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Five industries to see reduction in employer pension contributions

Amid a cost of living crisis and the retirement age increasing, employees are worried about cuts in employer pension contributions - who will be the worst hit?
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Gender savings gap: Women save 35% less than men in the UK

Women across the UK save a third less than their male counterparts due to a gender savings gap, leaving a disparity of 40% between men and women at the age of retirement.
pension planners

What do ceding provider delays mean for pension planners?

Andrew Megson, Executive Chairman of  My Pension Expert , explains what ceding provider delays mean for pension planners and how they can protect their money by understanding their customer rights.
pension industry

What does the Budget have in store for the pension industry?

Andrew Megson, Executive Chairman, My Pension Expert, discusses what the pension industry hopes to see from the Budget 2021 and explains what the touted changes could mean for UK savers.
Free Wills Month

Free Wills Month: Why we must confront the taboo of wills

In recognition of Free Wills Month, Andrew Megson, executive chairman of My Pension Expert, stresses that we should not bury our heads in the sand when it comes to arranging a will.
pension pot

Protecting your pension pot, post-COVID 19

Andrew Megson, executive chairman, My Pension Expert, discusses the financial pressures brought about by the coronavirus, and how consumers can plan for retirement and protect their pension pot in such uncertain times.
pension panic

Tackling pension panic during the coronavirus pandemic

Here, Andrew Megson, Executive Chairman at My Pension Expert, discusses whether COVID-19 has caused widespread pension panic.
retirement age

Is there a case for differentiated longevity adjustment of the retirement age?

Professors of Economics Svend E. Hougaard Jensen and Gylfi Zoega call for public-private partnership as they discuss adjustments of the retirement age and pension funds according to life expectancy.
pensioners risk, retirement

Pensioners risk £68,000 shortfall as they underestimate the cost of retirement

Pensioners risk a shortfall of more than £68,000 over the course of their retirement as 33% of Brits expect to survive solely on their state pension, new research from Nationwide Building Society shows1.
benefits of workplace pensions

What are the benefits of workplace pensions?

Here, Nic Redfern, Finance Director, KnowYourMoney.co.uk discusses the benefits of workplace pensions.
workplace pension schemes

What are the benefits of workplace pension schemes?

Rachel Meadows, Head of Proposition – Pensions & Savings at Broadstone, offers financial advice about understanding the benefits that you have within your workplace pension schemes.
budget delay

Budget delay could fuel NHS pension crisis, says Tilney

Graham MacLeod, financial planning director at Tilney, looks at the ongoing issues and what impact the Budget delay could have on the NHS pension crisis.
pension taxation

Guidance to reduce NHS pension taxation impact published

Guidance outlining measures that can be taken to reduce the impact of pension taxation on the NHS has been published by NHS Employers.
retirement fund

Retirement fund is top saving priority for Brits

Over half (58%) of Brits wish they had invested in their future and retirement fund at an earlier age, according to new research by Nottingham Building Society.
nhs pension scheme

How can we save the NHS Pension Scheme?

Gary Smith, chartered financial planner at Tilney, responds to the Government’s proposals to deal with the current crisis facing members of the NHS Pension Scheme.
pension change, bma

Doctors’ Union: Pension change is “step forward” but more needed

The British Medical Association (BMA) has acknowledged the pension change “step forward” by the Government, after a year’s worth of lobbying by the doctors’ union.
NHS pension change, senior doctors

NHS pension change: Senior doctors to have more flexibility

Today (7 August) Matt Hancock will propose an NHS pension change, via a public consultation over rules governing the amount that senior doctors put into their pension.
pension allowance

Scrapping the tapered pension allowance should be Sajid Javid’s priority

The appointment of Sajid Javid as Chancellor provides new hope for fixing the pension allowance crisis argues Gary Smith, Chartered Financial Planner at Tilney.
social care crisis, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister, NHS Confederation

PM Boris Johnson must solve social care crisis says NHS Confederation

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson must solve social care crisis, boost capital spending and reform NHS pensions, says NHS Confederation.
senior clinicians

NHS senior clinicians to be given more flexible pensions

High-earning senior clinicians will be able to save into their NHS pension without facing significant tax charges, under plans launched by the government today.

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