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thermal energy device designed by Washington researchers

The thermal energy device which converts body heat to electricity

A newly developed thermal energy device presents a new way to continuously power wearable electronics, with a 6.5 times increase in power density compared with other generators.
DNA motors

Computerized DNA motors are moving molecular robotics to the next level

Researchers have developed DNA motors with the ability to sense and process chemical information – mimicking the basic properties of living cells
robot-assisted surgery, technology

Safer and faster recovery to be expected from robot-assisted surgery

Robot-assisted surgery cut hospital recovery time down by 20%, according to a clinical trial used to perform bladder cancer removal.
buzz pollination, bumble bees

Research team granted $840,000 to replicate ‘buzz pollination’

With farmers using electric toothbrushes to pollinate tomatoes, scientists are using micro-robotic tech to figure out how 'buzz pollination' can be replicated.
spinal injury symptoms, ChABC

Scientists use AI and robotics to repair spinal injury symptoms

A team at Rutgers University have figured out how to regenerate tissue for spinal injury symptoms - using AI and robotics to create therapeutic proteins.
industrial robots, artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence-based technology in industrial robots

Kensuke Harada from Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University, provides an introduction to and analysis of a move towards artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology in industrial robots.
suicide and overdose, automation

How have robots increased suicide and overdose in humans?

An increase in “deaths of despair” – suicide and overdose – across the US has been linked to robot manufacturing which is gradually replacing people in their jobs.
robot laparoscopic surgery, robot surgery

Robot performs laparoscopic surgery without human intervention

A team at Johns Hopkins University created a robot that successfully performed laparoscopic surgery - without human intervention.
artificial muscles, reconstructive medicine

Scientists create artificial muscles from natural materials

At the University of Freiburg, scientists have created artificial muscles from natural proteins - less Dr Frankenstein, more future potential for reconstructive medicine or soft robotics.
robot industry

What can we learn from the most automated countries in the world?

Neil Ballinger at EU Automation, explains why some countries are more successful at implementing automation and what UK manufacturers can learn from them
robot system, quadruped robot

Quadruped robot system with animal like actions

Professor Ken Saito and PhD candidate Yuki Takei, College of Science and Technology, Nihon University, tells us about a project they are working on to generate typical animal like actions in robots.
lunar water, lunar exploration

Fly me to the moon: Securing potential lunar water sites for research

Athena Coustenis, Niklas Hedman and Gerhard Kminek for the COSPAR Panel on Planetary Protection discuss updates in the Planetary Protection Policy to ensure sustainable scientific lunar exploration.
Advancing Possibilities Through Intelligent Technology

IoT- Advancing Possibilities Through Intelligent Technology

Matt Kirchner- President, Lab Midwest & Dr. Joshua Gamer- Dean, Western Technical College discuss IoT and advancing technology.
emotionally intelligent robot, robot

Can scientists create emotionally intelligent robots?

Scientists at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology are trying to use neuroscience to create emotionally intelligent robots - which process more than logical instructions.
humanoid robot, robotic manipulation

How a humanoid robot searches for an object in our daily environment

Kensuke Harada, Professor from Osaka University in Japan, explains how a humanoid robot searches for an object in our daily environment.
creating AI, robot

Scientists are creating AI that can detect “anger or fear” in a public area

Korean scientists are creating an AI called 5G-I-VEmoSYS, which can read human emotions via wireless signals and body movement.
autonomous ai systems, sheep herding

Machine learning for autonomous AI systems and robotics

Chief Scientist at Dynamic Object Language Labs Inc, Dr Paul Robertson explains how autonomous AI systems are key to achieving synergy between humans and robotics that can work together as a team.
artificial brain

A millimetre-sized microrobot with an artificial brain

Ken Saito, Associate Professor from College of Science and Technology, Nihon University in Japan, tell us about a millimetre-sized microrobot with an artificial brain.
Mechatronics education

Mechatronics education – It takes a community

Dr Gamer, Academic Dean, Integrated Technology Division, tells us all about mechatronics education at Western Technical College, supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
Autonomous robots

Autonomous robots fight infections on the front lines

Per Juul Nielsen, CEO at UVD Robots, explains how autonomous robots can be used to fight infections, such as COVID-19 on the front lines.

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