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water on the Moon

UK scientists join NASA’s mission to investigate water on the Moon

A team of UK scientists from the Science and Technology Facilities Council’s (STFC) RAL Space and the Open University (OU) are collaborating on the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA mission to investigate the occurrence and behaviour of water on the Moon.
venus 2030, NASA

NASA announces two missions to Venus for 2030

NASA have not visited Venus in 30 years - now, two new missions have been announced to launch in 2028-2030, with the aim of understanding how the once Earth-like planet became a "hothouse".
planets that contain life, iron

Scientists use new strategy to find planets that contain life

Scientists have a list of 4,000 possibly Earth-like planets orbiting stars like the Sun, but only some have the possibility to be planets that contain life - how can they be identified?
drone on mars, NASA drone

NASA flies drone on Mars for first time

Yesterday (19 April), the Ingenuity drone on Mars became the first in history to make a controlled flight on another planet - climbing to a height of 10 feet and then touching back down on the red surface.

Searching for Skylab: America’s forgotten triumph in Space

Space Historian, Writer and Film Director, Dwight Steven-Boniecki tells the incredible story of Skylab, America’s forgotten triumph in space.
perseverance rover

NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully lands on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover will make its final descent to Mars on the 18th of February 2021 at approximately 12:55 p.m. PST.
life on Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover searches for life on Mars

NASA's Perservance rover will begin its descent to Mars today (18th February) in search of microbial life on the Red Planet.
star formation, NASA

Six new images from Hubble show how star formation works

Hubble released images of six galaxies in a nod to the spirit of the New Year, which make up part of their star formation exploration.
Space exploration

Space exploration: The ultimate test of our capabilities

Here, Dr. John Bates, CEO at Eggplant, discusses how mission-critical software testing for space exploration can be done quickly and efficiently with the aid of new technology.
final frontier, asgardia

Meeting the real-life enterprise taking humans to the final frontier

Dr Lena De Winne, Head of Information and Communications at Asgardia, speaks of how the endeavours of the billionaire class could soon become a reality for a mass audience.
human body in space, NASA twins study

NASA research reveals what happens to human body in space

Results from NASA's landmark Twins Study reveals interesting, surprising and reassuring data about how one human body in space adapted to, then recovered from, that extreme environment.
space race after brexit, european space agency

Fighting for the space race after Brexit breakup

Dividing up video games, fighting over who keeps the Netflix account and arranging joint custody of the dog: Mark Sewell discusses the impending global space race after Brexit.
public procurement

The value-based public procurement nurse in Europe

Paul De Raeve, Secretary General of the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) places the value-based public procurement nurse under the spotlight in Europe.

Microbes and the rigour of space flight

William B. Miller, Jr., M.D. argues that without the planning to do so, we have launched microbial life from this planet
international space station

Space: Reaching out to new heights to benefit mankind

Open Access Government reveals the exciting mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and how the United States aims to reach out to new heights to benefit mankind when it comes to exploring space and beyond
Nasa spacecraft

Nasa spacecraft set to crash into Saturn’s atmosphere in ‘kiss goodbye’

Nasa spacecraft Cassini, a veteran traveller of the Solar System, is set to complete its mission and crash into Saturn's atmosphere this week The international Cassini space probe is set to complete its mission at the end of this week, plunging into Saturn's atmosphere, destroying the materials of the Nasa...

Addressing the world’s water shortage

Acute shortage of drinking water reserves across the globe is one of the biggest problems these days. According to the study conducted by NASA in cooperation with the University of California on the underground natural reservoirs of water for the period of 2003-2013, the water supplies in underground aquifers...

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