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One disposable Plastic cup floats in the Ocean. Seemingly harmless, it represents the massive environmental issue that is Global Ocean Pollution. Plastic in the Ocean is said to be one of the largest threats to our ocean ecosystems. Over 8 million tonnes is dumped in the Ocean every year. Discarded, abandoned or obsolete items which become dangerous garbage, is responsible for the deaths of huge amounts of Marine Life every year, through entanglement and consumption. Image obtained whilst scuba diving at Ko Haa, Andaman sea, Krabi Province, Thailand. Taken using Sony mirrorless camera in underwater housing, with Inon Z330 strobe lighting.

Estimating the age of microplastics in the upper ocean

By estimating the age of microplastics in the ocean, researchers are finding a difference between the degradation of offshore and nearshore microplastics.
plastic factory and recycling hub

Innovative plastic-free packaging projects to receive £3.2 million

UKRI’s Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging Challenge (SSPP) is funding plastic-free packaging innovation projects for a range of food, personal and cleaning products.
Chrysaora melanaster, Japanese sea nettle swimming inside aquarium.

Revolutionary underwater robot designed to remove waste from the ocean

Researchers pilot-test their jellyfish-inspired underwater robot to collect waste from the bottom of the ocean, which interacts gently with its environment without disturbing it.
water bottles in the ocean

Why we’re turning plastic waste into eco-conscious clothing

Upcycled Medical Ltd explores why they're turning plastic waste into eco-conscious clothing.
Close up side shot of microplastics lay on people hand.Concept of water pollution and global warming. Climate change idea.

Detecting and catching microplastics in our tap water using light

Using surface-enhanced Raman scattering, researchers have revealed a new way of detecting and catching microplastics in our tap water, and the key is light.
At the recycling center, plastic bottles are collected and packed for recycling

Could plastic upcycling close the carbon cycle?

A newly developed plastic upcycling process works for low-density polyethylene and polypropylene products that are currently forgotten about in the recycling process in the U.S.
Bioplastics and back: Bacterial construction and degradation methods

Bioplastics and back: Bacterial construction and degradation methods

Bioplastics are a subject of increasing interest due to demand for traditional petroleum alternatives. Several pathways to bioplastic generation are known today.
Liquid Crystal Elastomers

Liquid Crystal Elastomers: Exploring smart plastics, reversible adhesion and material automation

Eugene M. Terentjev, Professor of Polymer Physics from the University of Cambridge, enlightens us on Smart Plastics, specifically on how liquid crystalline elastomers bring automation into materials.
A plant for recycling bottles

Plastic identification could put the burden of waste back on the polluters

Conducting a combination of DNA-like encoding of plastics, a research team discover plastic identification could be a strategy against the pollution crisis.
Microplastics and plastic pollution

COP27 is an opportunity for Rishi Sunak to ban microplastics

COP27 could be a perfect opportunity for new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to ban microplastics in everyday products by changing manufacturing laws.
plastic pollution in the ocean

The UK to end plastic pollution by 2040

The UK has begun a legally-binding global treaty involving businesses, environmental groups, and more, aiming to end plastic pollution by 2040.
Small red house surrounded by beautiful grassy dunes under a sunset on the Danish west coast

Climate change efforts in Denmark’s Ministry of Environment

Denmark’s Ministry of Environment is leading the nation’s efforts on climate change mitigation and developing a circular economy.
Various types of Covid masks hanging to dry/air out on washing line against a clear blue sky

Plastic pollution and how COVID-19 contributed to the problem

Plastic pollution has been an issue since the 1960s, but when mask-wearing, single-use plastics and hand sanitiser bottles became the norm, things only got worse.
Box of chips spilling over concrete floor

Could a littering heat map solve the waste problem?

Dyl Kurpil explains the value of a littering heat map in creating a proactive, intelligence-driven anti-litter strategy.
Polluted, dirty Black sea in Romania with plastic waste in the water

Time to stop passing the buck on plastic waste

Plastic waste and single-use plastic is a significant environmental, climate, and global health challenge – and it only seems to be getting worse.
Person drinking cup of water with microplastics in

Eco-friendly filter can remove microplastics in water

The world's first eco-friendly filter has been developed that can remove micro-to-nano-sized microplastics in water.
fish robot, Microplastics

The light-activated fish robot designed to collect microplastics

Researchers have invented a light-activated fish robot that "swims" around quickly and removes microplastics from the water.
advanced recycling, plastic pollution

“Advanced recycling” not the answer to plastic pollution crisis

Advanced or chemical recycling, has been incentivised by State laws in the US - but environmental advocates suggest it will only further plastic pollution.

Scientists create hydrogen-based way to recycle plastic bottles

Plastic bottles take up to 450 years to biodegrade naturally, so recycling them quickly is crucial for the environment - Northwestern University chemists may have a new strategy.
Microplastics carrying pathogens, Crypto, land pathogens

Research finds microplastics carrying pathogens into sea

Microplastics carrying pathogens into the ocean via land based parasites are affecting wildlife and human health.

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