup across the US and Canada for harmful chemicals - they found that over 75% of products tested contained PFAS, which are "forever chemicals".
plastic waste fuel, washington state

Scientists find way to turn plastic waste into jet fuel

A team of researchers at Washington State University have found a way to turn 90% of plastic waste into jet fuel within the space of an hour.
plastic use, recycling

Let’s learn how to use plastic anew!

Research Professor Ali Harlin urges us to reconsider our plastic use and illustrates how the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is aiming to halve the environmental impact of plastics.
largest european ice cap, microplastics

Scientists find microplastics in largest European ice cap

Scientists have discovered microplastics in the largest European ice cap - which can influence the way that glaciers melt and behave, impacting rising sea levels.
household carbon footprint, household

Digital solutions to reduce household carbon footprint

Gavin Ellis, Director and Co-Founder of Hubbub, discusses how digital solutions can be used to help households reduce their carbon footprint and save money.

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