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From diabetes prevention 1.0 to Prevention 3.0

Digitally enabled pathway personalisation is leveraging actionable data insights and dynamic intelligence to drive better outcomes as part of the Prevention 3.0 agenda
Innovating Healthcare – Embracing the Future - Hitachi

Innovating Healthcare – Embracing the Future

In this analysis, Hitachi’s outlines a detailed picture of patient engagement and the strain Type 2 diabetes has placed on today’s healthcare budgets.
Diabetes Prevention

Digitally enabled pathway personalisation: Journey to Diabetes Prevention 3.0

From Diabetes Prevention 1.0 to Prevention 3.0, Hitachi Consulting explains a digitally enabled pathway personalisation when it comes to diabetes
Diabetes innovation

Diabetes innovation in healthcare: Embracing the future with technology

Hitachi Consulting turns the spotlight onto diabetes, that affects 2.8 million people in the UK, a figure that is set to increase to 4 million by 2025. In addition, they reveal the vital role that innovation and technology play in addressing diabetes

Digitally enabling type 2 diabetes prevention models

Hitachi Consulting sheds light on how they digitally enable type 2 diabetes prevention models

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