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scientific cooperation

Promoting international scientific cooperation in Japan

Here, Open Access Government learns all about the initiatives of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science to promote scientific excellence on both a national and global scale.
natural sciences

Driving natural sciences and engineering research in Canada

Open Access Government discusses the importance of funding visionaries, explorers and innovators who are searching for scientific and technical breakthroughs in Canada.
Nitric Oxide Formation

Nitric Oxide Formation Research

Dr Alan Schechter of the Molecular Medicine Branch at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland and his colleagues discuss research during the last two decades that has revealed a second major pathway for Nitric Oxide formation in mammals.

Transgang is a new way of interpreting youth gangs

Transgang tackles the issue of transnational youth gangs, seeing them as an actor of mediation rather than a security problem.
Advanced Research & Invention Agency

UK government to launch new high risk research agency

The UK government will launch a new independent research body to fund high-risk, high-reward scientific research called the Advanced Research & Invention Agency (ARIA).
childhood trauma

Childhood trauma linked to multiple sclerosis development

Scientist have found that childhood trauma could affect the development and treatment of multiple sclerosis in adulthood.
mathematical sciences

Mathematical sciences institutes receive funding boost

Three of the UK’s leading research institutes will receive funding to widen access to mathematical sciences and support training.
uk funded research

UK funded research essential to get vaccines to the poorest in the world

Professor Melissa Leach, Director, Institute of Development Studies, discusses why UK funded research is important for a successful COVID vaccine roll-out to the poorest and hardest to reach.
astronomical objects in dark sky

Scientists catalogue 700 million astronomical objects in dark sky

Scientists have catalogued almost 700 million astronomical objects in the dark sky using data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES).
research infrastructure

UKRI invests £213 million to upgrade the UK’s research infrastructure

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is investing £213 million to expand and upgrade the UK's existing research infrastructure to help tackle major challenges such as COVID-19 research and recovery, and net-zero goals.
support researchers, japan

Is it just as important to support researchers as it is their research?

The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) voices that, to effectively develop exciting new frontiers of science, they must first create supportive environments for young researchers to thrive.
artificial intelligence research

DARPA: 60 years of ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence research

Open Access Government discusses the past and present AI technologies research of the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), and how it continues to change the world.
swiss research

Prioritising equality and transparency in Swiss research

Here, Open Access Government examines the priorities of the Swiss National Science Foundation’s Matthias Egger, following his re-election as President of the National Research Council.
Droplet Measurement Technologies LLC

Droplet Measurement Technologies LLC

Droplet Measurement Technologies LLC push to advance the groundbreaking ideas of leading scientists and institutions around the world.
dinosaur fossil

Duckbilled dinosaur fossil discovered in Africa

A new duckbilled dinosaur fossil has been discovered in Africa suggesting that they crossed hundreds of kilometres of open water to get there.
cyber security defence

R&D investments spearhead cyber security defence

The Digital Security by Design (DSbD) challenge received two new funding awards which will help prevent cyber security attacks.

£200k Digital Innovation and Engagement fund launches for museums

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has partnered with the Museums Association and The Liminal Space to launch a new £200k Digital Innovation and Engagement fund for museums.

£4 million data project to accelerate COVID-19 treatment

The new £4 million research project, CO-CONNECT, will help scientists access data to help develop potential treatments for COVID-19.
ocean carbon uptake

Oceans uptake of carbon ‘widely underestimated’

Researchers have discovered that, compared to previous predictions, there is more than twice the amount of ocean carbon uptake between the atmosphere and oceans.
Heavy screen time

Heavy screen time in childhood is linked to lower academic performance

A new study of 8 to 11 year olds shows an association between heavy screen time and poorer reading performance, as well as between heavy computer use and poorer numeracy.

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