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20th June 2020: Rear view of two male Police Scotland officers on duty in Edinburgh, during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in St Andrew Square, during the Coronavirus pandemic. One officer is wearing protective rubber gloves. Both officers are wearing high visibility jackets with their police uniforms, with the police logo on the back. They are standing looking down the street, keeping surveillance of the crowds. They have handheld radios attached to their jackets to communicate with colleagues.

Recruitment lacks impact without staff management strategy

An increased focus on staff management and relations by HR decision-makers is essential to recruitment, argues Crown Workforce Management’s Managing Director, Mike Hawkesford.
person being arrested by the police in the UK

The Baroness Casey Review: Racism, misogyny and homophobia in policing

The Baroness Casey Review demonstrates a rigorous scratch of the surface exposing institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia within policing.
Police stand guard on Whitehall st

Met Police misconduct: 1000 sexual allegations to be investigated against officers

800 Met Police officers are being investigated, facing sexual and domestic abuse claims and other accusations of potential Met Police misconduct.
Confederate Flag Rally

US states lack effective hate crime legislation despite increasing hate crimes

Hate crimes in the United States have increased in frequency in recent years, however, legislation protecting victims is limited across many states.
The scanning of the fingerprint. High technologies of information protection and biometric identification and verification

Digital forensics in policing: Making modern practices a priority

Jon Cook, International Training Instructor, Exterro, discusses how and why digital forensics must become a part of modern policing.
Police Forensic Analyst Examining Confiscated Mobile Phone

South Wales Police transforming law enforcement via digital intelligence

Sean Millwaters, VP Sales EMEA, Cellebrite, discusses how South Wales Police is transforming law enforcement by leveraging smart technology and digital intelligence to protect and save lives.
professional investigators, at a crime scene

When, why and how legal teams should embrace professional investigators

Inquisitive, thorough, and multi-skilled professional investigators are a key weapon in a legal team’s arsenal after a client suffers a loss.
LONDON, UK - MARCH 1TH 2014. London protesters march against worldwide government corruption. In London on 1th March 2014.

Transformative change to tackle predatory police officers

Dr Emma Cunningham, Senior Lecturer Criminology, University of East London, explores how predatory police officers and police culture can transform across England and Wales to better support and protect women.

Why are UK police legitimacy and community relations so low?

Police legitimacy is at an all time low in England and Wales following a plethora of scandals from murder, misogyny, violence against women, racism and profiling which have come more and more to the fore over the past few years.
Mini figures representing police standing round illicit medicines, drugs

Financial crime: lessons from big pharma and global policing

John Binns of BCL Solicitors discusses how financial crime can be overcome, with reference to Interpol’s Operation Pangea.
poisonings, assassinations, poison, poisoned, toxicology

The Historical Significance of Toxicology

Poisons have also been wielded as tools of assassination or intimidation in quests for political and/or financial gain and crimes of passion. Here, we provide a brief review of (in)famous poisonings from ancient to modern human history.
digital forensic methods

An up-to-date review of digital forensic methods

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have released their comprehensive review of current US digital forensic methods.
girls in care, criminalisation

‘Immense harm’ created by the criminalisation of girls in care

Girls in care frequently experience discrimination with the law, as they are overpoliced and overlooked by the system.
advances in forensic science

Four advances in forensic science could change the future

Here are four advances in forensic science that could improve criminal investigation techniques across the globe.

Model systems of medicolegal death investigation

Chief Medical Examiner Victor W. Weedn, MD, JD, highlights the ways in which medicolegal death investigation (MDI) systems vary widely in the U.S. and the world.
black lives matter, racial discourse

Black Lives Matter protests have lasting impact on racial discourse

Black Lives Matter protests bring public attention to incidents of police brutality, and also have shifted racial discourse, increasing interest in anti-racist ideas.
responses to terrorism, public safety

How can technological solutions enhance responses to terrorism?

Naz Dossa, CEO, Peoplesafe, explores how the Peoplesafe Alert service can enhance public safety through improved responses to terrorism.
autistic people, vulnerable adults

Police do not consider 48% of autistic people to be vulnerable adults

The criminal justice system is failing autistic people, as clients are commonly not given support in trials because they are not deemed “vulnerable”.
gun violence increased,

Homicide and gun violence increased in US following the pandemic

Levels of drug market activity and increased police activity in US cities were strongly associated with higher in gun violence rates during the COVID-19 pandemic.
abolish police

Extreme policy goals deter supporters of police abolition movements

Movements to “defund” and “abolish” the police swept across the U.S. following 2020 protests, but new research finds that resistance was primarily because of the movements’ policy goals, not their slogans.

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