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digital forensic methods

An up-to-date review of digital forensic methods

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have released their comprehensive review of current US digital forensic methods.
girls in care, criminalisation

‘Immense harm’ created by the criminalisation of girls in care

Girls in care frequently experience discrimination with the law, as they are overpoliced and overlooked by the system.
advances in forensic science

Four advances in forensic science could change the future

Here are four advances in forensic science that could improve criminal investigation techniques across the globe.

Model systems of medicolegal death investigation

Chief Medical Examiner Victor W. Weedn, MD, JD, highlights the ways in which medicolegal death investigation (MDI) systems vary widely in the U.S. and the world.
black lives matter, racial discourse

Black Lives Matter protests have lasting impact on racial discourse

Black Lives Matter protests bring public attention to incidents of police brutality, and also have shifted racial discourse, increasing interest in anti-racist ideas.
responses to terrorism, public safety

How can technological solutions enhance responses to terrorism?

Naz Dossa, CEO, Peoplesafe, explores how the Peoplesafe Alert service can enhance public safety through improved responses to terrorism.
autistic people, vulnerable adults

Police do not consider 48% of autistic people to be vulnerable adults

The criminal justice system is failing autistic people, as clients are commonly not given support in trials because they are not deemed “vulnerable”.
gun violence increased,

Homicide and gun violence increased in US following the pandemic

Levels of drug market activity and increased police activity in US cities were strongly associated with higher in gun violence rates during the COVID-19 pandemic.
abolish police

Extreme policy goals deter supporters of police abolition movements

Movements to “defund” and “abolish” the police swept across the U.S. following 2020 protests, but new research finds that resistance was primarily because of the movements’ policy goals, not their slogans.
ethnic minority children, youth justice involvement

How is the care system unfair for ethnic minority children?

Ethnic minority children experience disadvantages with youth justice involvement – especially when it comes to Black children.
banned from drinking

Offenders banned from drinking in crime prevention measure

Offenders being released from prison are now to be banned from drinking alcohol under new world-first plans, aiming to prevent crimes committed under the influence.
safety of women

The £5 million investment improving women’s safety at night

The Safety of Women at Night Fund will award up to £5 million to organisations looking to protect women in public spaces at night through safety initiatives.
UK police culture, sentencing police

Barrister says “institutional change” needed in UK police culture

Francesca Kirby, barrister at Red Lion Chambers, considers if there will be a shift in sentencing and UK police culture following reports of misconduct in the force.
black autism, ADHD

Where is the research into Black autism and ADHD?

Suzy Rowland, author of S.E.N.D. in the Clowns: Essential ADHD/Autism Family Guide, discusses the  need for research on Black autism and ADHD.
environmental crime enforcement

Keeping our green spaces clean with environmental crime enforcement

Dyl Kurpil, Managing Director, District Enforcement, explains why outsourcing environmental crime enforcement can not only release a financial burden on local authorities but also achieve behavioural change that delivers tangible community benefits.
stop and search powers, section 60 stop and search

UK Government expands stop and search powers for police

According to the new crime strategy, police will have increased stop and search powers - while general offenders will be made to clean public streets so "justice is seen to be done".
violence against women and girls

Government publishes new strategy to tackle violence against women and girls

Home Secretary Priti Patel has published the government’s new strategy to tackle violence against women and girls to ensure they are safe at home, online and on the streets.
law enforcement capabilities

The UK’s policing and law enforcement capabilities in Europe after Brexit

Michael Drury, Partner and Caroline Mair, Senior Associate of BCL Solicitors LLP, outline a recent Parliamentary report, which analysed where the UK stands regarding the data & tools it now has at its disposal to the police across Europe after Brexit.
data analytics

Doing time with data: The rise of data analytics in policing

Adam Mayer, Senior Manager, Qlik, discusses the impact that data analytics has had on policing and on how the Avon and Somerset Police have been at the forefront.

Facial Recognition Technology: A tool for 21st century policing

Suzanne Gallagher, Associate, BCL Solicitors LLP, explains the current legal position in the balance between human rights, privacy and the use of biometric technology by the police and other groups.

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