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Jacques Loeb Centre for the History & Philosophy of the Life Sciences

The Jacques Loeb Centre for History and Philosophy of, and Critical Dialogues in, the...

Research into the history and philosophy of modern experimental life sciences and the societal implications.
woman experiencing Long Covid symptoms due to covid-19 virus

One in eight COVID-19 patients develops long COVID symptoms

One in eight adults (12.7%) who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 experience long COVID symptoms, including chest pain, difficulties breathing, painful muscles and more.
thermal energy device designed by Washington researchers

The thermal energy device which converts body heat to electricity

A newly developed thermal energy device presents a new way to continuously power wearable electronics, with a 6.5 times increase in power density compared with other generators.
climate forecast

European Climate Prediction system project (EUCP)

GERICS connects stakeholders and researchers in the EU project EUCP (European Climate Prediction system project).
gecko feet, setae

What’s the secret to gecko feet that allows them to stick to surfaces?

Gecko adhesion has its own molecular structure: where gecko feet are covered in a super-thin layer of lipids that help them stay sticky.
employers, intention to quit

One in five workers have the intention to quit their jobs

Over 6.5 million people in the UK are expected to leave their job in the next year, indicating that those with the poorest job quality are the most likely to have an intention to quit.
life expectancy

Has life expectancy slowed down in the UK?

Although life expectancy has doubled since 1841, predicted life span is now slowing down in the UK, and the coronavirus pandemic hasn't helped.
exascale class supercomputer

Exploring Europes first exascale class supercomputer

The first next-generation European supercomputer to be installed in 2023 is to be operated by Forschungszentrum Jülich – a partner in Germany’s Gauss Centre for Supercomputing.

How can we bridge the industrial-academic gap?

According to Claus Ibsen and Karl Brian Nielsen at Vestas Aircoil, closing the industrial-academic gap is the future of innovation.
private innovation

From basic research to private innovation

What’s the return on basic research spending? What can policymakers do to make basic research more valuable, beyond simply spending more taxpayer money? And what role will private innovation have?.
speech patterns, language learning

We develop our language learning skills through speech patterns

Looking at speech patterns throughout history, the processing of language is based on how frequently we hear sounds - which causes gradual language change.
digital forensic methods

An up-to-date review of digital forensic methods

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have released their comprehensive review of current US digital forensic methods.
food waste, banana

Browning bananas create nearly 50 million tonnes of food waste

Researchers have mapped the browning patterns of bananas, finding them to be a leading contributor to household waste.
University of Zurich

Identities in the Roman Empire – A complex problem and a lesson for today

Professor Felix K Maier discusses his research into how social identities correlated with the success of the Roman Empire.
PNO Consultants - nurturing innovation

PNO Consultants – nurturing innovation

PNO Consultants help to nurture innovation projects from private and public organisations to expand the innovation landscape.
Quantum Research

Rydberg atoms and optical tweezers: new opportunities in quantum science

Professor Barry Dunning discusses new research in quantum science providing the basis for several nascent quantum technologies.
women with promotions, workplace

Women with promotions feel more overwhelmed and stressed at work

Women with promotions are more frustrated at work – as promotions are at a greater emotional benefit for men than women.
gun ownership, homicide by gun violence

Females at increased risk of at-home homicide by gun violence

Rates of homicide by gun violence, for adults who live with handgun owners, were twice as high compared to adults who did not – the victims being primarily women.
female alcohol dependence, mental health struggles

Female alcohol dependence: Mental health struggles in women

Participants in women-only meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous experience a strong feeling of loneliness and rejection, due to the social stigma tied to female alcohol dependence.
black lives matter, racial discourse

Black Lives Matter protests have lasting impact on racial discourse

Black Lives Matter protests bring public attention to incidents of police brutality, and also have shifted racial discourse, increasing interest in anti-racist ideas.

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