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cryogenic technologies

Cryogenic technologies for precision tactical and space applications

Peter Iredale, Engineering Lead at Honeywell Hymatic discusses cryogenic technologies and how it can be utilised.
UK space mission

Australia joins UK space mission as radar launch partner

The UK space mission NovaSAR has gained a new radar launch partner as Australia comes on board, signing a 10% share in the project
Nasa spacecraft

Nasa spacecraft set to crash into Saturn’s atmosphere in ‘kiss goodbye’

Nasa spacecraft Cassini, a veteran traveller of the Solar System, is set to complete its mission and crash into Saturn's atmosphere this week The international Cassini space probe is set to complete its mission at the end of this week, plunging into Saturn's atmosphere, destroying the materials of the Nasa...
space technology

Space technology: how space benefits life on earth

M F Warrender highlights how space technology plays an integral role in society and how NASA invests in technology development

Astrophysicists say habitable planet could be only 16 light years away

Astrophysicists at the University of Texas at Arlington are predicting that a star system featuring a habitable planet could be just 16 light years away

Asteroseismology: It’s written in the stars

The power of asteroseismology – what can we learn from the stars? Saskia Hekker from the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research reveals here

Advancing space science in Europe requires collaboration

Open Access Government’s M.F Warrender highlights how the European Space Agency and the EU are working together to drive space science

The ASI/COSMOS project provides knowledge of the universe

Prof. Nicola Vittorio, of the Università degli Studi di Roma ‘Tor Vergata’, shares details on the ASI/COSMOS project and how it will advance cosmology

UK space contracts under threat due to Brexit

Leaving the EU could put UK space contracts under threat as the European Commission is seeking the ability to cancel existing contracts

The Danish space sector: A strategy for the future

Peter Mandix Sehestedt, Senior Consultant, Ministry for Higher Education and Science shares why the Danish space sector is important for the economy
space strategy Galileo

Space Strategy pushes the boundaries of knowledge in Europe

Maroš Šefčovič, European Commission VP in charge of the Energy Union, outlines the EU Space Strategy and how the sector makes lives better, safer and healthier Many people immediately associate the field of space with exploration of the unknown, a field which our colleagues at the European Space Agency (ESA)...
first UK spaceport rocket launch

Could the first UK spaceport be built by 2020?

Spaceflight Bill aims to send scientists into space for zero-gravity experiments and start commercial flights from the first UK spaceport within three years New powers announced today will pave the way for satellite launches, horizontal flights to the edge of space for scientific experiments, and the building of spaceports in...
UK space industry

UK space industry shows continual growth

The UK space industry continues to experience strong growth, according to a recent survey commissioned by the UK Space Agency According to the report produced by London Economics, the UK space industry is now worth £13.7 billion to the UK economy and confidence amongst business is high. The report, the ‘Size and...
Mars rover will go ahead

Green light for Mars rover plan in Europe

A European plan to put a UK-assembled robotic rover on the surface of Mars in 2021 has had the green light to push ahead following ministerial meetings Research ministers from across Europe have reaffirmed their commitment to the Mars rover mission by stumping up the outstanding funding of €436 million needed to...
areospace © Corepics Vof

Inspiring growth in the aerospace industry

John Laughlin, Aerospace Programme Lead at Innovate UK answers AG’s questions regarding investment in the aerospace industry and how Innovate UK play an integral role in this UK businesses are well placed to take advantage of growing global demand for faster, quieter and greener aircraft. As the biggest aerospace industry...

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