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Data structures for quantum computing

Robert Wille, a Professor at the Technical University of Munich and Software Competence Center, discusses the key to data structures when solving quantum computing problems.
encryption strategies

Data and encryption strategies in a post-quantum world: Harvest now, decrypt later

Paul German, CEO, Certes Networks, explains the risk associated with bulk encryption strategies & the importance of crypto-segmentation in reducing criminal exposure to data in a post-quantum world.
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Verification in Quantum Computing

Quantum computing promises to change the way we tackle certain problems in the future, however, developing applications for this new and upcoming technology has proven to be quite a challenge Many tools and conveniences we take for granted today when developing classical circuits and systems (such as simulators, compilers, verification...
quantum computing pitfall, public sector

Government’s next big task? Avoiding the quantum computing pitfall

David Mahdi, Chief Strategy Officer and CISO Advisor at Sectigo, explores what could be the government’s next big task and avoiding the quantum computing pitfall.
fundamentals quantum computing

The fundamentals of quantum computing

Martin Lukac, Associate Professor from School of Engineering and Digital Sciences, Nazarbayev University, discusses the fundamentals of quantum computing

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