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mobile workforces

The changing face of mobile working in the public sector

Charles Knight, Managing Director of Public Services at Totalmobile, explores what the public sector might look like post-Covid for its mobile workforce.
smart infrastructure solutions

What if there was an ‘Alexa’ for smart infrastructure solutions?

Leading smart infrastructure solutions company Costain discusses the countless benefits of setting up the right data-sharing platform to help organisations transform business performance and meet carbon reduction targets.
public sector trust

Why flexibility lies at the heart of public sector trust

Rob Walton, Industry Director - Public Sector, Six Degrees, discusses how the public sector must rebuild trust by implementing robust and flexible data security infrastructure.
new digital hardware framework, NHS

Public sector could save £250 million via new digital hardware framework

The new digital hardware framework could save the NHS and wider public sector up to £250 million - building on the success of many services transitioning to remote working.
government services, public sector

De-risking transformation to deliver resilient government services

Mark Gibbison, Global Head of Public Sector at Unit4, explores how the focus on People Experience delivers more of what matters: helping citizens and communities thrive.
Agile leadership during the crisis, pfalzklinikum

Agile Leadership during the crisis

Here, Pfalzklinikum discuss why agile leadership during the crisis will shape how an organisation emerges from COVID-19.
Digital asset management

Digital Asset Management Solutions within the NHS and the Public Sector

Chris Haden, CEO of Engeneum Limited, tells us about an NHS Trust and a Local Authority where Engeneum’s Digital Asset Management Solution is used to improve efficiency and support homeworking.
IT automation

Why governments should look to IT automation, now and in the future

Adrian Keward, Chief technologist, UK Public Sector, Red Hat, explores how automation can help streamline operations and reduce costs in the public sector.
decarbonisation of heat, hydrogen

Decarbonisation of heat in the public sector

Chris Jackson, CEO and Founder of Protium Green Solutions Ltd, explores how the public sector can decarbonise the demand of heat.
UK public sector in 2021

Five predictions for the UK public sector in 2021

Dale Peters, Research Director at TechMarketView, shares his top 5 predictions for the UK public sector in 2021.
diverse range, swindon

Working in partnership to reduce economic shock in Swindon

Julia Stuckey, Business & Economy Manager at Swindon Borough Council, discusses working with a diverse range of partners to help mitigate the impact of the closure of the Honda factory.
driving public sector digital transformation

G-Cloud 12: Driving public sector digital transformation

Vipul Patel, Divisional Managing Director for Technology Services at Civica, charts G-Cloud 12’s role in driving public sector digital transformation plans in 2021 and beyond.
social value creators, government

The Social Value Creators

One consequence of the pandemic is that embracing ‘social value’ as a way of supporting our communities has grown stronger - Guy Battle, CEO of the Social Value Portal, discusses the importance of becoming Social Value Creators.

Upskilling is the public sector’s responsibility

Samuel Schofield, VP EMEA, Udacity, discusses the importance of upskilling today’s workforce and the responsibility of the public sector in supporting this.
NHS workers pay cut, NHS

UK Government to give NHS workers a pay cut in 2021

Despite the Government giving the NHS a 1% pay rise, an expected rise in inflation over 2021 means this move will translate as a pay cut for healthcare workers.

Using the private sector to recover supplier overpayment

Glenn St. John-Colgan, Managing Partner at Augmentas Group, takes a look at a recent UK initiative to recover money owed from suppliers and considers its implications.
tech procurement

Spark: A new direction for public sector tech procurement

Dan Howard, Category Commercial Agreement Manager, explains that Spark DPS is a new direction for public sector tech procurement.
Digital Outcomes and Specialists

Procurement: Digital transformation in the public sector

Crown Commercial Service explain how the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 procurement framework enables digital transformation of the public sector.
net-zero transition

Energy: Public sector has the power to drive the net-zero transition

Ahead of a new report, the Association for Decentralised Energy’s Chief Strategic Advisor Joanne Wade, examines the role of the public sector in leading the energy transition to net-zero.
public data

Why lack of encryption is putting public data at risk

Jon Fielding, Managing Director, EMEA Apricorn, explains what public sector organisations need to do to avoid breaches and losses by properly securing both data and device.

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