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Four considerations for rolling out a Clean Air Zone (CAZ)

Where do we begin in rolling out Clean Air Zones (CAZs) initiatives across the UK to tackle pollution and promote greener travel?
Field of cereal crops under a pink sky

How to grow cereal crops with less fertiliser, and save money

Research has discovered a new way to grow cereal crops using less fertiliser, reducing the amount of nitrogen pollution and saving billions.
air pollution and covid

An environmental and social focus on air pollution and COVID-19

We speak to Dr Elica. M. Moss, about her work with air pollution and COVID-19 – with particular focus on environmental microbiology
environmental pressures, The Brenner Motorway

The Brenner Motorway looks to the future in attempt to reduce environmental pressures

Carlo Costa, General Technical Manager explores what the future has in store for Autostrada del Brennero SpA and their environmental focus.
toxic chemicals, children's products

Toxic chemicals found in most eco-friendly children’s products

Toxic chemicals have been found in many eco-friendly children’s products – including clothing, bedding, and furniture containing PFAS chemicals.
fast fashion culture, social media

Social media “influence” accelerates fast fashion culture

Fast fashion culture, though widely disapproved of, is still on the rise as social media companies use it as a marketing ploy for adolescents.

25% of global rivers have significant pharmaceutical pollution

Data finds that over one quarter of global rivers have significant pharmaceutical pollution - including toxic levels of antibiotics.
Microplastic babies, nanoplastics

Microplastics found in placenta and newborns

Researchers looking at plastics’ connection with pregnancy and children's health, find that placenta can absorb nanoplastics during pregnancy, affecting babies when born.
soil sensors, ai technology

AI soil sensors could minimise fertiliser use in agriculture

Smart sensor AI technology can reduce environmental damage created by fertilisers, allowing farmers to use fertilisers less, and more effectively.
coastal pollution, sustainable challenge

The environmental competition to challenge coastal pollution

Geovation has launched a national challenge, to award £5000 to find a sustainable solution in tackling coastal pollution.
lockdown pollution, covid-19 lockdown

Did the COVID-19 lockdown affect pollution exposure?

Using a new modelling method to measure finer levels of nitrogen dioxide, a study finds that people had less exposure to pollution during COVID-19 lockdowns globally.
marsh pollution, sea anemones

How has marsh pollution affected the survival of sea anemones?

Scientists say the stationary sea anemone, Nematostella, has been decreasing in numbers - as it becomes severely impacted by pollution.
exposure nanoparticles

The long-term effects of exposure to nanoparticles

In toxicology & health science focus, Ken Tachibana, Sanyo-Onoda City University in Japan, walks through the long-term effects of exposure to nanoparticles
co2 monitors

Enhancing safety and learning in schools through smart CO2 monitors

Hassan Sherbaz, Solutions Architect at Connexin, explains how smart monitoring solutions can help schools make informed decisions about ventilation across their buildings to protect students.
air pollution in indoor spaces

New projects to explore how air pollution in indoor spaces affects human health

Three new research projects have received a share of £9 million to investigate how air pollution in indoor spaces can affect human health.
net zero targets, energy

The role of energy efficiency in achieving net zero targets

Reaching the net zero targets announced by countries around the world isn't just about generating cleaner energy: it will also require significant improvements in making our energy use more efficient.
urban wastewater

EU’s improving wastewater treatment helps to reduce pollution

The Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive (UWWTD) has shown an overall improvement in collection and treatment of wastewater in Europe's cities and towns.
china zero carbon, green recovery

China pledges zero-carbon emissions by 2060

Recently, China’s President Xi Jinping announced a shocking pledge for the country to achieve zero-carbon emissions by 2060.
CO2 waste emissions

New technology could turn CO2 waste emissions into useful materials

A new technology has been developed by engineers from UNSW to help convert CO2 waste emissions into chemical building blocks to make products like plastics and fuels.
environmental pollutants

The negative impacts of environmental pollutants on COVID-19 health outcomes

Lauren Matelski, Peter Andrew and Pamela J. Lein discuss how environmental pollutants increase individual susceptibility to COVID-19.

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