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senior clinicians

NHS senior clinicians to be given more flexible pensions

High-earning senior clinicians will be able to save into their NHS pension without facing significant tax charges, under plans launched by the government today.
pension schemes

New tools allow pension schemes to deliver greater value for savers

New tools helping pension schemes deliver greater value for money for millions of savers have been launched by the Cost Transparency Initiative.
retirement aspirations

Are you financially prepared for your retirement aspirations?

A UK survey produced by Equity Release Supermarket has revealed that there is a clear disconnect between many people’s retirement aspirations and their current financial provision.
staff crisis

GP numbers fall as pension complexities add to looming NHS staff crisis

New research carried out by the Nuffield Trust highlights the growing staff crisis in the NHS with the first sustained fall in GP numbers in half a century.
New UK pension scheme, collective defined contribution

New UK pension scheme: “Could deliver improved returns for millions”

Amber Rudd backed plans for the first Collective Defined Contribution (CDC) in the UK, a new UK pension scheme which is currently in development.
pensioners risk, retirement

Pensioners risk £68,000 shortfall as they underestimate the cost of retirement

Pensioners risk a shortfall of more than £68,000 over the course of their retirement as 33% of Brits expect to survive solely on their state pension, new research from Nationwide Building Society shows1.
financial advice services, pension

Financial advice services reshape will boost £1.6 trillion pension assets

A radical reshaping of financial advice services used by pension schemes for long-term investment strategies will benefit millions of savers and boost the nation’s £1.6 trillion retirement assets, under plans unveiled by the government.
pensions industry

Driving business with data: Revolutionising the pensions industry

Jean-Michel Franco highlights the importance of being data-driven in the pensions industry in order to modernise and implement a successful digital transformation strategy.
pension pots, investment scammers

Protect your pension pots against investment scammers

The Insolvency Service is warning people to guard their pension pots against investment scammers and negligent trustees.
lifetime allowance, pensions

Health secretary pressures the Chancellor over pensions lifetime allowance

Matt Hancock, has revealed that tax charges on pensions are “the biggest concern I have raised with me by GPs”. Senior Cabinet Minister is also in discussions with the Chancellor over lifetime allowance.
pension protection, local government workers, public sector workers

Local government workers to receive increased pension protection

Public sector workers will receive increased pension protection in the event their job is outsourced, in new proposals.

Study finds majority of Brits are unprepared for their financial futures

New research by lMoneySuperMarket, reveals many people in the UK haven’t even started thinking about their pension or saving for when they retire.
pension engagement

Pensions engagement and digitisation on the agenda as Minister visits HiBob

Guy Opperman MP, the Minister for Pensions, has paid a visit to HiBob - the transformative people management and pensions platform - and taken part in a discussion on the digitisation of pensions and driving engagement with saving for the future
cost of retirement

Most Brits massively underestimate cost of retirement

The UK’s future pensioners look set to be cash-strapped as most Brits either have no idea or are wildly underestimating the cost of retirement
benefit cap

45,000 households move away from benefit cap and into employment

A study from the Office for National Statistics employment statistics, shows that 107,000 households are no longer limited due to the benefit cap, with 45,000 moving into full-time or part-time work The report also shows that a record high of 32.2 million people are currently in work in the UK. There...
austerity report

‘Landmark’ austerity report links policies with 120,000 deaths

A newly published austerity report has linked Conservative economic policy with the deaths of 120,000 people, urging the government to increase spending

How does the pension world look in 2017?

Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association’s Graham Vidler shares his expectations for the pension world in 2017 and the next generation of pensioners
Public sector pension case Supreme Court ruling

Judges rule long-term partner can claim public sector pension

A Northern Ireland woman has won a Supreme Court legal battle that is likely to improve the rights of unmarried couples over their public sector pension Denise Brewster was refused payments from her long-term partner’s occupational pension when he died suddenly in 2009. Arguing that the case constituted ‘serious discrimination’,...
DWP plans to close jobcentres

DWP reveals plans to close jobcentres

The Department for Work and Pensions say plans to merge or close more than 75 jobcentres up and down the country will allow them to better serve the needs of jobseekers Plans to close and merge Jobcentre Plus offices and benefit centres have been put forward by the Department for Work...

LGPS – who’s in control?

John Hanratty, Head of Pensions North at Nabarro LLP discusses the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) and how the new regulations might impact With the introduction of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) asset pools and an increased focus on the investment of LGPS assets into the infrastructure asset class,...

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