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Breaking down boundaries with digital

Jason Fahy, CEO of Knowledge Hub reveals how the firm’s feature-rich digital tool-set is breaking down boundaries in the public sector
businesses and the public sector

How can AI help businesses and the public sector alike?

Salvatore Minetti, CEO and founder, Prospex, provides an insight into artificial intelligence and discusses how it can help businesses and the public sector
access to wi-fi

Govroam: The Wi-Fi network linking public services

Mark O’Leary from Jisc shares his seasoned opinion on govroam which provides the possibility of “zero-touch” access to Wi-Fi for public sector workers.
spend analysis

Twice2much – at the forefront of Spend Recovery Services

Spend Analysis and Recovery Services II (SARS II) – Framework Agreement RM3820. Could this framework facilitate significant financial benefits to you?
blockchain and ai

France to invest 700 million euros in blockchain and AI

France will invest 700 million euros in technologies including blockchain and AI to reduce government bureaucracy
nhs data security

British adults concerned about NHS data security

The majority of British adults are concerned about NHS data security and sharing information with other public sector organisations due to ransomware attacks
Universal Basic Opportunity Fund

‘Universal Basic Opportunity Fund’ could pave way for full basic income

A new Universal Basic Opportunity Fund could anchor workers for the challenges of the 2020s amid widespread economic insecurity, a new paper says
crash barriers

Marshalls – Landscape Protection

Aesthetically pleasing crash barriers as ‘street furniture’ – why functional will no longer do

Government clamp down on ‘exploitative’ unpaid internships

The government has recently issued 550 warning letters to various employers across the UK in a bid to reduce the amount of unpaid internships in the country The letters aimed at employers who often advertise for unpaid internships, emphasises the current law and the complications for breaking it. Companies and organisations...
ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks cost public sector £369,000

A study by Sophos Global has revealed the extent to which businesses are at risk of repeated ransomware attacks and exploits The State of Endpoint Security Today, a survey conducted by Sophos, polled more than 2,000 IT decision makers from mid-sized public and private sector organisations in 10 countries worldwide...
chemical spill

Environment agency work to reduce impact of accidental chemical spill

Environment Agency officers are continuing to investigate and monitor the impact on the local environment, following a chemical spill at an industrial unit on Adams Close, Heanor, Derbyshire The incident On Tuesday 6th February, a chemical spill of around 400 litres of liquid cyanide, caused a small amount to leak into...
public sector

A look back – and ahead – for public sector IT

Peter Ford, public sector industry principal at Pegasystems looks into past and future of public sector IT The UK public sector must begin to quickly acknowledge and handle the numerous drivers for change. This could be to do with the importance of reducing the operational cost of service provision, the...
siloed data

UK police officers at risk of losing up to 28 days a year due...

New research reveals that ineffective data management may be costing police valuable time UK police officers could be losing up to 28 working days a year due to siloed data, according to new research released by Dods Group PLC in partnership with MarkLogic Corporation. The study was conducted to explore how police...
Office Estate

The rationalisation of the UK public sector’s extensive office estate

Alison White, co-founder of PLACEmaking details her perspective on the rationalisation of the nationwide public sector’s extensive and expensive office estate Whilst the UK’s Government Property Agency (GPA) focuses on centralising ownership of the government estate and, by charging market value rents to departments applying downward pressure to reduce the...
digital transformation of government

Leading the digital transformation of UK government

Kevin Cunnington, Director General of the UK’s Government Digital Service (GDS) provides a fascinating overview of how the organisation’s work is leading the digital transformation of government The Government Digital Service (GDS) is part of the Cabinet Office and our job is to help government work better for everyone. We...
finnish allergy

The Finnish Allergy Programme 2008-2018: Reducing the burden of allergy in both patients and...

Managing director of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation, Ilkka Repo explores The Finnish Allergy Programme 2008-2018 and what it sets out to do The Finnish Allergy Programme 2008-2018 was initiated to reduce the burden of allergy in both patients and society. The set-up of the programme was unique....

Cross-sector procurement: Whereby birds of a kind flock together

Paul Lloyd from The Public Purse explores the key issues around cross-sector procurement Decentralisation and autonomy are vital to our concepts of good and effective local government. It’s also important to all public bodies, such as the blue lights, healthcare and the education sector. The ability to make their own...
Infrastructure Finance

Public, private, or a mix? How to best finance infrastructure

The UK must improve the way it decides between infrastructure finance options if it wants to pick the best value finance options, argues Graham Atkins from the Institute for Government The UK government is planning for £242 billion of public and private infrastructure investment between 2016/17 and 2020/21 (see fig....
Rationalising the UK government estate through the Government Property Unit

Managing an integrated government estate: Lessons from the UK

Paul Wright-Anderson from the National Audit Office sheds light on the revolution that central government property in the UK is experiencing
government property

Maximising the potential of your empty property portfolio

Stuart Woolgar, CEO of Global Guardians, discusses the implications and opportunities of the shrinking public sector estate The public-sector estate is shrinking as both the Government Property Unit (GPU), in tandem with municipal and other authorities, seeks to utilise property assets more efficiently and effectively. The way we work as a...

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