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talking about data

Why is everyone talking about data ?

Everyone is talking about data and  Adrian Cooper, field CTO for NetApp Public Sector, is here to tell us why it has become so important.
social value portal, procurement

Social value: More red tape or a step forward?

Guy Battle from Social Value Portal considers the recent updates around procurement and social value: but is this more red tape or a step forward?
public sector technology procurement, zoocha

Open source software: Breaking the mould for public sector technology procurement

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha, explores how open source has come of age and is rewriting the rule book on technology procurement in Government.
public sector, technology investment

Three steps to heaven: Delivering genuine value through public services technology

Louise Sunderland, Local Government Sector Lead at Ignite Consulting, outlines three steps that public sector organisations can take to deliver genuine value from their technology investment.
build better cybersecurity  

Why the UK’s public sector needs to urgently build better cybersecurity  

Keith Glancey, Head of Solutions Architects at Infoblox, explores why cybersecurity has never been more important for the public sector.
going paperless

Embracing digital advancements and going paperless

Paul Beaney, Customer Success Director at DEF Software, discusses the importance of seizing the momentum after COVID and going paperless in planning.

Delivering best practice back-office collaboration with ERP

Sally Murdoch, Director – Public Sector Marketing at Unit4, discusses how next generation ERP can improve back-office processes.
technology procurement

Technology procurement for the public sector

Crown Commercial Service turns the spotlight on technology procurement, underlining what the public sector must know about new Memorandums of Understanding.
full lifecycle

Enabling ‘full lifecycle’ technology for the public sector

Crown Commercial Service explains how the Technology Services 3 update enables ‘full lifecycle’ technology services for the public sector.
National Procurement Policy Statement

National Procurement Policy Statement

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) tells us what we need to know about the UK’s National Procurement Policy Statement.
public and private sector

Social value in the public & private sector

Peter Masonbrook from Faithful+Gould and Penny Anderson from Atkins discuss the role and importance of social value within the public and private sector.
procure IT services

CCS frameworks to procure IT services

Afshin Attari, Senior Director, Public Sector & Unified Platforms, Exponential-e, explains why CCS frameworks are a flexible & assured route to procure IT services.
login experience

Consumers would abandon online services with a poor login experience

Marc Power, regional vice president of UKI-MENA at Auth0, discusses what online services should take away from a recent YouGov report about consumers login experience.
Smart sourcing

Embracing a new era of public sector IT – Smart sourcing

Tim Lovejoy, VP Government and Private Cloud at Rackspace Technology EMEA, discusses the rise of smart sourcing within public sector IT.
people-first approach

People-first approach key to enhancing public sector digital transformation

Iouri Prokhorov, CEO at Helastel, explores how a people-first approach is key to enhancing the public sector's digital transformation process.
net-zero built environment

The public sector can be at the vanguard of a net-zero built environment

Ron Cowley, CEO of the Active Building Centre, ponders how the public sector has a vital role to play in driving the move to the decarbonisation of buildings.
remote work

Digital skills: The key to public sector success

Graham Hunter, VP of Skills at CompTIA, explains why it is crucial that governments encourage and enable flexible learning and certifications in order to thrive in the new world of remote work.
public management

Human Learning Systems: A new approach to public management

Mike Crowther, CEO of Empowerment, discusses how a new approach to public management called Human Learning Systems can transform services.
guide to service design

A guide to service design for the public sector

Coca Rivas, director of design at dxw, explores what she sees as the key conflict when it comes to service design in the public sector - what the organisation wants, versus what they need.
cybersecurity technologies

5 cybersecurity issues that the public sector faces and how to protect it

Fortinet explores the five top cybersecurity challenges that the public sector is facing and urges those in charge to gain a better understanding of leading cybersecurity technologies and how they work.

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