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Google searches for vaccine infertility increased by 34,900% following misinformation incident

Google searches for infertility relating to COVID-19 vaccines increased by 34,900% after a pair of physicians submitted a petition questioning their safety.
childbirth care

Government invests £2.45 million to improve childbirth care

Maternity safety minister Nadine Dorries has announced £2.45 million in funding for the NHS to improve the safety of women and babies during childbirth.
growth newborn babies, air pollution

New data finds air pollution can impact growth of newborn babies

A study finds that atmospheric pollution experienced during pregnancy can have an impact on the growth of a newborn baby.
foetal development stage

How do environmental factors affect foetal development?

Associate Professor Ken Tachibana, discloses how prenatal ambient fine particle exposure disrupts DNA methylation and subsequent gene expression in the foetal development stage.
miscarriage care

Calling for a national overhaul of miscarriage care in the UK

Professor Arri Coomarasamy, Director of Tommy’s National Centre for Miscarriage Research, turns the spotlight on a common but historically overlooked issue, as ground-breaking new studies lead to calls for UK-wide policy change.

COVID-19 vaccine does not damage placentas

Researchers from Northwestern Medicine have studied the placentas from patients who received the COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy and found no evidence of damage.
post-natal depression during pandemic, mental health

New mothers twice as likely to have post-natal depression during pandemic

During the first COVID lockdown, almost half of women with babies aged six months or younger experienced post-natal depression, according to UCL researchers.
roman law

Reception and beyond: Observing current social issues in Japan from the perspective of Roman...

Here, Professor Mariko Igimi discusses the reception of Roman Law in Japan.

Newborns of socially vulnerable mothers at higher risk of COVID-19 infection

Physician-researchers reveal that newborns of expectant mothers with COVID-19 can suffer indirect adverse health risks, particularly those of socially vulnerable mothers.
breast milk

Breast milk may protect babies against COVID-19

A new study by Washington University School of Medicine suggests that breastfeeding mothers may pass protective COVID-19 antibodies to their babies through breast milk for at least 80 days following vaccination.
COVID-19 in pregnancy

COVID-19 in pregnancy not linked with stillbirth or early neonatal death

According to a new study, COVID-19 infection in pregnancy is not associated with stillbirth or early neonatal death but it may increase the risk of pre-term birth.
immigrant mothers, prenatal

ICE enforcement keeps immigrant mothers from prenatal care

According to research by Duke University, immigrant mothers are increasingly worried about attending prenatal care appointments due to the possibility of a surprise ICE visit - seen in a significant decline in birthweight.
pregnancy outcomes, medicaid

Medicaid expansion improves pregnancy outcomes for low-income women

A professor describes severe maternal morbidity in low-income women as a public health crisis - now, Medicaid expansion seems to be improving pregnancy outcomes.
COVID-19 mortality rates

COVID-19 mortality rates 13 times higher in pregnant women

According to a new study examining the effects of coronavirus in pregnant women, COVID-19 mortality rates showed to be 13 times higher in pregnant mothers.

Helping mothers return to work is a gender equality issue

Michaela Bruckmayer, analyst and Joanna Hofman, associate director at RAND Europe, discusses how taking a career break to have children comes with a cost to women in the EU and how thinking needs to change to best tackle the issue.
an unborn baby, generational trauma

Generational trauma can change the brain circuitry of an unborn baby

Scientists have found that mothers who have suffered childhood trauma can pass this memory down to an unborn baby - scans showed altered brain circuitry in young children.
first trimester

Exercise during the first trimester may reduce gestational diabetes risk

According to a new study, pregnant women who exercise more during the first trimester may have a lower risk of developing gestational diabetes.
foetal development, sweet uterus

Consequences of foetal development in a “sweet” uterus: The short-and long-term transgenerational outcomes

Jane C Khoury & Shelley R Ehrlich from Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, highlight the consequences of foetal development in a “sweet” uterus – including the short- and long-term transgenerational outcomes.
treating gestational diabetes

The future of treating gestational diabetes

Dr Lucy Mackillop, Chief Medical Officer, Sensyne Health discusses the future of treating gestational diabetes.
kisspeptin drug, women

New kisspeptin drug could treat polycystic ovary syndrome

Imperial College London are working on clinical trials of a kisspeptin drug that could treat PCOS, HA and other reproductive health problems.

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