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Public sector digital transformation

Public sector digital transformation needs financial leadership to succeed

According to a new report by CIPFA and Eduserv, developments in technology are changing the way public bodies operate and deliver services, but digital preparedness presents challenges for financial teams and requires effective leadership, organisational engagement and insightful risk management
digital transformation

Digital transformation in the public sector

Peter Miller from Visionist explains the challenge of enabling digital transformation in the public sector, including progressive ways of working such as Agile

Blockchain: Potential to benefit public services and modernise bureaucracies

Stig Østergaard Nielsen from the Nordic Blockchain Association argues that blockchain can benefit public services and modernise bureaucracies

Improving the government’s accountability to the public: A view from the UK

Benoit Guerin, senior researcher at the Institute for Government, argues that better accountability for the government can deliver concrete benefits to citizens.

Increasing productivity through online collaboration

Jason Fahy, CEO, Knowledge Hub explains how organisations are increasing productivity through collaboration.
UK government estate

Managing the UK government estate more effectively and efficiently

Open Access Government charts the role of the Office of Government Property (OGP) and the Government Property Agency (GPA) in managing the UK government estate more effectively and efficiently
developmental biology

How developmental biology changes our lives

Shyh-Jye Lee (Jeff), Ph. D, President of the Taiwanese Society of Developmental Biology (TSDB) explains the way in which developmental biology impacts upon our lives
cloud over AI

On Cloud Nine: Why the public sector is putting cloud over AI

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are being rapidly adopted in the business world, but is the public sector following suit? The answer appears to be slowly, as a recent report published by SolarWinds found
NHS procurement

NHS procurement process must change, says O’Donovan

Matt O’Donovan, CEO of WiFi SPARK, discusses his views on NHS procurement in this Open Access Government article 
Open Data Adoption

Governments and Open Data Adoption

James Eiloart provides three key considerations for designing systems that will empower citizens to use raw data and turn it into actionable insights, in this article
cloud and hybrid IT

Public sector cloud and hybrid IT adoption: research finds with great risk comes great...

Cloud and hybrid IT will be one of the top five most important technologies for U.K. public sector IT professionals in the next three to five years. This is the view held by 88% of the industry surveyed in the SolarWinds IT Trends Report 2018

Breaking down boundaries with digital

Jason Fahy, CEO of Knowledge Hub reveals how the firm’s feature-rich digital tool-set is breaking down boundaries in the public sector
businesses and the public sector

How can AI help businesses and the public sector alike?

Salvatore Minetti, CEO and founder, Prospex, provides an insight into artificial intelligence and discusses how it can help businesses and the public sector
access to wi-fi

Govroam: The Wi-Fi network linking public services

Mark O’Leary from Jisc shares his seasoned opinion on govroam which provides the possibility of “zero-touch” access to Wi-Fi for public sector workers.
spend analysis

Twice2much – at the forefront of Spend Recovery Services

Spend Analysis and Recovery Services II (SARS II) – Framework Agreement RM3820. Could this framework facilitate significant financial benefits to you?
blockchain and ai

France to invest 700 million euros in blockchain and AI

France will invest 700 million euros in technologies including blockchain and AI to reduce government bureaucracy
nhs data security

British adults concerned about NHS data security

The majority of British adults are concerned about NHS data security and sharing information with other public sector organisations due to ransomware attacks
Universal Basic Opportunity Fund

‘Universal Basic Opportunity Fund’ could pave way for full basic income

A new Universal Basic Opportunity Fund could anchor workers for the challenges of the 2020s amid widespread economic insecurity, a new paper says
crash barriers

Marshalls – Landscape Protection

Aesthetically pleasing crash barriers as ‘street furniture’ – why functional will no longer do

Government clamp down on ‘exploitative’ unpaid internships

The government has recently issued 550 warning letters to various employers across the UK in a bid to reduce the amount of unpaid internships in the country The letters aimed at employers who often advertise for unpaid internships, emphasises the current law and the complications for breaking it. Companies and organisations...

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