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artificial moon

New ‘artificial moon’ built to aid China’s space exploration

Chinese scientists have manufactured an ‘artificial moon’ research facility enabling them replicate low gravity environments
conservation strategies, conservation research

Calculating research and action needed in conservation strategies

A new conservation tool predicts the ideal amount of time to spend on researching a habitat before ensuring effective protection.
supermassive black hole

Exploring the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy

Study finds that Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy flares irregularly from day to day but also in the long term
sickle cell anaemia

£2.3 million awarded to York University for sickle cell anaemia research

The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation have awarded £2.3million to the University of York, in attempt to push research into sickle cell anaemia.
coastal regions

The secret link between deforestation and flooding in West Africa

The frequency of thunderstorms has doubled in the last 30 years, in some fast-growing West African coastal cities.
sea dragon fossil

Giant fossilised ‘Sea Dragon’ found in UK reservoir

Rutland reservoir reveals 2 tonne and 180 million year old Ichthyosaur Sea Dragon, approximately 10 metres long.
large-scale acoustic data, mosquitos

Tracking mosquito species with large-scale acoustic data

To tackle diseases like malaria, yellow fever and dengue, researchers have been studying the distribution, diversity, and abundance of mosquitos.

The journey to making AI-generated voices more expressive

Ai-generated voices have become an integral part of society and research into making these voices more personal and expressive is moving fast.
behaviour and focus

How meditation can alter behaviour and focus

The largest new study of its kind finds that meditation could assist people to become less prone to making mistakes.
young covid patients, oxidative

Study finds young COVID patients have increased oxidative stress

According to new data, even young COVID patients have increased oxidative stress - a factor connected to ageing, diabetes and HIV.
giant millipede

Fossil reveals car sized millipedes once roamed Northern England

The beaches of Northern England have revealed the largest ever giant millipede fossil to date – the size of a car.
technology in japan

Advancing science and technology in Japan

Scientific research acts as a pioneer on the frontiers of human knowledge. Open Access Government outline Japan’s efforts to advance technology
Research Switzerland

Investing in Switzerland’s researchers and their ideas

Assistant Editor of Open Access Government, investigates how the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) is shaping research in Switzerland
ophthalmic conditions

Academic and translational research for ophthalmic conditions

Professor Sheardown shows C20/20 Innovation Hub at McMaster University leading the way for ophthalmic academic and translational research
radioactive isotopes

Radioactive isotopes from stars

Maria Lugaro and Marco Pignatari, Senior Researchers at the Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences examine radioactive isotopes from stars, from the archaeology of solar system material to modern supernovae In August 2019, a significant amount of the radioactive isotope 60Fe was discovered in Antarctic snow (Koll et al....
technology foster care

Technology platforms empowering safe foster care

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, explains how technology platforms empower safe foster care
offshore wind, global aqua survey

Taiwan’s rapidly growing offshore wind sector

Gwo-Shyh Song from Global Aqua Survey, shares with us the details about the MMA Global Aqua Joint Venture, launched to target the rapidly growing offshore wind sector in Taiwan.
social inclusion, gendered lens

Technology and social inclusion: Challenges for policymakers

Professor Katy Campbell, University of Alberta, investigates social inclusion through a gendered lens, specifically regarding technology.
therapy eye diseases, I27-breg

NIH discover new potential therapy for eye diseases

A new study shows promise for future therapies for blinding eye diseases, uveitis and multiple sclerosis.
non-invasive brain surgery

FDA approves new non-invasive brain surgery for Parkinson’s symptoms

Research shows that a new form of non-invasive brain surgery using a focused form of ultrasound will prove invaluable for with Parkinson’s symptoms.

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