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nanoscale imaging

DTU – Small is beautiful

This compelling document focuses on attention to detail, hence its apt title, ‘small is beautiful’. This intriguing e-book is all about nanoscale imaging research and within that, the fascinating field of electron microscopy
University Hospital Bern

University Clinic of Nuclear Medicine

The University Clinic of Nuclear Medicine conducts examinations and treatments on patients with radioactive drugs. This includes radiation protection with its medical, physical and biological fundamentals
high-tech manufacturing

Oxford Nanopore to establish new high-tech manufacturing facility at Harwell

Harwell Innovation and Science Campus and Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd announce the completion of a significant expansion deal
brain research

New brain research provides insight into how circuits regulate sleep

As Brain Awareness Week continues, new NIH-funded research suggests a part of the brain’s internal clock constantly monitors changes in external temperature

Hidden business costs to be aware of when starting a venture

Flogas MG provides insight into how to avoid premature business failure due to hidden costs when starting a new venture
new medicines

Pharma R&D productivity: Discovering new medicines

CEO of Medicines Discovery Catapult, Chris Molloy provides a compelling analysis of pharma R&D productivity and the discovery of new medicines and the role that the SME sector can play in this
stress from others

Brain Awareness Week: Stress from others can alter your brain

Scientists from the Cumming School of Medicine’s Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI), have discovered that stress from others can change the brain in the same way as real stress does
learning to drive

Young people put the brakes on learning to drive due to high cost

A new study has revealed that 31% of 17 to 25-year olds are holding off from learning to drive due to high expenses
ESRC council

New ESRC council announced

The Board of UK Research and Innovation has confirmed the appointment of the new ESRC Council
young talent

National Apprenticeship Week: supporting young talent

New research suggests 86% of those in senior management positions think industries should emulate sport when it comes to nurturing young talent
universal influenza vaccine

NIAID reveals strategic plan for universal influenza vaccine

Researchers at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have orchestrated a plan to create a universal influenza vaccine.

Study reveals which UK regions pulled the most sickies in 2017

The UK loses 38 million days each year to employees pulling sickies according to a new study conducted by Adzuna
energy bills

UK spends on average 4.4% of earnings on energy bills

The Electrical Guys have discovered that Wales spends the highest of their earning on their gas and electricity bills in a recent investigation
cybersecurity breaches

C-suite more concerned about the costs of cybersecurity breaches than losing customers

Centrify research finds two-thirds of UK organisations admit that privileged identity and access management would have most likely prevented significant cybersecurity breaches
jobs available

Jobs available hit record low at the start of 2018

January experienced a decrease in jobs available and job seekers, according to Morgan McKinley London Employment Monitor
Universal Basic Opportunity Fund

‘Universal Basic Opportunity Fund’ could pave way for full basic income

A new Universal Basic Opportunity Fund could anchor workers for the challenges of the 2020s amid widespread economic insecurity, a new paper says

The leasehold system is more alive than ever before according to statistics

Sellhousefast.uk investigates the sales of leasehold properties in England and Wales in light of the Government’s crackdown of ‘unfair and abusive practices within the leasehold system’
career prospects

Over-sharing online could harm future career prospects

Parents are concerned that their children are ruining their reputations and future career prospects through the content they’re posting online
global smart cities

Singapore, London and Barcelona named top global smart cities

A report by Philips Lighting and SmartCitiesWorld has named Singapore, London and Barcelona as top global smart cities Naming Singapore, London and Barcelona as the world’s best smart cities, a report by Philips Lighting and SmartCitiesWorld reveals that visionary leadership is the factor that would make the biggest difference to...
brain disease test

National Institutes of Health scientists adapt new brain disease test for Parkinson’s

National Institutes of Health scientists develop new brain disease test for the early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies The group, led by NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), tested 60 cerebral spinal fluid samples, including 12 from people with Parkinson’s disease, 17 from...

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