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Pfalzklinikum and the Alliance against Depression Landau-Südliche Weinstraße e.V.: Challenges in 2016

The targets of the Alliance’s work are information on depression and its treatment possibilities, destigmatization as well as information on concrete contact points and help offers in the city of Landau and the district of Südliche Weinstraße. It is not our task to establish treatment offers although they seem...

Peer work in mental health – The major break-through of obstinacy?

Now we see it happen again: an apparently new term appears in the sky of psychiatry: "peer work".  It means that now ill people treat the ill; and what are the professionals, also called skilled persons, going to do? They are, of course, still allowed to treat, but where...

Pfalzklinkum für Psychiatrie

SyWiK is the German abbreviation for "Systematic and Participatory Further Education in Hospital". In this context, Pfalzklinikum cooperates with Landau-Südlliche Weinstraße Clinical Center, Frankenthal City Hospital and Pirmasens Municipal Hospital. SyWiK is a social partner project promoted by the European Social Fund and the German Federal Ministry of Labor...
Pfalzklinkum fur Psychiatrie

Pfalzklinikum für Psychiatrie

Social and epidemiological changes present major challenges to the health systems of the Western industrial countries and, thus, also to the German health system. This goes along with the strengthening of the position of care profession among the actors in the health care sector which gives rise to diverse...

Pfalzklinikum für Psychiatrie

In Germany the number of sick leave days due to mental disorders has risen continuously over the last few years. In 2012 mental disorders ranked third in causes for incapacity to work. There has also been a lot of discussion to what extent this is due to a general...

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