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inclusivity in science

Science should be for everyone

Open Access Government take a look at the British Science Association’s work to foster inclusivity in science, creating community cohesion and engagement.
innovation in japan

Striving for cutting edge science, technology and innovation in Japan

Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has stressed the importance of being a world leader in science and technology. Here, Open Access Government look into why this is the case.
canada's innovation

Canada: From isolation to innovation

Open Access Government chart Canada’s innovation priorities in its recovery plan from the COVID-19 pandemic.
International scientific exchange

International scientific exchange can help transform the world

Open Access Government chart the priorities of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) in supporting excellent young research, both nationally and internationally.
information science and engineering

Computer, information science & engineering research

Here, Open Access Government charts the U.S. National Science Foundation’s priorities for upholding its leadership in computer, information science & engineering research.
social and behavioural science

Collaboration & COVID-19: Social and behavioural science

Arthur Lupia with Deborah H. Olster from the Directorate for Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences at the U.S. National Science Foundation, explain the power of international collaboration when it comes to social and behavioural science responding to COVID-19.
harmful chemicals makeup, PFAS

Scientists find “harmful chemicals” in over 75% of makeup

Scientists tested makeup across the US and Canada for harmful chemicals - they found that over 75% of products tested contained PFAS, which are "forever chemicals".
Africa research chair

Oliver R Tambo Africa Research Chair at SACIDS Foundation for One Health

Named after a freedom fighter who spoke up for science and tech, a group of African and international research funders under the OR Tambo Africa Research Chairs Initiative announced Prof Gerald Misinzo and his institution Sokoine University of Agriculture as one of the initiative’s first ten individual research chair holders and host institutions.
next generation sequencing

Ground-breaking technology: Next generation sequencing

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, provides a portrait of a ground-breaking technology, next-generation sequencing, starting with a brief snapshot.

Cognitive technology for forgetting unforgettable memory

Junya Morita, Associate Professor at Shizuoka, discusses the mechanisms of negative collective behaviours in online society, and technology behind combatting them.
discovering the universe

Astronomy: Discovering the Universe with cutting-edge technology

Saku Tsuneta, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, charts discoveries made about the Universe with cutting-edge technology in this fascinating astronomy focus.
generation of scientists

Inspiring a new generation of scientists to change the world

Open Access Government charts the priorities of Professor the Lord Ara Darzi of Denham, the President of the British Science Association, as he encourages future scientists to be bold, innovative and boundary-breaking.
U.S. Astronomical sciences

U.S. Astronomical Sciences: Ensuring scientific excellence for all

Open Access Government discusses how the U.S. NSF’s Division of Astronomical Sciences continues to break boundaries in research and discovery, yet remains conscious of its social and environmental impact The National Science Foundations’ (NSF) Division of Astronomical Sciences (AST) continues to fulfil its mission of supporting forefront research in ground-based...
advancement of science

Advancing science and serving society in the U.S.

Open Access Government explores the work of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and how the organisation continues to ensure that all of society benefit from scientific innovation.
scientific cooperation

Promoting international scientific cooperation in Japan

Here, Open Access Government learns all about the initiatives of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science to promote scientific excellence on both a national and global scale.
natural sciences

Driving natural sciences and engineering research in Canada

Open Access Government discusses the importance of funding visionaries, explorers and innovators who are searching for scientific and technical breakthroughs in Canada.
international science

Supporting international science & engineering research

Here, Open Access Government examines international science and engineering activities within and outside the U.S. National Science Foundation.
rain enhancement

Advancing the science of rain enhancement

The National Center of Meteorology, who manage the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, explain here what we need to know about advancing the science and technology of rain enhancement.
social and behavioural sciences

Social and behavioural sciences to overcome daunting challenges

From public health and job creation to environmental sustainability and safer communities, the social and behavioural sciences empower people everywhere to find solutions, Dr Arthur Lupia & Jason Stoughton from the U.S. National Science Foundation explain.
Advanced Research & Invention Agency

UK government to launch new high risk research agency

The UK government will launch a new independent research body to fund high-risk, high-reward scientific research called the Advanced Research & Invention Agency (ARIA).

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