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Populism pandemic, populist

The collapse of populist support during the pandemic

A new mega-dataset finds that during the pandemic, support for populist parties and politicians has minimised since 2020.
Social Value act

10 years of the Social Value Act

As 2022 marks 10 years since the Social Value Act came into force, Guy Battle, CEO, Social Value Portal takes stock of where we are, and how things look for the year to come.
digital nation

The state of the digital nation in the public sector

Sally Murdoch, Director – Public Sector Marketing at Unit4, considers the state of the digital nation in the public sector
Database management services, welldata

Database management services to support Coventry City Council

Marion Shanly tells us how WellData provided critical database management services to support Coventry City Council and its residents.

ICSs can only be as healthy as the people who run them

Integrated Care Systems have a unique chance to transform public sector health and care delivery. Data-led insights around staff resource and wellbeing will be critical to their success, says Suzanne Marshall, Clinical Governance Officer at GoodShape.
Human-centric digital transformation

Human-centric digital transformation

Silvia Lehnis, Head of Data, Analytics and AI at UBDS, explores some of the human-centric tactics used to deliver digital transformation in the Public Sector.
access to justice

Data-driven solutions to reverse decline in justice access

Lauren Kitz, Director of Engagement at the World Justice Project, argues that data-driven solutions are needed to reverse the pandemic-era decline in access to justice.
changing identities

How public policy can better speak to our changing identities

Professor Christopher Smith, Executive Chair of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) illustrates how striving for a better understanding of identity can positively influence public policy.
AI assurance ecosystem, national AI strategy

The steps required for the UK’s AI assurance ecosystem

The CDEI has established the steps essential to building the UK’s AI assurance ecosystem, ensuring the effectiveness and compliance of AI, as set out in the National AI strategy.
full-service agency

The full-service agency myth – why one size rarely fits all!

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha uncovers the challenges of building and buying technology to deliver the best outcomes in public sector digital delivery
three-step framework

The three-step framework for biodiversity action

Scientists propose a three-step post-2020 framework for global biodiversity goals for governments to implement on a national level.
revolutionise technology

UK technology revolution at Digital Nations summit

Confronting the world’s biggest challenges such as the pandemic, climate change, and inequality, the UK led a summit of digital ministers to revolutionise technology.
eu's fiscal rules

The debate on the future of the EU’s fiscal rules needs more pragmatism!

Reform of the fiscal rules is currently being discussed in a highly ideological fashion in the EU.
modernise rail

£96 billion public investment to modernise rail networks

New £96 billon plans unveiled to modernise rail connections across England, as the biggest ever public investment for the rail network.
public sector pilots

The UAE is building a global innovation laboratory for public sector pilots

Her Excellency Huda Al Hashimi, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Affairs - UAE Government, provides commentary on a new hub for public sector pilots around the world, under the Moonshot Pilot Grant.
technology services 3

Government’s technology procurement: TS3 focus

Simon Payne – Senior Vice President at Proxima argues that the UK Government’s technology procurement is moving in the right direction.
transport technology, sustainable

Enabling sustainable transport technology solutions

Crown Commercial Service updates us on the Transport Technology and Associated Services framework that enables sustainable transport technology solutions for the public sector.
unified communication, switch-off

ISDN / PSTN Switch-Off: Time is running out, are you prepared?

Segmentation Group, the authority in data analytics and telecoms management, discuss the ever-present need for control and cost reduction, alongside preparations leading up to the ISDN / PSTN Switch-Off.
health programmes

NHS should take inspiration from the business world to improve health services

Peter Wilson, Public Sector Industry Architect at Pegasystems, discusses how the NHS can take inspiration from how private sector organisations are benefiting from digital transformation.
public key infrastructure (pki)

Can the White House successfully spearhead zero-trust?

Jason Soroko, CTO of PKI, Sectigo, discusses the role of PKI in securing digital identity and implementing zero-trust architectures within the Governmental and public sector arena.

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