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cyber security internet and networking concept

CyberCX added as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service

CyberCX has been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Cyber Security Services 3 to support the public sector.
Government data concept with a man on technology

Privacy enhancing technologies are transforming government data usage

The need for data value is driving public sector interest in increasingly visible Privacy Enhancing Technologies.
Thermovision image on House

Public sector decarbonisation: Navigating PSDS funding

Steve Wilkinson, Head of Commercial Projects at Cenergist, explores public sector decarbonisation, in particular, how organisations can successfully navigate PSDS Funding.
San Francisco City Hall local government

Redefining communication in local government and public sectors

There is a need for efficient communication in local governments and public sectors with staff, the public and other organisations. Here's how to attain this.
Location data image across a city

Geospatial data investments improved in the public sector

New guidance on geospatial data in the public sector has been published, setting rules on assessing the economic, social and environmental value of investments in location data.
open source, Technology and network concept.virtual screen of the future and sees the inscription, Government

Why the government is backing open source software

The use of open source software has exploded in recent years, with an estimated €1 billion invested in open source technology within Europe in 2018 alone This trend is only growing stronger, as organisations look to access the benefits of agility and scalability that non-proprietary code can offer. Since open source software is...
fly tipping

Joined-up refuse planning and education key to reducing fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is a blight on society and incurs a huge cost for both local authorities and land owners: we need a joined-up, consistent strategy.
resignation, Boris Johnson, leader of the Conservative party

Boris Johnson resigns as leader of the Conservative Party, what’s next?

69% agree Boris Johnson should resign as leader of the Conservative Party – but after 48 hours and 50 resignations, the Prime Minister has not left without a struggle.
technology, public sector digital revolution

It’s time for a public sector digital revolution

Recognising the opportunity to change the way it supports and serves citizens, the public sector digital revolution can advance all parts of society.
online public sector, website

Is Drupal right for online public sector digital transformation?

Drupal is perfect for large and small organisations, with over 60 local government sites already live, there is a growing popularity for this in the online public sector.
g-cloud framework

G-Cloud framework scores £1.5 billion in commercial benefits

The government’s Crown Commercial Services’ G-Cloud framework has improved and cloud-based computing for public sector customers.
public sector customer service

Public sector customer service and the adoption of cloud technology

Rob Irons, Senior Manager at Hinduja Global Solutions, discusses whether public sector customer service has improved with the adoption of cloud technology.
predictive modelling, covid-19

How predictive modelling can future-proof the public sector

Spiralling inflation, rising energy bills and an escalating cost of living crisis have left millions of people struggling to afford basic necessities; could future predictive modelling stop this from happening again.
cloud security, public sector

What is cloud security? A guide to cyber security in the cloud for the...

The experts at QuickThink Cloud explain how the ever-evolving threat of cyber attacks are making watertight cloud security more important than ever for public sector organisations.

Support for public sector bodies struggling to embed the PPN06/20 Social Value Model

Neil Macdonald, CEO at Thrive, explains how using the Impact Evaluation Standard to report on social value in government contracts can actually lead to far better outcomes for communities and for suppliers.
WuDo Solutions

WuDo Solutions – World class governance expertise

WuDo Solutions provides world-class training and consultancy services in areas such as risk management, information governance, and conflicts of interests.

Do you have the agility and data visibility you need to properly plan for...

After a decade of financial instability, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a period of rising demand for services, robust financial planning and data visibility is more important to the public sector than ever.
new procurement bill, business

UK’s New Procurement Bill to replace 350 EU laws for business growth

A more flexible and simple New Procurement Bill is to replace 350 of the EU’s laws to drive economic growth and open business for SMEs.
contract management pioneer programme

Boosting commercial capability with the Contract Management Pioneer Programme

The Contract Management Pioneer Programme is boosting commercial capability across the public sector, Crown Commercial Service writes.
sustainable public sector, net zero

Why technology is key to a more sustainable public sector

Creating a sustainable public sector requires going net zero, instilling a circular economy, and increasing assurance in the supply chain.

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